W6: Deep Magma Bog – Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough

Complete World 6 with our Super Mario Bros. Wonder walkthrough focused on every Flower Coin, Wonder Seed, and golden flag in Deep Magma Bog.

Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds are the main collectibles in each level. The three 10-Flower Coins aren’t required to complete the level or unlock additional worlds, but they will add to the currency you can use on the world map. Wonder Seeds, on the other hand, are required for progression, and each level has either two or three to collect. One Wonder Seed is always found at the end of a Wonder Flower effect, and the other Wonder Seed is obtained once completing the level. Any additional Wonder Seeds are found by using a secret exit.

Additionally, each level presents you the a golden flag if you’re able to grab the very top of the goal post at the end of the level. Sometimes it’s simple, other times you may need to be creative about it. No matter which main collectible it is, we’ll cover it in our Deep Magma Bog walkthrough!

Deep Magma Bog is the sixth world in the game and is unlocked later in the game. Use the links below to jump to a specific level:

Where the Rrrumbas Rule

This level has a secret exit!

Flower Coin 1 – Drill through the brick blocks to clear the path leading to the Flower Coin. Or just zip underneath them!

Flower Coin 2 – Touch the pink glowing tulip above the area with the Spiny enemies to show how close the ceiling above you is. Drill into it, then go up to find a secret area. Once there, drill into the ceiling again and drop down onto the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – After the Checkpoint Flag, look for a pipe guarded by three unstable walls. Walk around to the back of the pipe and drill into the ceiling above the pipe to get past the brick blocks. Push the yellow walls, then enter the pipe. In the secret area, you only get two tries to get the Flower Coin! You have to jump and slide on either yellow wall, then wall jump off it before it falls into the lava.

Wonder Seed 1 – Look for the glowing Rrrumba and destroy it with the drill power-up to uncover the Wonder Flower. Now that you’re a spiked ball yourself, start rolling across the level using the half pipes to your advantage. Wonder Seed is at the end, as usual!

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Wonder Seed 3 – Secret exit time! With the Drill Mushroom handy, run over to the tall unstable yellow wall, the one that normally crashes down through a ton of brick blocks. Instead of focusing on that, drill into the ceiling and follow the tunnel in the upper right. This leads to a secret flagpole!

Golden Flag – Fairly standard, get onto the higher area and jump from there.

Raarghs in the Ruins

Flower Coin 1 – Wait for the Raargh to drop, then jump up to collect the Flower Coin it was hiding.

Flower Coin 2 – As the block and the translucent blocks slowly turn across the lava, be sure to start passing through the pink glowing tulips. One of them will spawn the Flower Coin you’re looking for!

Flower Coin 3 – After the Checkpoint Flag, drill into the ceiling and follow the path up to find a Raargh guarding a Flower Coin. Get past the translucent blocks by burrowing underneath them.

Wonder Seed 1 – Don’t enter the purple pipe just yet! Get around the translucent blocks above and you’ll eventually reach the Wonder Flower. You’re back to walking around the level from a top-down view. Avoid the Raarghs by letting them hit the translucent blocks you get near, then reach the Wonder Seed at the bottom.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Wall jump off the translucent blocks at the end!

Pull, Turn, Burn

Flower Coin 1 – Have the Spiny walk into the lava. Once it’s underneath the Flower Coin, jump and bounce off it to safely grab the coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Yank the handle as far back as it can go, then sprint and jump up the platforms before the fire wheels come back down.

Flower Coin 3 – This one is after the Checkpoint Flag. Instead of pulling the handle all the way to the right, jump up to the bony platform above and pull from there. This way you won’t have to spend time jumping up once you let go. The handle controls the second fire wheel, so use the extra time to slip into the are with the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – See the big Goomba statue in the background. Keep yanking on the handle until the Wonder Flower comes out. Grab it to get dropped down into the abyss below, but not before becoming impervious to lava! There are five Wonder Tokens to collect, and feel free to swim in lava, walk on top of magma platforms, and interact with enemies. Look for darkened areas if you’re missing a Wonder Token or two.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Pull the handle and ride the circular platform to a higher point before jumping off.

Hot-Hot Hot!

This level has a secret exit!

Flower Coin 1 – Flower Coin over the Hot-Hot Rocks! Either wait for the rocks to cool down before grabbing this one, or throw a water jug that way.

Flower Coin 2 – You’re going to need the elephant power-up for this one. Cool down the Hot-Hot Rock with water from your trunk, then break through the brick blocks to get to the warp pipe. Inside, water the dried out flower to spawn a Star, then use its invincibility to run across the Hot-Hot Rocks and over to the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Use water from your trunk in elephant form or toss a water jug onto the dried out flower surrounded by bones. The Wonder Flower will automatically activate and create bubbles of water all over the area. Swim through them and collect five Wonder Tokens to get your Wonder Seed.

