Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Walkthrough – Gloomy Manor



1.0 – Introduction

After the events of the original game, Professor E. Gadd has managed to keep the ghosts of Evershade Valley friendly and at bay, thanks to the power of the Dark Moon. Just when things were looking up, King Boo appears and shatters the Dark Moon into six different pieces, causing the friendly ghosts to wreak havoc and lose control.

Elsewhere, Luigi is resting in his comfy home when E. Gadd enters Luigi’s television screen and violently startles him. Without any questions asked, E. Gadd manages to transport Luigi out of his home and into his lab through the television.

It is in E. Gadd’s Bunker that Luigi is told what is happening. E. Gadd tasks you to find the missing pieces of the Dark Moon spread across the five different mansions, giving you the one the landed near the Bunker. Before heading out on your first mission, E. Gadd will provide you with the Dual Scream, a device that will allow E. Gadd to contact you at any time.

1.1 – Poltergust 5000 [A-1]

With just a simple flashlight, start walking up the path towards the mansion. Pass through the gate, ignoring the fact that they will slam shut after you are through. Allow E. Gadd to call in and check on you, then climb up the steps of the porch and peer through the window on your left. Inside you will see two Greenies, the green ghosts, playing around with a car parked in the Garage.

After leaving the window, try to open the front door. A mouse will run by, holding onto a shiny key. Chase it down in the front yard, then use the key to open the front doors. Now in the Entrance, enter the door on the left to enter the Garage. Interact with the car to find the Poltergust 5000 inside the hood of the car. Being the bumbling fool that he is, Luigi will back up into the car, causing it to active and shake, making a pile of junk fall in front of the door. Answer a call from E. Gadd, then open the box in the far left corner of the room to reveal a key. Answer another call from E. Gadd, then remove the pile of junk in front of the door with your newly acquired Poltergust 5000. Before leaving, you can look through the window to see the two Greenies playing catch outside.

Head back into the Entrance and use your vacuum to remove the cloth hiding the door on the right. Enter the door and take a look up at the ceiling fan. Use the vacuum to spin the fan, knocking a key to the floor. Head back into the Entrance and enter the Guard Hall to find the two Greenies before they head through the next set of doors. Walk down the corridor, avoiding the guard statues and entering through the next set of double doors. Now in the Foyer, you will see the two Greenies, but this time they move through a door with a lock enabled. Try heading up the stairs to get yet another call from E. Gadd. After, head up the stairs and keep walking until you get a view of the bottom floor. Use your vacuum to bring down the chandelier. Head back downstairs and grab the green bulb on one of the candles of the chandelier. This will add a new ability to your Poltergust 5000, allowing you to create bright flashes of light. Use this on the machine blocking the door to activate and open it. E. Gadd feels the need to call you again, so let him do so, then enter the door. Before you leave, head up the stairs and use your new flash ability to open a safe full of cash and gold.

Enter the door to find yourself in the Bathroom. If you stay too long, E. Gadd will ignore any kind of privacy and give you another call. Take a seat on the toilet only to have the wall flipped and Luigi taken to another bathroom on the other side. Rip off the curtain of the shower to reveal one of the Greenies in the middle of a hot shower. Follow it back to the other bathroom to engage in your first ghost battle! The two Greenies will be found here, and a simple light flash and suck of the vacuum will do the trick. Enter the Foyer to fight a trio of Greenies. After the fight, E. Gadd will call and send you back to his lab.



1.2 – Gear Up [A-2]

On the search for the missing piece of the Dark Moon, E. Gadd will transport you to the Entrance of the mansion. Head through the Guard Hall and into the Foyer. Here you will see four Slammers take gears from the contraption on the back wall. Listen to a call from E. Gadd, then head for the opened door. As you approach the door, the lights will go out and a Greenie with a key will zip past and into the Entrance. Head to the Entrance, defeat the Greenie, grab the key, and head back into the Foyer.

Unlock the door on the lower level and enter the Common Hall. Enter the door closest to you on the left and enter the Lab. Blow on the chalkboard on the back wall to reveal a Greenie. Defeat two Greenies and Slammer to reveal the first Gear Piece. Walk back into the Common Hall and yank of a piece of clothing blocking a door between the two doors on the left. Enter the Secret Pocket and remove the pile of junk. Grab the key floating in the air at the end of the room, and peer through the hole to see two Hiders messing around in the Studio.

