W4: Sunbaked Desert – Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough

Complete World 4 with our Super Mario Bros. Wonder walkthrough focused on every Flower Coin, Wonder Seed, and golden flag in Sunbaked Desert.

Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds are the main collectibles in each level. The three 10-Flower Coins aren’t required to complete the level or unlock additional worlds, but they will add to the currency you can use on the world map. Wonder Seeds, on the other hand, are required for progression, and each level has either two or three to collect. One Wonder Seed is always found at the end of a Wonder Flower effect, and the other Wonder Seed is obtained once completing the level. Any additional Wonder Seeds are found by using a secret exit.

Additionally, each level presents you the a golden flag if you’re able to grab the very top of the goal post at the end of the level. Sometimes it’s simple, other times you may need to be creative about it. No matter which main collectible it is, we’ll cover it in our Sunbaked Desert walkthrough!

Sunbaked Desert is the fourth world in the game and is unlocked after completing World 3 and collecting 10 Wonder Seeds in the Petal Isles. Use the links below to jump to a specific level:

Armads on the Roll

Flower Coin 1 – In the second sand pit of the level, stop an Armad in its tracks with a stomp and pick up its curled up body. As if your aggression wasn’t bad enough, throw the poor guy upwards to hit the yellow glowing tulip. Your treachery doesn’t end there! The tulips keep spawning, and you’ll have to fling the helpless Armad upward until the Flower Coin is finally yours.

Flower Coin 2 – Now off to the third sand pit! See the gold pipe down there? Hit the bricks blocks to its right to reveal a Flower Propeller. Grab on, and let it take you to a secret zone. It’s a simple one. Climb the vine, then jump to the Flower Coin!

Flower Coin 3 – Get to the area with the cacti and enter the gold pipe on the left. A couple ways to approach this. Only let the Armad destroy some of the cacti so you can use the rest to reach the Flower Coin. If all the cacti are destroyed, pick up an Armad and fling it upwards at the coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Touch or throw something at the glowing tulip above the Pokey and the smashable cacti. Wonder Flower! Time has now sped up. Be extra careful with enemies and you’ll do just fine getting to the Wonder Seed at the end.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Very simple jump from the gold pipe.

The Desert Mystery

Flower Coin 1 – Yank the handle on the wall to reveal a golden pipe. Hop inside, then pull the next handle to reveal a Flower Coin in the sand.

Flower Coin 2 – Another handle on the wall! Yank it to the right, then immediately head for the blue pipe as soon as you let go. Inside, either use the Drill Mushroom to ride along the ceiling to the Flower Coin, or unwrap some of the Mumsie by pulling on its handle so that its low enough for you to bounce off of.

Flower Coin 3 – After the Checkpoint Flag, pull the next handle to pull up the third Flower Coin. Let go and jump across the sand to get it!

Wonder Seed 1 – Pull the handle next to the Talking Flower to reveal this level’s Wonder Flower. Grabbing it will toss you into a pyramid infiltration. Chase after the Wonder Seed as it moves through the pyramid’s halls. Avoid the spiked wall by pulling the handle to raise two nearby platforms, then use them to reach the Wonder Seed.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Yank the final handle of the level to temporarily raise the stones needed to reach the top of the flagpole.

Rolling-Ball Hall

To access this level, step on all three question panels in the world map. There is one near the Armads on the Roll entrance, one near the stairs on the right, and one in front of the wall marked with a question. This wall will open, revealing the level inside.

Flower Coin 1 – Watch as a spiked ball comes rolling down from the ceiling. Avoid it, then hop into that tunnel to find the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Break the brick blocks with your elephant power-up, or by flinging one of the nearby Revvers, then follow it down to a secret area. The darkened room doesn’t hide the Flower Coin, just jump and grab it!

Wonder Seed 1 – To get to the Wonder Flower, run all the way to the right until you see an opening in the ceiling. Use the blocks to get up there, then grab the flower. This segment has you getting chased by giant spiked boulders as you collect Wonder Tokens. Take opportunities to hide in crevices when it looks safe. Maybe not when the massive spiked ball comes into play at the end.

