Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Walkthrough – Secret Mine



4.1 – Cold Case [D-1]


Time to investigate the Chalet! E. Gadd will drop you off in the Chalet Approach where you will have to follow the path to the front door. Enter the Chalet and defeat the two Hiders and a Sneaker waiting inside. Enter through the next door to get inside the Smokehouse where a Greenie is hiding in the stove. Defeat it and use one of the flaming coals to melt the ice blocking the door on the right. Once outside in the Ice Lake, walk all the way to the right and use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a hidden door. Enter the Fishing Hut and begin removing the mounds of snow. Once you are near the back wall, reveal a hidden Toad painting with the Dark-Light Device. Once Blue Toad is free, he will begin to jump on the ice, causing it to crack and fall to the depths below.


Now you’ll find yourself in Under the Ice. Suck Toad up and throw him into the air vent in the bottom left corner. Hop inside to be blown off to a higher level. Enter the door on the left to get into the Terminal. Walk across the hall and enter the door on the left that leads to the Airway. Here Toad will show you the elevator, but before walking back into the Terminal, shoot Toad onto the shaft to lower down a second shaft with a key resting inside. Unlock the door opposite of the reflective ice in the Terminal and enter it to find yourself in Prospector’s Crossing. To get Toad across the ice, suck him up and blast him across. Then walk over the ice yourself.


Enter through the next door into the Drift Hall. Go right and walk across the reflective ice to find a chest with a key inside on the other side. Walk to the left side of Drift Hall and unlock the door you see there. Now in the Basin, defeat the three Sneakers using the reflective ice as a guide, then enter the door on the left. Now back in the Airway, pull on the rope of the bridge to straighten one side out, allowing Luigi to walk across like a tightrope. On the other side, tighten the other rope to fix the bridge, allowing Toad to cross. Allow Toad to follow you into the elevator and ride it back up into the Chalet. Transport the Toad back to the Bunker with the Pixelator in the room, then wait for your own call back to the Bunker.


4.2 – Hit Rock Bottom [D-2]


After examining the photo that the Blue Toad provided, allow E. Gadd to transport you back to the Secret Mine, this time dropping you off in the Chalet. With the elevator working, use it to ride down to the airway. Cross the bridge and enter the door on the left. Now in Crossroads, activate the portal device and enter it to find yourself on the other side of the room and across the gap. Grab the frozen key and bring it through the portal device. Melt it with the lantern, then use it to open the locked door on the left side of the room. In the Skip Slope, slide down the slippery slide and go right to grab the key. Once at the end of the slope, shake the barrel to reveal a little fan. Spin it to reveal a door on the right.

Walk inside to find the Smuggler’s Hideout. Grab the burning wood and bring it over to the giant piece of ice. The window will blast open, causing two Greenies and a Sneaker to pop out. After defeating them, blow on the window to close it, then melt the remaining ice. Walk through the door to enter the Shaft where you will have to blow on the valve to bring it to the bottom floor. Step off the shaft and examine the wall to enter the Coward’s Chasm. Don’t be fooled by the reflective ice as there is a path that leads to the other side behind it. Enter the next door to find the Deep Hall. Enter the door on the far right to find the Pit Mine. Turn the valve to reach a lower level, then pull the rope near the machine to activate the device. Spin the valve to turn the mill and allow to rocks to enter the portal device.

Head back into the Deep Hall , then grab a rock and let it catch fire in the fireplace. Shoot the rock at the frozen chain on the left side of the room. Pull on both chains to unlock the door, then enter it to find the Cinder Mine. In this room, turn the valve to start a small fire, then grab the log from the back of the room and use it to melt the ice on the left side. With access to the new area unblocked, shake one of the bags to reveal a coal that can be used to shoot down the frozen key in the middle of the room. With key in hand, head back into the Deep Hall where you will be faced against two Greenies. Enter through the locked to witness a group of Boos trapping ghosts in crystals, causing them to increase their power. Now in the Crystal Quarry, look inside one of the crystals to cause the ghosts to break through. Defeat the Strong Greenie, the Strong Slammer, and the Strong Sneaker to allow E Gadd to call you back to the Bunker.


