W2: Fluff-Puff Peaks – Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough

Complete World 2 with our Super Mario Bros. Wonder walkthrough focused on every Flower Coin, Wonder Seed, and golden flag in Fluff-Puff Peaks.

Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds are the main collectibles in each level. The three 10-Flower Coins aren’t required to complete the level or unlock additional worlds, but they will add to the currency you can use on the world map. Wonder Seeds, on the other hand, are required for progression, and each level has either two or three to collect. One Wonder Seed is always found at the end of a Wonder Flower effect, and the other Wonder Seed is obtained once completing the level. Any additional Wonder Seeds are found by using a secret exit.

Additionally, each level presents you the a golden flag if you’re able to grab the very top of the goal post at the end of the level. Sometimes it’s simple, other times you may need to be creative about it. No matter which main collectible it is, we’ll cover it in our Fluff-Puff Peaks walkthrough!

Fluff-Puff Peaks is the second world in the game and is unlocked after passing through the first portion of the Petal Isles. Use the links below to jump to a specific level:

Outmaway Valley

This level has a secret exit!

Flower Coin 1 – After the first ice block machine, look for a handle on the wooden platform. Give it a yank to reveal the first Flower Coin!

Flower Coin 2 – Don’t let the underground area fool you! You’ll be able to see the Flower Coin on the other side of the wall, but it’s only accessible from another location. After you exit the icy underground, walk over to the right and drop into the hole. Trust us! Watch as you land right on the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – After the Checkpoint Flag, ride the big ice block down the slope and stay until just before it falls into the abyss. Jump to the right and grab the Flower Coin as you safely land.

Wonder Seed 1 – There’s a long and quite suspicious big ice block near two slanted yellow pipes. Ground pound it until it shatters, then watch as the Wonder Flower activates the massive rolling snowball. As it reaches the end, keep an eye for the upside down flagpole — the Wonder Seed will be at the top.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Wonder Seed 3 – Reach the end of Wonder Flower effect. If you followed how to get Wonder Seed 1, this is pretty much the same thing.

Golden Flag – Two options. For the normal exit, ride the big ice block and use to reach the top as you slide close enough. For the secret exit, jump and smash one ice block on the left side. You should now be able to reach the top of the ice blocks where you can run and jump off of to reach the top.

Pokipede Pass

Flower Coin 1 – As you jump up vertically while avoiding the Pokipedes, look at the topmost platforms to spot a Flower Coin on the left.

Flower Coin 2 – Just after the first Flower Coin, drop to the area below and swipe at the ice blocks guarding the Flower Coin with your elephant power-up.

Wonder Seed 1 – Let the Pokipede swoop in from the right and crash into the gray blocks guarding the Wonder Flower. Now that the icestorm is really going, make your way to the right, then look for the Wonder Seed up above. Jump off the higher platforms to reach it.

Flower Coin 3 – With the Wonder Flower effect in play, walk to the right and start using the POW Block to start clearing a path to the third Flower Coin. But be carefuly not to vaporize your way to reach it!

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Another one where you got to be quick! Jumping off the top of the steps works just like it did all those decades ago, but beware of the Pokipede that will literally crush your opportunity of reaching the top of the flagpole!

Condarts Away!

Flower Coin 1 – This one is easily found and not hard too grab, but you can always throw a Koopa shell at the Condart to clear the way.

Flower Coin 2 – As you’re moving up the platforms, take note of a Condart slamming its rude beak into the wall on the left. While it’s stuck, bounce off the bird to reach the area above. Hit the Question Block to reveal a Propeller Flower. Grab onto it to get taken into a secret zone in the sky. Grab onto the first speed strip and switch between the following strips until you reach the end. Make sure to bounce off the Condart at the end to reach the Flower Coin!

Wonder Seed 1 – If you take out the Condart below the Wonder Flower, you’re not going to be able to grab it. Have the blasted bird stick its beak into the wall on the right, then bounce off it to reach the Wonder Flower above. During the flower’s effect, navigate around the Condarts and the snails. When you reached the boxed Wonder Seed, have the Condart above it break right through by standing in the center below the Wonder Seed.

Flower Coin 3 – Don’t grab the Wonder Flower and instead look for a Condart that slams into a column of brick blocks in the ground. There’s actually a pipe down there that you can enter. In the underground area, stand below the POW Block and the Condart will smash hit, dropping the Flower Coin in the process.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Jump off the Condart to reach the area where the Talking Flower is chilling at. Run and jump from here!

