Petal Isles – Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough

Complete the main world with our Super Mario Bros. Wonder walkthrough focused on every Flower Coin, Wonder Seed, and golden flag in Petal Isles.

Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds are the main collectibles in each level. The three 10-Flower Coins aren’t required to complete the level or unlock additional worlds, but they will add to the currency you can use on the world map. Wonder Seeds, on the other hand, are required for progression, and each level has either two or three to collect. One Wonder Seed is always found at the end of a Wonder Flower effect, and the other Wonder Seed is obtained once completing the level. Any additional Wonder Seeds are found by using a secret exit.

Additionally, each level presents you the a golden flag if you’re able to grab the very top of the goal post at the end of the level. Sometimes it’s simple, other times you may need to be creative about it. No matter which main collectible it is, we’ll cover it in our Petal Isles walkthrough!

Petal Isles is the main world of the game and is unlocked later in the game. Use the links below to jump to a specific level:

Leaping Smackerel

Flower Coin 1 – Early in the level, float above the blocked off Flower Coin and let the Smackerel take a bite out of the blocks.

Flower Coin 2 – Once the enemies retreat in their pipes, swim up and enter the warp pipe leading to the surface. Flower Coin is safely resting on the tallest palm tree.

Flower Coin 3 – After the Checkpoint Flag, look for an oddly shaped space in the ceiling. Swim up to it to reveal a hidden block, along with a reverse vine that you can use to climb down and past the current below. In the secret, swim over to the Flower Coin and claim it as your own!

Wonder Seed 1 – Wonder Flower is inside a Question Block above the second Checkpoint Flag. Follow the giant Smackerel into the deeper portions of the level, then take advantage of it by letting it see you under the portion of the level you want it to break, all before darting to safety before it goes for the attack. Collect all five Wonder Tokens for the Wonder Seed.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Jump from the palm tree, to the wooden blocks, and finally to the flagpole. Don’t let the Smackerel break the blocks!

Robbird Cove

Flower Coin 1 – At the start, jump in the water and gently land on the turtle enemy to have it retreat into its shell. Grab and it hold on. Now that you can zip through the water and push through currents, enter the nearby red pipe to have it take you to the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Before jumping up to the Checkpoint Flag, grab a turtle shell and throw it onto the POW Block to the right. Enter the red pipe and grab the second Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Look for an orange glowing tulip above an elongated Donut Lift. Touch it then follow it down an underwater tunnel where the Wonder Flower will spawn. Start heading to the right, then look for an opening in the water above. Keep swimming upward by following the currents. Wonder Seed is at the end!

Flower Coin 3 – Thanks to the Wonder Flower effect, the path that is normally blocked by brick blocks will be destroyed via a rolling Urchin.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Jump along the tops of the two palm trees to reach the top!

Blewbird Roost

Flower Coin 1 – As you start to move vertically, watch as a Blewbird shoots out a platform to the left. Hop on the platform, then wall jump up to the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Before entering the golden pipe, use the Blewbird platform to reveal a hidden block and vine on your right. Climb up, then enter the red warp pipe. The Flower Coin is a simple jump away!

Flower Coin 3 – See the lone glowing tulip stuck within the wall on the right? With the Bubble Flower active, jump off the mushroom trampoline and move towards the right. As you pass the tulip, release a few bubbles to active the flower. And bam, your Flower Coin spawns above!

Wonder Seed 1 – Don’t enter that golden pipe just yet. Smash the glowing light nearby to reveal the Wonder Flower. As Blewbirds start shoot a myriad of colorful bubbles at you, just focus on avoiding touching the enemies. You may want to clear a few out so they don’t start to pile up. Wonder Seed is at the end!

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Run across the Blewbird’s platform, then bounce off the enemy for that extra boost. Don’t feel bad about it!

Downpour Uproar

Flower Coin 1 – Bounce of either Paratroopa to reach the first Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – You’ll spot this Flower Coin underneath a row of music blocks. Grab a Koopa shell, hop into the water, and swim through the current to reach the special coin.

Flower Coin 3 – Get to the Downpour with a really long waterfall. Watch for a pipe lodge into the wall. When the waterfall touches the wall, swim into the pipe to find a secret room with the final Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Get to the third Checkpoint Flag and look for the Wonder Flower above the music blocks. Once activated, the Wonder Flower effect will toss you in the air. Avoid the electricity by staying clear of the yellow rows of light. Wonder Seed is at the top of this area. Stars will occasionally fly by, so always try to go for them to get that bout of invincibility.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Swim to the top of the Downpour to get to the top of the flagpole.

Jewel-Block Cave

Flower Coin 1 – See the second Konk enemy, the one that crashes down when it spots you underneath? Have it break through the pink crystals to release the encased Flower Coin. Alternatively, use the drill power-up to burst through the pink crystal. Just enter the ground and pop out once you’re underneath the crystal!