Flower Coin 3 – After the Wonder Flower, continue on through the level. Chase after a spike ball that rolls past you and let it break through the brick blocks surrounding the last Flower Coin. That, or you can use your elephant power-up.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Make this one quick! A spiked ball will crash through the brick blocks, so make sure you’ve already used them to hop to the higher area.

Ninji Jump Party

This one can be tricky to find. Head over to the oasis and walk through the sandfall to find the level entrance.

Wonder Seed 1 – Jump with the beat! This will allow you to hop over enemies as they will hide at just that moment. Platform also disappear during the beat, so it’s a great time to be in midair. Collect the five Wonder Tokens to get the Wonder Seed.

Flower Coin 1 – Do a high jump to reach this one!

Flower Coin 2 – Time jumps to the beat, jumping up each purple platform in the process.

Flower Coin 3 – Get onto the purple platform and hold the jump button to reach this final Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Your normal set of steps to get to the top.

Bloomps of the Desert Skies

Flower Coin 1 – Wait for the pink Bloomp to jet off, then run across the inflator and grab the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Find two pink Bloomps getting launched at the same time. As they blast off, bounce off the tops of both Bloomps, alternating between the two until you reach the cloud platforms where your Flower Coin awaits!

Wonder Seed 1 – Grab the Wonder Flowre from the green Bloomp before it hits the ground. Now inflated, puff your way upwards towards the Wonder Seed at the top. Bumping into things can send you back quite a bit, so just focus on grabbing Stars and avoiding obstacles.

Flower Coin 3 – In the area where the purple Bloomps are deflating downwards, wait for one of the Bloomps to pass through the Flower Coin. Jump and bounce off the Bloomp right after it goes past the Flower Coin and you’ll be able to bounce back to safety with your prize in tow.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Don’t let the final green Bloops wander too far! Use them to reach the top of the flagpole.

Valley Fulla Snootles

Flower Coin 1 – Enter the gold warp pipe to the right of the pipe spawning the Snootles. Inside, avoid the Snootles by bouncing off them and staying in the air. Oh, and make sure to grab the Flower Coin before heading back up!

Flower Coin 2 – See the Flower Coin after the Checkpoint Flag? To its left is a triangular bouncy platform. Jump and land on the rightmost corner of the platform and you’ll get launched into the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – In the area with the Koopa Troopa pacing back and forth, look for a hidden block surrounded by two brick blocks. Hit it to reveal the Wonder Flower. Time will come to a crawl, but your mission remains the same: get to the end and grab the Wonder Seed!

Flower Coin 3 – During the Wonder Flower effect, make your way up the pillar platforms and look for a glowing tulip. Interact with it, and your Flower Coin will appear… in a moment.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Make sure to bounce off one of the ground level enemies up to the higher platform before they all move away.

Color-Switch Dungeon

Flower Coin 1 – You’ll notice the first Flower Coin underneath the path you’ll take to reach the next area. Switch the block so that’s set to red, then go around the platform and take the lowest zip track to reach the coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Run past the Wonder Flower and look for the color switching block on the right. If you have your Fire Flower, shoot out a few fireballs to light the area. Otherwise, randomly hit blocks and you’ll eventually hit it. Run across the top row of blocks to reach the Wonder Flower. The lights are on! But now Shadow Mario is after you. Navigate the rest of the area while he follows your path. Send fireballs or throw pots at him to temporarily stun him.

Flower Coin 2 – In the final area, drop down the pit lined with two zip track on either side. The Flower Coin will be in the middle. Jump from zip track to zip track if you’re having trouble landing on it.

Flower Coin 3 – Still in the final area, grab a jar of water from the blue pipe all the way on the left. This pipe will keep spawning water in case you mess up! Go all the way to the right and throw the water on the dried out tulip to have a Flower Coin spawn on the other side of the wall. It will immediately drop, so fall down the pit to your right and you’ll be able to grab it when it lands.

Wonder Seed 2 – How do you complete the final section of the Color-Switch Dungeon? Get down to the bottom area and grab the blue key from the statue. From there, walk to the left and hit the blue switch. With the red wall formed, wall jump all the way back to the top level. Run over to the left side of the top level, the spot where you started the area, and hit the red switch there. Now backtrack where you came from, this time falling down the second to last hole. This will drop your right at the blue door.