Pole Block Passage

Flower Coin 1 – First Flower Coin is quite simple. Ground pound striped block opposite the Flower Coin, then run across unfurled platform to reach it.

Flower Coin 2 – See the Flower Coin floating over the abyss? Couple of options. Throw a Koopa shell at the striped block or give it a good il’ ground pound yourself to unravel. Once the platform is above the Flower Coin, stand above it and push down to hang on the edge.

Flower Coin 3 – There’s a lone striped block slightly to the left of a yellow pipe up in the air. You could use the Bubble Flower to create a bubble to bounce off of to hit the block… or you could run and jump off a Koopa Troopa, then wall jump off the block and into the pipe. Either way, get into the secret zone and throw a Koopa shell between the striped blocks to keep the poles infinitely unfurled. Climb up and grab the Flower Coin!

Wonder Seed 1 – Past the Checkpoint Flag, look for three higher platforms that can’t be reached with a normal jump. Use a Koopa Troopa to bounce off to get up there, then hit the striped block to release this level’s Wonder Flower. A series of expanding poles will spawn across the area above, and it’s your job to collect all five Wonder Tokens. Just avoid the Koopas and you should get them without too much trouble.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Use the striped block to create a platform close enough to the top of the flagpole.

Up ‘n’ Down with Puffy Lifts

Flower Coin 1 – Ground pound through the brick blocks hovering above the Puffy Lift, then squash the pink thing a few times to be able to reach the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Get to the area where you have to wait for a giant Puffy Lift to sink as you avoid incoming spiked balls from the yellow pipe on the right. Sink the Puffy Link into the ground, then let one of the spiked balls roll into the glowing area on the left to reveal the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Quickly dispose of the Goombrats and keep yourself in the air as long as possible to let the yellow Puffy Lift rise up to the yellow pipe. Once you can reach the area above, grab the Wonder Flower and start hopping across through the area above, slamming into the spiked blocks without a care in the world. In the last area, put your puffy self into the indent near the brick block, then watch as a spiked block rolls over you and clears the path to the Wonder Seed.

Flower Coin 3 – Grab a Koopa shell and let the Puffy Lift sink enough to where you can comfortable throw it at the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Jump across the long Puffy Link at the end to maintain its height.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Wonder Seed 1 – Successfully time your jumps and you’ll get the Wonder Seed and all the Flower Coins in the process. Try to stay farther ahead of the changing alternating blocks as the swaps will catch up to you towards the end if you’re lagging behind. And don’t be afraid to skip entire platforms, especially in the middle section!

Flower Coin 1 – On a platform you have to land on.

Flower Coin 2 – On another platform you have to land on.

Flower Coin 3 – I guess you could miss this one if you don’t jump high enough?

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Try to have a little bit of a running start at the top of the stairs.

Countdown to Drop Down

Flower Coin 1 – Look for two green pipes near the start of the level. Enter the one on the left. In the secret area, run and drop down to countdown platform below. Grab the Flower Coin without stopping, then hop to safety on the right!

Flower Coin 2 – Look for two glowing tulips above arrow blocks just after your first encounter with the Melon Piranha Plants. The arrow blocks will shoot upwards when you hit them, so time your jump so they hit the tulips. Activating both will create a cloud platform that you can use to enter the warp pipe. Careful! You only have once chance with this next part. In the secret area, pick up the POW Block but do not simply throw it forward. Jump, push up, and release the block to send it flying upwards where it will release the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – While riding the long countdown platform, wait for it to go above the Wonder Flower. Now that you’re close enough, take out the Lakitu and steal his cloud. Ride it over to the Wonder Flower, then start your free fall! Avoid the enemies and grab the Wonder Seed as it falls alongside you.

Flower Coin 3 – Wait for the long countdown platform pass under the Flower Coin, then purposely fall through to collect it.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Bounce off the seeds from the Melon Piranha Plant to reach the top of the flagpole! You’ll want to jump off the pipe as soon as the seeds start getting spat out.

Cruising with Linking Lifts

Flower Coin 1 – Hop onto the cloud platform and smash the linking lift holding the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Don’t miss any of the linking lifts before you reach the end of the first half of the level! With the elephant power-up, smash through the brick blocks to get the final six. This will allow you to crouch and crawl your way to the glowing tulip. Flower Coin will spawn above safe ground!

Wonder Seed 1 – Pass through the glowing tulip to reveal the Wonder Flower. Goal is to collect all five Wonder Tokens, and you’ll want to hit all the large linking lifts to make sure they have a place to land. Wonder Seed will spawn at the end.

