Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Walkthrough – Haunted Towers



2.1 – A Job for A Plumber [B-1]


E. Gadd will drop you off in front of the outside gate of the second mansion. Of course, it’s locked, so head over to the second flower to the right of the gate and give it a flash of light to let it release a key. Once in the Courtyard, head to the right and enter the door to find your way into the Hydro Generator. Upon entering, a Slammer will be tinkering with the station, but your presence will cause him to leave. Cross the bridges and open the chest for another key. Head back into the Courtyard and enter the door on the left side of the area. Unlock the door and enter the Tower Lobby. Use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a hidden door on the back wall.


Enter the Greenhouse and begin following the path to get to the other end. Just as you are about to get to the door, a Greenie with a shovel will appear. To defeat him, wait for him to life up his shovel and reveal his face, allowing you a moment to flash a bright light and have him drop the shovel. Another two will appear before you can go through the door. Now on the other side of the Tower Lobby, head past the stairs to find your first gem. Use your vacuum to turn the water pressure valve, then head up the stairs and into the door to get into the Plant Nursery. Avoid the giant venus fly traps and get in between them near the table with the two plants. Suck the spike ball off the left plant and shoot it at one of the giant enemies. The hit will take them down. Do the same for the second plant. Open the chest to grab your next key.

Go through the door on the right and enter the next door you see, avoiding the rug hiding the gaping hole. Now on the Skybridge, run past the swarming bats and unlock the door at the end. Enter the Lounge and fight off two Slammers and three Greenies. On the right side of the room you will see a plant on the wall with what looks like a purple fruit. Suck it up into your vacuum, then blow air into it to inflate it like a balloon. Float to the top of the room and float to the leftmost ledge.

Enter the door and climb up the stairs to the Water Supply. At the top, fight a Greenie with a bucket on its head, then use that bucket to fill it with the dropping sludge. Place the bucket on the green switch on the machine and stand on green switch in front of the machine to activate the water supply. Just when you think the mission is over, a Gobber will appear. To defeat it, avoid the sludge it throws and keep sucking its 100HP up. Once it’s gone, E. Gadd will bring you back to the mansion.



2.2 – The Pinwheel Gate [B-2]


Having unlocked the gate in the first mission, head through the entrance gate and make your way over to the pinwheel gate. Unfortunately, five Hiders will appear, each taking a piece of the pinwheel and heading into the right tower. Make your way into the East Hall and use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a hidden door. In the Gardener’s Dwelling, find the Hider in the upper right corner, but don’t be discouraged when it goes through the floor. Spin the fan to remove the bed, then grab the bucket of water and step on the platform the bed used to be on. It will sink down into the Gardener’s Lab where the Hider waits in a desk on the left wall. Defeat the Hider, grab the piece of the pinwheel, and use a balloon to get back into the room above. Before you go, there is a Boo waiting in the Sewer next door.


Head into the Tool Shed to be confronted by a Slammer, two Greenies, and of course, a Hider. Grab the piece of pinwheel and head through the next door to the Garden. Now outside, find the Hider after activating the lawn mower and defeating a Yellow Ghost and two Greenies. With the third pinwheel in hand, head back into the Tool Shed and interact with the water fountain. The wall will flip, shoving you into the Toolshed Stairs. Go up the steps as they appear, then enter the Botany Lab.

Here, use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a missing pipe, then shine a bright light at the three green bulbs at the same time. A giant plant will grow, allowing access to the room above. Now in the Seedling Laboratory, defeat the two Greenies, then find the Hider for the fourth pinwheel piece.Exit through the door on the right, then walk up the rest of the Toolshed Stairs. Enter the next door to find Conservatory. Here you will have to fight three Slammers, as well as the Hider who is hiding in the organ. Grab the last pinwheel piece and the mission will end.



2.3 – Graveyard Shift [B-3]


In the Haunted Towers Entrance, run offer to the right side and yank out whatever is clogging up the pipe. Take the bucket and fill it up with water, then head over a water the plant nearest to the gate. Use the spike ball that comes from it to destroy the venus fly trap. Take out the three Slammers in the Courtyard, then fix up the pinwheel gate and head into the Hollow Tree. Inside, begin walking up either sets of stairs until you get to the top. For each of the three sections, one of the sitars has a ghost hiding within it, so choose wisely! At the top, pull on the web ball attached to spring and bring it to the torch. The giant spider web will disintegrate, but a giant door will slam shut, blocking access to go any further.


A special key is needed to open the door, so E. Gadd will send you out to the Crypt. Climb down the stairs in the Hollow Tree and use one of the new web balls to burn through the spider webs on the bottom floor. Enter the Tree Root keep walking until you reach the end. Remove the moss covering an alcove with a dangling root. Pull on this root to reveal a new exit that will take you to the Old Graveyard. Follow the path right to the Crypt. Once inside, tug on the spike ball attached to string three times to break through the wall. On the other side, use the Dark-Light Device on the Toad painting to bring Toad himself out of the painting. Relieved and frightened, the Toad will now follow you throughout the mission. Before leaving the Crypt, reveal a hidden pot with a Boo hiding inside.