4.3 – Across the Chasm [D-3]

Starting off in the Chalet, find a way to unfreeze the elevator. Enter the fireplace to reach the loft of the room where an opened window is blasting snow and ice in. Blow on the window to close it, then suck and blow on the valve to have the bottom chandelier touch the touch chandelier. Bring it back down to melt the ice off the elevator. Go back through the fireplace and enter the elevator. Now in the Airway, go left and activate the machine. Suck up a chain and ride over to the entrance to the Terminal. Enter the hallway and when you make it to the reflective ice on the wall, use the strobe light to set off one of the bombs lodged in the ice. The first bomb will break a piece of ice to uncover another bomb. Destroy all the pieces of ice, then try to walk through the door it covered. Just as you are about to make it in, a Strong Gobber, Strong Slammer, and Strong Greenie appear, chaining the door down, each with its own colored chain. In order to gain access to the next room, you’ll have to defeat all three ghosts.

From the Terminal, head south through the Prospector’s Crossing and into Drift Hall. Head left and the Basin. Inside, use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a bomb in front of the reflective glass. Have it explode to reveal the Strong Goober and two Hiders. Defeat them to unlock the first of three chains. Exit into the Airway on the left and continue walking left until you reach Crossroads. Go through the portal device and enter the Skip Slope. Slide down and uncover the missing door at the bottom with your Dark-Light Device. Now in the Smuggler’s Hideout, attempt to melt the giant ice blocking the door. A window will burst open and three Sneakers and the Strong Greenie will make their way inside. Defeat them, close the window, and melt away the remaining ice. Ride the Shaft down to the bottom, then enter the Coward’s Chambers. Remember to go behind the reflective ice, then enter the next door into the Deep Hall. A Boo can be found here if you uncover the missing pot over the small fire. Enter the Crystal Quarry and go through the portal device here.

Upon exiting, you will find yourself in the Chalet, with the eleventh gem in hand. Inside this room, three Greenies and the Strong Slammer will attack. Defeat them all to break the last chain blocking the door in the Terminal. Make your way back to the Terminal and enter the unblocked door to find yourself in High Wires. Use the flaming nut shooter to melt the ice and allow Luigi to use the gondola. Walk back into the Terminal and enter the door on the right to get into High Wires. Grab onto of one of the chains to make it to the next platform. Grab onto the next set of chains to make it into the front of the Workshop Landing. Enter the door and cross the beam to get to the other side. With the door lock deactivated, enter the door on the right. Now in the Maintenance Room, remove the ice that is blocking parts of the generator by blasting bombs from the conveyer belt into the three slots above. Remember to activate each bomb with a flash of light after you throw it in. The order in which you throw the bombs is as follows:

  • Left
  • Middle
  • Left
  • Right
  • Right
  • Middle

After the generator starts up, try to walk back through the door, only to have snow flow in. Since you are snowed in, E. Gadd will send you back to the Bunker.



4.4 – Chilly Ride [D-Boss]

As you start off in the Workshop Landing, activate the door with your strobe light. Enter the door to encounter the boss ghost. After possessing the ice and entering the Ice Pit, a bomb launcher will slide down, allowing Luigi to hop on and take control. Now chasing after the boss, use your bomb launcher to launch bombs at his protective ice shield. The first round will task you with destroying eight different pieces of the ice. Because the boss is spinning, it will important to time your launches correctly because if you take too long, the ice shield will regenerate. You also have to keep in mind that the bomb launcher will overheat if you fail to remove the ice shield in time. After the ice shield is removed, launch a bomb into its mouth as the boss is trying to suck you in. This will cause both of you to drop to into the Frozen Pit where the boss ghost will try to ram into you using portals. Once he is dizzy, give it a flash of light and use your Poltergust 5000 to its max.

After this, the boss will move both of you back into the slide and you’ll have to repeat the same routine. The second time the boss will have nine pieces of its ice shield, and the third round will have ten. Once defeated, grab the piece of the Dark Moon that it leaves behind and wait for E. Gadd’s call to bring you back to the Bunker.



4.5 – Severe Infestation [D-Ghost]

NOTE! This mission is unlocked when all three Boos of Secret Mine have been caught! If you need help finding them, check here!


While the piece of the Dark Moon has already been taken, all of the ghosts have not left just yet. Professor E. Gadd will send Luigi back to the mansion to eradicate the last ghosts, with the goal of doing it as fast as possible. With the clock ticking Luigi will travel to the following rooms:

  • Drift Hall
  • Chalet
  • Fishing Hut
  • Basin
  • Terminal
  • High Wires

The order in which the rooms are accessed and the types and number of ghosts will vary each time as everything is randomized. After clearing the sixth room, E. Gadd will bring you back to his Bunker.