Flower Coin 3 – Get to the two towers of Hot-Hot Rocks and wait for them to cool down. Wall jump between them until you reach the handle. Yank it to reveal your Flower Coin. If you need the extra time, try spraying water on the bottom two Hot-Hot Rocks.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Wonder Seed 3 – Return to the area where you set off the Wonder Flower. Get up to the area where the Talking Flower is at, then make huge leap to the left to reach the next area. Keep jumping from platform to platform, including the small gray blocks, until you reach a glowing purple tulip. Activate it, then follow the slow-moving spark. Eventually it will remove an entire Hot-Hot Rock and leave a door in its place. Enter inside, then run through this new area to reach the flagpole.

Golden Flag – Jump across the small Hot-Hot Rocks while they are cooled off. Should be enough time before they reactivate!

Wavy Ride through the Magma Tube

Flower Coin 1 – Shorty after the starting the level, look for the Flower Coin on small platform in the lava. Either stay on the first part of the platform train and jump down when there’s an opening, or run off one of the other platform once its rising to the left of the coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – This one early! Look for a roulette block with the Wonder Flower and a pesky Talking Flower. The roulette is slow, so jump right after it switches to Wonder Flower and you should b fine. Don’t move after collecting the flower, you can still fall in the love! Okay, 50 seconds to survive the Spike statue’s incoming fireballs. You can tell where a fire ball is going to land long before it’s shot your way, so move early and keep an eye on future fireballs as they spawn in the background.

Flower Coin 2 – Another Flower Coin above the lava, but this time there’s no platform. Drop down and bounce off the Spiny Shell to get back safely, all while collecting the prized coin. Make sure part of the moving platform has moved to the right side so that you have somewhere to land!

Flower Coin 3 – Okay, BREATHE. Two ways to grab this one. Wait for your platform to sink into the lava, but jump onto the nearby Spiny Shell just before it enters. This should let you bounce over to the Flower Coin. No Spiny shells? Make a very light jump just as the platform sinks into the lava, and make use of your standard twirl mechanic to get that extra air to reach the coin.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – This game is rude. As you ride along the final moving platform, jump when you pass the arch of coins to reach the top of the flagpole.

Dragon Boneyard

Flower Coin 1 – Wait for the opening in the bone dragon’s platform, then jump in. You’ll safely land on the bone platform in the middle!

Flower Coin 2 – Reach the first pipe but don’t hop inside just yet. Wait for a bird to fly by, then bounce off it to reach the top of the wall on the right. Run to the right to find a secret pipe. Inside, is another bone dragon platform with a Flower Coin in the center.

Flower Coin 3 – After falling down the lava hill, activate the glowing tulip and watch for the Flower Coin as it spawns around the outside of the rolling bone dragon platform. When you reach the non-moving platforms, use them to reach the top of the bone dragon platform. Flower Coin will eventually reappear as the platform continues to circle.

Wonder Seed 1 – Look for a glowing spot in the final bone dragon platform. Ground pound it to activate the Wonder Flower. The effect? We won’t spoil that one, but keep in mind that your next platform will always have a spot for you to land. The Wonder Seed will spawn to the right of the lava pool you end at.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Bounce off the incoming birds to reach the top. Alternatively, use this level’s Bubble Flower to create your own platform to bounce off of.

Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship

Flower Coin 1 – Pull down to hand from the striped pole, then push down again to fall towards the Flower Coin. Wall jump to safety once you collect it!

Flower Coin 2 – Stomp on the red Mecha-Koopa and toss its deactivated body at the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Hang below the red striped pole and make your way underneath the Wonder Flower. Quickly hit the switch on the ceiling, then grab the Wonder Flower to activate Bowser’s timed laser. Reminder, if you want to break any of Bowser’s blocks. Have it lock onto you while you’re standing near one of the blocks, then move to safety at the last moment. Reach the end to get your Wonder Seed.

Flower Coin 3 – Don’t hit the switch just yet! Instead, use the yellow wall to wall jump up to the Flower Coin. And you don’t have to go back down either, just wall jump again to get over the yellow wall.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Deep Magma Bog Palace

Flower Coin 1 – Right at the start. As the bone dragon platform slowly descends into the lava on the left, inch closer to the Flower Coin until it’s finally in reach.

Flower Coin 2 – Bounce off the Dry Bones to reach the Flower Coin that moves through the lava alongside the bone dragon. If you were silly like me and turned the Dry Bones into bubbles, just use one of your own bubbles to hop off of.

Wonder Seed 1 – Look for a dried up flower in the middle of a bone dragon platform. Bring it a water jug from the left, then water it to activate the Wonder Flower and return to your Wubba form. Now your goal is to survive the bone dragon ride while avoiding the fireballs from the lava sprout enemies. Wonder Seed is at the top of the vertical section!

Flower Coin 3 – During the Wonder Flower effect, take note of the Flower Coin near the lava. Stay close to the right side of the bone dragon, then move to safety once you collect the coin.