Golden Flag – Activate the red switch to form blocks that you can use to jump off of.

Secrets of Shova Mansion

This level has a secret exit!

Flower Coin 1 – In the first area with the pink blocks you can push, run over to the tall block and push it off screen to reveal the first Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – There’s a suspicious single wall with what seems like a space for a door. Push the surrounding pink blocks into the hole to have the door appear. After grabbing the Wonder Flower in the next room, a Shova will start pursuing you with a golden Bowser statue. Let it squash you and you’re toast! Goal here is to keep running the to the right, pushing walls that seem normal to get to the Wonder Seed at the end. If you need to, push back on the statue to slow it down a bit.

Flower Coin 2 – When the Shova is walk towards the left, perform a wall jump to reach the Flower Coin above.

Flower Coin 3 – Immediately in the room after the second Flower Coin, push the lone pink block to the left to reveal a secret area. This entre room is the one with the broken doors split in half.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Wonder Seed 3 – When you reach the final area with the flagpole, take out the Shova so it doesn’t bother you, then destroy all six brick blocks with a few ground pounds. Push the green block into the hole to reveal a gold pipe. Follow this pipe to another pipe, and that’ll take you to the secret exit.

Golden Flag – The colorful blocks are at both exits. Jump off them to reach the top!

Flight of the Bloomps

Flower Coin 1 – This one can be tricky. Bounce along the highest and farthest Bloomp until you are directly above the Flower Coin. Allow yourself to land on the last Bloomp to not only bounce off it but collect the Flower Coin as well. Bounce off this final Bloomp once more to return to safety.

Flower Coin 2 – As soon as you safely land after collecting the first Flower Coin, bounce off a green Bloomp an enter the warp pipe above. In the next room make your way down the pipe platforms by crouching the in lower sections to avoid having the incoming Bloomps bump you into the spikes.

Wonder Seed 1 – To the right of the Checkpoint Flag with a sparkly Bloomp carrying the Wonder Flower! Jump and hit it, then watch as the Bloomp below you explodes into a massive size. Bounce on top of it as you move to the right, but keep in mind it still gets smaller with each hit. Switch to the Bloomp going upward, then bounce your way to the Wonder Seed at the top.

Flower Coin 3 – Get past the purple Bloops zooming downward, then bounce off a green Bloomp to grab the hidden Flower Coin in the clouds.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Use the purple Bloomp to bounce your way to the top of the flagpole. Take not, you can let the Bloomp spawn and follow it to the higher ground level before bouncing off of it.

Sunbaked Desert Palace

Flower Coin 1 – Let the Thwomp hit the ground, then jump up to the Flower Coin while it’s slowly rising back up.

Wonder Seed 1 – After the Checkpoint Flag, jump up past the spiked ball and the Bone Goomba to find a handle that can be pulled to reveal this level’s Wonder Flower. Time moving fast! And slowly?? From now until you reach the Wonder Seed towards the end of the level, time will speed up and slow down in what feels like random intervals. If you need to, wait for the slower version to get past of the trickier fire bars and other dangerous obstacles.

Flower Coin 2 – Shortly after the Wonder Flower effect begins, look for the a handle to pull near the brick blocks. A spiked ball will drop from above, so be ready to either jump over it while pulling or start pulling as soon as it passes.

Flower Coin 3 – Make sure you have the drill power-up for this one! Underneath a twirling far bar is a single block. Stand on top of it, then jump and drill into the ceiling once the coast is clear. Move on over to the Flower Coin and drop down on it once it’s in reach!

Parachute Cap II

Flower Coin 1 – As you glide down between the Piranha Plants, hit the second glowing tulip to spawn this Flower Coin. Remember, you will continue to glide until you hit the ground!

Flower Coin 2 – Run and jump off the blue platform just as its about to reach its height in movement. Glide to the Flower Coin!

Flower Coin 3 – You may not have realized this, but the glide is continuously actived once you hit the button, even if you let go of the button. That means pressing the button again will give you a little midair bounce. Use this technique to reach the Flower Coin just above the flagpole!

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Same as getting Flower Coin 3!