Flower Coin 2 – Get past the Checkpoint Flag and you’ll reach an area sets of brick blocks. Don’t ground pound them! Stand underneath the center trio and have the Konk smash the middle block to reveal a vine. Climb it to reach a secret area above. Flower Coin is in the water!

Wonder Seed 1 – See the Wonder Flower encased in a pink crystal? Break through it using the drill power-up, or several ground pounds, and get prepared to start getting chased by a massive Konk. Drill and ground pound your way to the bottom while avoid the gray unbreakable blocks. Once at the bottom, grab the Wonder Seed that’s broken free by the Konk’s final slam!

Flower Coin 3 – After the Wonder Flower segment, use the drill power-up to drill into the ceiling after jumping from the green pipe. Move to the right and slip through the small passageway to reach the Flower Coin. Alternatively, reach the end of this area and wall jump up to the area above the row of Konks to find an alternate route.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Running and jumping off the pink crystals should be enough to reach the top!

Gnawsher Lair

Flower Coin 1 – Those Gnawshers don’t mess around! They’ll eat blocks, coins, and I don’t want to know what else. There’s a line of glowing tulips on top of a row of blocks. Speed through them quickly before the Gnawsher drops them into the abyss. That last tulip will spawn the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Immediately after the first Flower Coin, hit the Question Block to find a Flower Propeller. This will take you up to a secret zone where you’ll have to take out five Goombrats. Sounds simple, but it’s somehow made even easier because there is Gnawsher in the room. You can let it do all the work, or throw up a bubble to get the Goombrat at the top.

Flower Coin 3 – Come prepared with the Bubble Flower for this one. As you go across the hanging vines, drop down to the platform to the left of the Flower Coin. When it reaches its lowest point, blow a bubble or two, then jump and hop across them while grabbing the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Don’t let the Gnawshers get to the glowing Question Block! Hit it, grab the Wonder Flower, and start making your way to the right. The goal is to survive as the incoming wall of Gnawshers inch closer, and you make this happen by regularly throwing POW Blocks at them. Wonder Seed is just before the flagpole.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Act fast! The Gnawshers are destroying the stairs, so make it to the top before it’s eaten!

Maw-Maw Mouthful

Flower Coin 1 – The Maw-Maws give you a lot of height when you bounce off of them when they’re going for a gulp. Do just that for this first Flower Coin!

Wonder Seed 1 – After the Checkpoint Flag, ride the moving platform with the Talking Flower to find a handle to pull. Yank out the Wonder Flower and touch it to become a Goomba. Love turning into a Goomba when their predators lurk about. Walk across the spikes as that’s a thing Goombas can do apparently, then run behind the trees to get past the Maw-Maw. Since you can’t jump, keep dropping down platforms and taking out Maw-Maws by landing on them whenever you have the chance. In the final section, try to at least take out one Maw-Maw from above to make your life a whole lot easier. Hide behind the tree and wait for the other Maw-Maw to pass before moving on.

Flower Coin 2 – As a Goomba, drop onto the Maw-Maw to take it out, then walk along the spikes to reach the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – After you collect the Wonder Seed and return to normal, jump to the warp pipe on your left. Once inside, use the shell from the snail to break the brick blocks in front of the Flower Coin. If the Maw-Maw eats the shell, it’ll spit it right back out.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Hop across the Maw-Maws, but make sure to get high enough so you don’t get hurt.

Muncher Fields

Flower Coin 1 – Pass the Flower Coin and grab the POW Block over on the right. Throw it at the Munchers, then ride the warp pipe they were covering up to the special coin.

Flower Coin 2 – Throw a POW Block at the random assortment of brick blocks and Munchers, making sure to hit the last Question Block on the right. This will force the red pipe to come down. Enter it, hit the Question Block to have a Star appear, then grab it and sprint across the Munchers to get to the Flower Coin on the left.

Wonder Seed 1 – Find the long Question Block in the ground, then slam down on it to have a Star appear. When it bounces over to the right, drop down and grab it. Speed over to the left and ground pound the glowing area where the Talking Flower is at. Wonder Flower time! We’re back to silhouettes, but this time all the platforms with eyes will follow you. Including the massive one in the background! Stepping on the platform with the Talking Flower will send you to the background. Wonder Seed is all the way to the right!

Flower Coin 3 – Reach the final room with the flagpole. Grab the POW Block and throw it to the left to clear out some of the Munchers on the ground. This will clear out a small opening that leads to the Flower Coin. Sneaky!

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Hop over the Munchers and you should be good to do a run and jump.

Petal Isles Flying Battleship

Flower Coin 1 – Use a Lakitu Cloud to pass through the fire guarding the Flower Coin. Your Lakitu has a timer before it disappears, so try to use one that you just recently hopped onto!