Floating High Jump II

Flower Coin 1 – Look for a line of coins stacked against a wall. Jump, then wall jump to reach this Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Hit the glowing tulip above the Piranha Plants at the start of the moving platform section to make the Flower Coin appear a little ways ahead.

Flower Coin 3 – Stay on the moving platform, even as it starts to drop into the abyss! Once you pass through the Flower Coin, jump to safety!

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Run and perform a floating high jump.

Boosting Spin Jump II

Flower Coin 1 – First Flower Coin is above the triangular trampoline just before the first Checkpoint Flag.

Flower Coin 2 – Jump into the Flower Coin and do a boosting spin jump once you collect it.

Flower Coin 3 – In the final section, look for the Flower Coin on the right. What you might not realize at first is that the triangular trampoline below it slowly moves up and down. Wait for it to reach its maximum height when trying to bounce off it to get the coin.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Run and perform a boosting spin jump.

Grappling Vine II

Flower Coin 1 – Keep riding up the zip track on the right to reach this Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Before getting to the Checkpoint Flag, jump to the right and grapple the area below the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – In the final section, allow yourself to fall near the Flower Coin. Once you are equal height with the coin, grapple the zip track to speed back up to safety.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Jump up to the platform and grapple the top of the flagpole.

Jet Run II

Flower Coin 1 – Part of the main course. Run off the ledge and jump in mid-air to grab this Flower Coin on your way to the first Checkpoint Flag.

Flower Coin 2 – Get past the area with the rotating blocks. As you reach the new area, make sure to run off the last block so that you can jump in mid-air and reach the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – In the room with the rising lava, don’t enter the first pipe. Instead, get to the top of the room and enter the secret pipe. Flower Coin is on the other side.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Run off the diagonal block and jump in mid-air to reach the top.

Invisibility II

Flower Coin 1 – Jump onto the mushroom before the Checkpoint Flag. Use the clouds the notate your location, and use your default spin to make a small whirl effect.

Flower Coin 2 – As you move along the moving mushroom platform, jump high once you’re under the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – Defeat the Lakitu and use its cloud to travel! You can easily collect the Flower Coin in the clouds up ahead.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Use the Lakitu cloud from earlier to reach the top of the flagpole.

Spring Feet II

Flower Coin 1 – For this entire level, make sure to hold the jump button to get that full height! First Flower Coin is along the mandatory path at the start.

Flower Coin 2 – Second Flower Coin is also on a mandatory path. It’s before the second Checkpoint Flag. There’s a Smogrin below in case you fall and need to get back onto the block.

Flower Coin 3 – In the final section, jump and fall diagonally as you collect the coins to land on the small blocks. Above one of the small blocks is the Flower Coin. You can stay in this spot and keep jumping high as it swings back and forth.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Please remember to hold the jump height long enough to get the full height with each jump! You’ll be most successful if you can jump on all three tiny blocks without stopping.

Magma Flare-Up

Flower Coin 1-3 – Complete all four level of enemies within 100 seconds to get all three Flower Coins at the end. Bubble Flower all the way! The bubbles are really great at capturing the kernel enemies on the first floor, and the Gnawshers fall into them easily on the second flower. Third floor is best without any power-up as the firework Bob-ombs can take out groups of Piranha Plants above. Final floor are the Spikes that throw fire. Bubbles work great here as well!

Wonder Seed – Survive and reach the end of the level.

Item Park

Wonder Token 1 – Grab the Drill Mushroom and head to the middle of the area. Above the Question Blocks on the left are two hidden blocks. Reveal them, then use them to reach the ceiling via drilling. Move over to the Wonder Token on the left.

Wonder Token 2 – With the Elephant Fruit in hand, whack the spiked ball to the left. Watch as it crushes through the blocks guarding the Wonder Token.

Wonder Token 3 – In the middle of the area with Questions Blocks on the right, look for a hidden block right on top of the group of blocks. Hit and a vine will sprout upwards. Climb it to find your Wonder Token!

Wonder Token 4 – Bubble Flower time! Walk over to the three Cheep Cheep separated by a wall. No match for your bubbles! Send three that way and convert them into a Wonder Token.

Wonder Token 5 – Is this the one that did it for you? It’s a tough one! For starters, grab the Drill Mushroom. Run over to the spiked ball and jump on up to the second moving platform. Burrow into the platform then push against the wall once you come in contact with it. Looks like you can keep going! Wonder Token is in a secret area on the right.

Wonder Seed – Collect all five Wonder Tokens.

Hot-Hot Rocks

Wonder Seed – Grab the Elephant Fruit, break through the brick blocks, and water the Hot-Hot Rocks to cool them off. Now water the dried up flower and… that’s it. There’s the Wonder Seed.

Additional Collectibles

Wonder Seed 1-4 – Deep Magma Bog Observatory #1-4

Wonder Seed 5 – Poplin Shop

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