Crouching High Jump II

Flower Coin 1 – Don’t worry about passing this one when you notice. Do a crouching high jump from the Checkpoint Flag, then wall jump to the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Before the second Checkpoint Flag, ride the long donut lift past the ground level while having your crouching high jump active and ready. Release your jump as soon as you snag the Flower Coin!

Flower Coin 3 – Use a crouching high jump to break through the brick blocks surrounding this Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – This one can be a tough one. Use crouching high jumps to reach the long donut lifts above. As you jump up to the third and final donut lift, try to land as far to the right as possible. Maintain a run as you land, then do a crouch and slide underneath the ceiling. If you have time, make use of a crouching high jump to reach the flagpole. Otherwise, try to do a quick wall jump to reach the top!

Invisibility I

Flower Coin 1 – High jump for this one should do the trick!

Flower Coin 2 – Throw a pot at the Bulrush and it should break through the brick blocks guarding the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – Get the Bulrush’s attention by standing on it. After it slams into the wall below, get its attention again and have it ram into the brick blocks.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – After the Bulrush crashes through the brick blocks, hop on its back and jump off once it gets close to the flagpole. Remember, holding a pot will help make your location easier to spot!

Sunbaked Skirmish

Flower Coin 1-3 – Complete all four level of enemies within 100 seconds to get all three Flower Coins at the end. Suggested powerups: Drill Mushroom and Bubble Flower. The drill power-up can instantly take out the Mumsies in the first level via ground pounds. Melon Piranha Plants and the snakes in the next two levels are no match against your bubbles. The Hammer Bros. at the end can all be hit from underneath during your dash for the exit!

Wonder Seed – Survive and reach the end of the level.

Pipe Park

Wonder Token 1 – Why is this considered the first Wonder Token? Unclear. Jump up to the top of the area and spot the lone tall pipe on the left. Push it so that you can reach a secret area on the left.

Wonder Token 2 – In the first set of pipes when you first start the level, enter the sixth from the left pipe on the bottom row to enter a secret area. Enter the pipe behind the blue block to reach the foreground and the Wonder Token.

Wonder Token 3 – Top area, on the right. Stand on the fourth the left pipe to raise the second pipe. Use the extra height to reach the Wonder Token above. If you think it’ll help, you can also wall jump to ensure you get up there.

Wonder Token 4 – Bottom area, on the right. Enter the last pipe in the bottom row to reach the enclosed area. Reveal two hidden blocks around the handle in the wall. Grab the handle, then jump on these blocks to get the distance needed to yank the Wonder Token out.

Wonder Token 5 – Return once more to the top area and on the right. Enter the second to last pipe from the right. Now in the next grouping of pipes, don’t try to enter any and instead push the right-most pipe to reveal the final Wonder Token!

Wonder Seed – Collect all five Wonder Tokens.

Treasure Vault

Wonder Seed – Very straightforward. Use the drill power-up to zip through the ceiling tunnel, then burrow your way through the ground tunnel and destroy one of the crates to find the Wonder Seed.

Raise the Stage

Wonder Seed – Jump to the beat a good three or four times to reach the Question Block containing the Wonder Seed.

Revver Run

Wonder Seed – Get to the right side of the area and start pulling the Revver’s handle to the right. As soon as you let go it and starts running across the spikes, jump and grab the upper zip track to return to the starting area. As soon as you land, hit the blue switch to allow the Revver to reach the glowing spot hiding the Wonder Seed.

Floating Wonder Tokens

Wonder Seed – No time limit, no rush. Use the green Bloomps and the triangular bouncy platform to reach all five Wonder Tokens in the air.

Bouncy Tunes

Wonder Seed – Collect all five Wonder Tokens as they appear. No time limit, so don’t feel any pressure!

Lights Out

Wonder Seed – Memorize the six different platforms you’ll have to jump across in the dark. If you leave the coins alone, you should be able to get a sense of where you on your first try. If it’s still giving you trouble, try to practice running through in the daylight to build the memory that way.

Additional Collectibles

Wonder Seed 1 – Sunbaked Desert House

Wonder Seed 2 – Poplin Shop

Wonder Seed 3-5 – Secret Poplin Shop. To the left of the palace is a path that leads to the shop. For 330 Flower Coins, you can purchase three Wonder Seeds.

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