Flower Coin 3 – During the Wonder Flower effect, look for an arrow block amid the chaos. Jump and hit it to send it flying towards the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Jump on the two birds at the end of the level to reach the top of the flagpole.

Fluff-Puff Peaks Flying Battleship

Flower Coin 1 – A quick wall jump off the left wall should get you up to the first Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – See the pipe in the ceiling that’s blocked by wooden blocks? Activate one of those firework enemies, then grab it and stand underneath the blocks to clear the way. Enter the pipe, then use the same method to release the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed – Use the fireworks enemy to release the Wonder Flower, then make it through the next segment without getting hit by Bowser’s targeting attack. When you get to the blocked Wonder Seed, stand next to the Bowser blocks and let Bowser’s targeting attack lock onto your position. Move at the last second and he’ll clear the path for you.

Flower Coin 3 – Reach the second Shova at the end of the level and push back against the moving block. Use this new platform to enter the silver pipe. It’s an easy Flower Coin grab once inside.

Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace

Flower Coin 1 – If you can avoid the Hammer Bro. and his obnoxious hammer throws, this one shouldn’t be too hard to snag. Just get down to the lower area and run across.

Wonder Seed 1 – Touch the glowing tulip to reveal the Wonder Flower stuck between two pipes. There are two pipes, one on the left and one on the right, that will sink into the ground when you stand on them. Doing so will make an additional warp pipe pop out, and you’ll want to time the pop so that you push the Wonder Flower up to the higher platform. Once you grab the flower, the tallification will begin. You’ll want to get used to crouching and moving forward slightly to avoid the Bone Piranha Plants. Wonder Seed can be reached via the music blocks underneath it!

Flower Coin 2 – During the Wonder Flower effect, look for the silhouette of the Flower Coin above some of the green toxin. Stand on the warp pipe to its right to have it sink, allowing you to crouch and reach the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – Just after the second Flower Coin and still in the Wonder Flower effect, look for a small opening to the left of the Flower Coin silhouette. Crouch your way through to reach it!

Wall-Climb Jump II

Flower Coin 1 – Make precise jumps from the tops of the green platforms, or drop down to the Flower Coin from a much higher platform.

Flower Coin 2 – Jump from the yellow platform to reach this one. You could also try to ride down the blue speed track.

Flower Coin 3 – Stand on top of the last red rotating platform. When it starts to rotate, run up the platform’s side and you should be able to reach the Flower Coin with a wall-climb.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Perform a wall-climb and a wall jump off the wall on the left to reach the top!

Floating High Jump I

Flower Coin 1 – Perform a high jump off the slanted pipe.

Flower Coin 2 – Float over the Piranha Plants, then jump and float again to reach the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – From the Checkpoint Flag, run and jump across the giant pipes to gain enough momentum for the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Glide right over the Big Piranha Plants.

Spring Feet I

Flower Coin 1 – From the first Checkpoint Flag, spring to the Flower Coin and land on the moving platform below.

Flower Coin 2 – Same idea as the first Flower Coin, but this time start at the second Checkpoint Flag.

Flower Coin 3 – Go for the higher jump as you switch to the next moving platform.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Make sure your last hop is on the edge of the cliff.

Fluff-Puff Kerfuff

Flower Coin 1-3 – Complete the level in 70 seconds to get all three Flower Coins at the end. Bubbles won’t work again the big Smogrins. If you can swing it, try bouncing across the Condarts in the second room to clear them out quickly.

Wonder Seed 1 – Survive and reach the end of the level.

Puzzling Park

Wonder Token 1 – There are hidden character blocks that contain a glowing tulip near the start of the area. Hit it to reveal your Wonder Token.

Wonder Token 2 – Push the yellow pipe on the left so that you can reach the character block up above.

Wonder Token 3 – Enter the pipe spitting out the Mushrooms to get to the Wonder Token in the background.

Wonder Token 4 – Follow the holes on the right to find a Wonder Token deeper underground.

Wonder Token 5 – There’s a hidden character block on the right side of the level on the orange platform. Ground pound the block to reveal a vine.

Wonder Seed – Collect all five Wonder Tokens.

Kick It, Outmaway

Wonder Seed – Simply wait for the block to pass before jumping over to take out the Outmaway.

Cloud Cover

Wonder Seed – Extend the pole and climb it to reach all five Wonder Tokens above.


Wonder Seed – Jump when one of the five Wonder Tokens are in sight. I don’t think you can lose this one!

Additional Collectibles

Wonder Seed 1 – Fluff-Puff Peaks Cabin

Wonder Seed 2 – Poplin Shop

Wonder Seed 3 – Poplin Shop

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