Since the door to the Studio is blocked by a pile of junk, head back into the Foyer and begin walking up the stairs. The stairs will flatten causing Luigi to slide down, and a Hider will appear. Find its hiding place and take it out to unlock the barrier blocking the stairs. Open the door upstairs to enter the Master Hall. Open the door next to where the carpet ends to enter the Parlor. Blow into the record player to play a tune and to reveal another set of ghosts. Defeat two Greenies and a Slammer to obtain the next Gear Piece. Before heading back into the Master Hall, activate the device on the grand clock to reveal a gem. The other room you can access from the Master Hall is the Bedroom


In the bedroom, tug on the rope next to the trap door to reveal a pull out bed. Allow Luigi to take a moment to rest on it, only to be thrown back and into the Study. As you approach the Gear Piece on the wall, a Greenie will appear and cover it, forcing you to fight two Greenies and a Slammer. Grab the Gear Piece, then roll up the carpet to reveal a switch. Standing on the switch will extinguish the flames in the fireplace and allow you to enter it.

The fireplace will drop you down to the fireplace in the room beneath you. Now in the Studio, catch the two hiders and the Slammer to get the last Gear Piece. If you are collecting the gems, you can find one hidden behind one of the curtains. Remove the pile of junk blocking the door, and start making your way back to the Foyer. Try to activate the contraption and you will be called back to the Bunker by E. Gadd.



1.3 – Quiet Please [A-3]

With the fixed crank in hand, head for the Foyer, listening the ominous music play in the distance. Enter the Foyer and active the contraption in the back, moving the fish tank down to the bottom floor and revealing a door upstairs. Enter this door to find the Lobby where two Greenies wait. Be aware that a Slammer will ride up the elevator when the two Greenies are defeated. Enter through the only door and walk through the upper level of the Library. Enter the next door to find the Dining Room. Pull on the rope on the right side of the room to open a dumbwaiter that you can use to reach the Kitchen down below.

In the kitchen fight off a Greenire protecting itself with pans and a roller. Wait for it to attack and stun it when it is dizzy to remove the kitchenware. Defeat two more Greenies, then head into the lower level of the Library through the door on the left. Here you will find a Poltergeist, the one responsible for the music. Defeat it while avoiding the books it can telepathically throw at you. After this defeat two more Poltergeists to stop the music completely. Wait for the call from E. Gadd that will end the mission.



1.4 – Visual Tricks [A-4]


Time to get the Dark-Light Device! Your destination is the Lab, but once you make it to the Common Hall, the door will disappear! Let E. Gadd explain what he thinks might be happening, then go back into the Foyer. Head for the stairs to be greeted by a Hider. Defeat the Slammer and two Hiders. Go up the stairs and head for the Master Hall. Enter the Parlor walk towards the fireplace. Witnessing a Spirit Ball float out and make the grand clock disappear, head into the fireplace and drop down to the Lab.


Attempt to grab the Dark-Light Device in the upper right corner of the room, only to be attacked by a Greenie wearing sunglasses. Now you will have to suck off the sunglasses before you can normally defeat a ghost. Defeat the three Greenies and receive the Dark-Light Device! Use it to uncover the hidden door and head out to the Common Hall. Walk all the way to the end of the hallway, turning the corner. Uncover the key from the portrait using the Dark-Light Device, then reveal the hidden door on the right wall.

Outside on the Patio, head down the steps and follow the stone path to an empty space under a tree. Use the Dark-Light Device to reveal an E. Gadd statue. Spin the top to reveal another key that will grant you access to the other door on the patio. Enter and you will find yourself in the Kitchen. You’ll here someone fumbling around, so flash your light and reveal a Hider and a Greenie. Defeat them and the next Hider and Greenie, then pull on the rope near the right wall to open the dumbwaiter.

Back in the Dining Room, Luigi will witness a Boo in the act of vanishing the dinner table. Use the Dark-Light Device to restore the dinner table to its normal state, only to have Boo reenter the room and wreak havoc. Use the Dark-Light Device to spot him while he is invisible, then, when he is dazed, use the vacuum to latch onto his tongue and project him across the room. After his HP gone, give him one last suck of the vacuum and he will be yours. Wait for E. Gadd’s call to bring you back to the Bunker.