Back in the Old Graveyard, start heading to the right side of the area. Before you can make it, you’ll encounter the three ghost sisters. All three will fly around you in a carousel like manner. To defeat them, spin yourself and get one of the ghosts to put down their mirror. This is your chance to stun one of them. As you are sucking one in, be aware that the other two will try to stop you. After defeating all three, suck up Toad with the vacuum and carry him over the water. Keep carrying him and stand on the Coffin to be brought down to the Sewers. Go right and enter the Gardner’s Lab where you will be able to send Toad back to E. Gadd using the old Pixelator. You will also be sent back a moment later. If you were to go left back in the Sewers, remove the moss on the wall and enter the standing coffin in the new room. Luigi will be transported to an alternate dimension where he must collect all the Red Coins before the time runs out for more gold.


2.4 – Pool Party [B-4]


Walk through the already unlocked gate and enter the Courtyard. Run past the giant venus fly traps to the left and enter the door to get into the Tower Lobby. Cross over the Worden platform and run up the stairs. Run into the Plant Nursery and turn the valve on the right side of the room. Defeat the flower enemy and grab the bucket behind it, filling it up with water and watering the plant in the center of the room. Climb up the beanstalk stairs and enter the Rumpus Room. Keep it together as you travel around this room. Peer through the lighted window in the doll house to see… the exact room you are in. Look around and see which box is shaking, then leave the window and open the same box. Five Greenies will pop out, all of which you have to defeat.


The next room, the Family Room, only has a Boo hiding in a hidden portrait. Walk  through the next door into the Solarium where you will enter thtrugh the next door after climbing the stairs. Now in the West Bedroom, spin the fan to have the back wall be pushed back, revealing a set of three beds and three Hiders. Each one will hide in a bed, and you’ll have to watch where the beds go as they shuffle them up. Collect the key after defeating all three, and enter the door on the right to get into the West Hall. Head outside into the Crow’s Nest and make your way to the Conservatory. Once inside, use a balloon found near the organ to float up to the right platform and enter the door there. Use the Dark-Light Device to grab the key hidden inside.

Go back to the West Hall and unlock the door to the West Bathroom. In here you’ll find a Slammer, two Greenies, and a Creeper. Once defeated, sit on the pool chair to be lifted up into the Rooftop Pool. Use the Dark-Light Device to locate a hidden frog statue, then grab that special key that is spat out.  Four Sneakers will appear and steal the special key, but a quick fight will ensure the return of the special key. Just as the mission is about to end, a Polterpup appears and runs off with the key. Exhausted and tired, Luigi is sent back to the Bunker anyway.


2.5 – Doggone Key [B-5]

For a short version, you can find the Polterpup in the following locations: Tool Shed > Garden > Toolshed Stairs > Toolshed Stairs (next floor) > Conservatory > West Bathroom > West Bedroom.


Time for our first Polterpup mission! After stealing the key in the fourth mission, Luigi is sent out to find the ghost dog by tracking his paw prints. Head through the entrance gate and watch as the Polterpup runs into the right tower. Head for the Tool Shed and open the desk on the back wall to reveal the hiding Polterpup. Follow him to the Garden where it will start the lawnmower before disappearing once again. If you head back into the Tool Shed, you can find a Boo by restoring all the items in the room. Head into the Toolshed Stairs and follow the Polterpup up the stairs. Make your way onto the next level of the Toolshed Stairs to watch the Polterpup run into the Conservatory.

Inside the Conservatory, use the Dark-Light Device to reveal the organ, as well as the location of the Polterpup. He will run behind the organ, so follow it back there, only to watch it run through the left wall. Head to the West Bathroom in the left tower of the mansion. Polterpup can be found inside the sink, but he will run off before you have a chance to catch him. Follow his tracks to the West Bedroom where he will be hiding in one of the beds. After finding him here, you will be able to suck him up into your vacuum, effectively ending the mission.



2.6 – Tree Topping [B-Boss]


Luigi will be sent directly to the Hollow Tree, and a cutscene will show him opening the large door. Once inside, Luigi will find himself in the the Eerie Staircase, a very long stairway. Each section has three different stairs to take, but only one will work without folding and sending Luigi back to the start. Once at the bottom, Luigi will face a Greenie before being allowed to try again. If you picked any of the right stairs, they will be lit up using red fire, not blue fire. If you look ahead before moving up the stairs, you’ll be able to see the correct set by looking for the stairs where the torches are not lit. When you approach the torches will light back up.


Once you make it to the top, pull on the spiked ball on string three times to knock down the wall. Walk through and follow the path. Once you see rope, pull on it to reveal a fold up ladder. Once at the top, head for the tree house. The staircase you need to use will become alive, and you must fight to survive. Yes, you are literally fighting a possessed set of stairs. Wait for the stairs to leap into the sky, then pull on the rope it is attached to when it comes crashing down. This should release the white ghost, a ghost you can easily stun with a light flash. Do this two more times, with each time getting faster and more intense, and the piece of the Dark Moon should be yours.



2.7 – Hostile Intrusion [B-Ghost]

NOTE! This mission is unlocked when all five Boos of Gloomy Mansion have been caught! If you need help finding them, check here!


While the piece of the Dark Moon has already been taken, all of the ghosts have not left just yet. Professor E. Gadd will send Luigi back to the mansion to eradicate the last ghosts, with the goal of doing it as fast as possible. With the clock ticking Luigi will travel to the following rooms:

  • Tool Shed
  • Conservatory
  • Hydro Generator
  • West Bathroom
  • Plant Nursery
  • West Bedroom

The order in which the rooms are accessed and the types and number of ghosts will vary each time as everything is randomized. After clearing the sixth room, E. Gadd will bring you back to his Bunker.