1.5 – Sticky Situation [A-5]

Thought those spider webs were for show? Apparently not, and it looks like the mansion has really gotten it since the last mission. Tasked with removing 44 different webs across the entire mansion, head into the Guard Hall and remove four webs attached to the guards. Go through the Foyer and enter the Common Hall. Suck up the web ball and move it to the end of the hallway where you can light it on fire with a candle. There is a total of five webs to clear in this area.

Head through the Patio and into the Kitchen where six webs need cleaning. Hop into the dumbwaiter and remove four more webs in the Dinner Room. Enter the door on the left and move into the upper level of the Library. Use the Dark-Light Device to create a flame from the portrait, allowing you to use a web ball to break through the giant web. Make sure to remove all three webs here! In the Lobby, defeat the two Hiders and uncover the hidden door on the right. Enter the door to find yourself on the balcony. Active the grill with a light flash and pull back the web ball attached to a string to set it on fire, causing the entire web to go down. Use the other web ball to remove another web at the end of the balcony. You should have cleared a total of six webs here.

Enter back into the Dining Room, then down through the dumbwaiter to the Kitchen, and finally to the Library through the door on the left. There is a single web to clear in this room, but there is also a Boo hiding within the hidden piano. Head back to the Foyer and go up the stairs and into the Master Hall. Go to the end opposite of the giant web, and remove the smaller webs on the right wall to bring down the candles. Suck the web ball attached to a string to the candle to burn down the first giant web. A normal web ball will drop and can be used to remove the next giant web. Having cleared all five webs in this room, enter the Bedroom. Activate the stove, then spin the fan to catch the web ball on fire, removing the single giant web. Make sure to grab the gem behind the changing curtain before leaving!

Back in the Master Hall, head to the end of the hall where you will have to pull a rope to reveal stairs leading to the Rafters. Walk across the wooden plank to get to the other side. Reveal the flame in the portrait and suck the web ball closer to remove the giant web. Remove all eight webs in the attic, then wait for E. Gadd’s call to end the mission.



1.6 – Confront the Source [A-Boss]

The source of the webs has been found. Equipped with the Elevator Key, enter the elevator in the Lobby. Now on the bottom floor and in the Cellar, start moving towards the giant web in the back. Pull on the web ball attached to a string to awaken a giant spider. When you are close and the spider’s eyes are open, flash a bright light to stun it, giving you time to grab a hold of the web ball attached to a string without getting squashed. As you are moving back, avoid the dangling spiders and move the web ball to the last guard statue who will light it. The giant web will disintegrate and the ghost of the spider will appear. When it isn’t using its force field, stun it and suck some life out of it.

The ghost will return to the spider and break through the back wall, revealing another section of the Cellar. Using the same methods, grab a hold of the web ball attached to the string and drag back to the second guard statue who will stab it and life it into the air. Spin the newly revealed fan and have the other web ball hit the first guard statue’s flame and then the second guard statue’s web ball. The giant web disintegrate once again, and you’ll have to fight the white ghost again. After returning to its host, the spider will once again crash through another wall.

Run towards the spider and grab the lone web ball nearby. Head back to the very first guard statue and have it light your web ball. As you head back towards the fire, use the web ball to easily defeat the many small spiders headed your way. Don’t go directly at the spider, but instead, light the web near the third guard statue to light his torch. Stun the spider, grab the web ball attached to string, and light it with the third guard statue. Defeat the white ghost and he will reveal the missing piece of the Dark Moon. As the spider returns to its normal self, grab the piece of the Dark Moon and have E. Gadd get you out of there.



1.7 – Gradual Infiltration [A-Ghost]

NOTE! This mission is unlocked when all five Boos of Gloomy Mansion have been caught! If you need help finding them, check here!

While the mansion has been ridden of spider webs, all of the ghosts have not left just yet. Professor E. Gadd will send Luigi back to the mansion to eradicate the last ghosts, with the goal of doing it as fast as possible. With the clock ticking Luigi will travel to the following rooms:

  • Foyer (x2)
  • Lab
  • Lobby
  • Garage
  • Mudroom

The order in which the rooms are accessed and the types and number of ghosts will vary each time as everything is randomized. After clearing the fifth room, E. Gadd will bring you back to his Bunker.