Flower Coin 2 – As you float to the Checkpoint Flag, look for and enter a green pipe in the ceiling. This will take you to a secret zone where a few quick jumps around the fire will get you to the Flower Coin. Time your jumps with the movement of the fire!

Wonder Seed 1 – Exit the Lakitu Cloud and ground pound the stack of boxes to reach the Flower Coin below. Bowser’s laser is back! Avoid it using the Lakitu Cloud, then grab the Wonder Seed once it’s in view. Never stay in one spot for too long.

Flower Coin 3 – There’s a Flower Coin surrounded by crates. Float next to the crates and let Bowser lock onto your position. Move at the last second and he’ll clear the crates for you. Very thoughtful.

Dolphin Kick I

Flower Coin 1-3 – Three Talking Flowers each take off with a Flower Coin, and you’ll have to catch up to each one before they reach the end. Don’t follow their path! Try to be as direct as possible. Stay in staright lines, and cut corners where you can.

Wonder Seed 1 – Use the Dolphin Kick badge to boost your way through the water. Mostly a swim to the end with no dangerous obstacles. No rush, unless you’re going for the Flower Coins, that is.

Golden Flag – Use the colorful blocks to get some height.

Dolphin Kick II

Flower Coin 1 – Three Talking Flowers each take off with a Flower Coin, and you’ll have to catch up to each one before they reach the end. Don’t follow their path! Try to be as direct as possible. Stay in straight lines, and cut corners where you can.

Flower Coin 2 – Swim into the small space where the Flower Coin is at. Don’t worry, this extra space will keep you safe when the blocks smash into each other.

Flower Coin 3 – Break through the brick blocks in the bottom right corner of the final underwater area.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Don’t enter the pipe above the third Flower Coin! Instead, swim up to the top of the underwater area to find a second warp pipe. Enter it and you’ll find yourself at the perfect height to reach the flagpole.

Boosting Spin Jump I

Flower Coin 1 – Jump off the pipe and get low enough to do a boost spin that gets you the Flower Coin. Don’t worry, you’ll land on the orange platform safely.

Flower Coin 2 – A pretty straightforward spin jump. You’ll have to grab this one to make it across the gap.

Flower Coin 3 – Push all the way down on the warp pipe before boost spin jumping over to grab this Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Like you did throughout the level, do a boost spin jump just before getting to the flag. Make sure you’re coming from the platform where the third Flower Coin was at!


Wonder Seed – Spamming the Dolphin Kick badge and taking the direct path forward will get you this one fairly easily. Still doable without the badge too!


Wonder Seed – Another Wiggler race. Let’s go over a few tips. Jumping seems to be faster than trying to run up a slope, so leap when you can. Try to cut corners, especially in the area where you’re starting to move vertically a bit. In the final section, you don’t have to make massive jumps! Focus on landing on enemies or platforms and less on trying to clear giant gaps.

Petal Meddle

Flower Coin 1-3 – Complete the level in 80 seconds to get all three Flower Coins at the end. We found the Bubble Flower to be quite effective against the Cheep Cheeps and the Nippers, especially the ones clinging to the walls. For the Maw-Maws, take note that you can defeat them with a single ground pound!

Wonder Seed 1 – Survive and reach the end of the level.

Additional Collectibles

Wonder Seed 1 – Angler Poplin’s House

Wonder Seed 2 – Poplin Shop

Wonder Seed 3 – Poplin Shop

Missile Meg Mayhem

This is the first of five levels that are unlocked once you collect all six Royal Seeds from the surrounding worlds.

Flower Coin 1 – Ride the higher Missile Meg and jump to touch the glowing tulip. This will spawn the Flower Coin. Jump and grab it while switch to the other Missile Meg so you have time to reach the next platform.

Flower Coin 2 – Before entering the red pipe, try jump from Missile Meg to Missile Meg as they come towards you from the left. You should slowly be able to get closer to the Flower Coin in the air.

Flower Coin 3 – After the Checkpoint Flag, ride the Missile Megs over to the area with the glowing tulip. Activate it, then ride the highest incoming Missile Meg until it starts to drop down far enough for you to grab the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Use the Missile Megs to reach the Flower Coin floating in the air. As you venture outdoors on the Missile Meg train, look for ways to keep ascending while hopping from missile to missile.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Ride the Missile Megs to get to the top!

High-Voltage Gauntlet

Flower Coin 1 – Flower Coin is near the stacked tower of three enemies. There’s an electric current that zaps frequently down here, so drop down as soon as it ends and immediately hop onto the ledge underneath the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – This one can be a bit tricky to grab. The Flower Coin is above a row of electric currents, a place that can’t be reached with a normal jump. Bubbles from your Bubble Flower should do the trick, but you can also grab one of the nearby enemies and drop them in the safe area. Once they wake up, bounce off them to get high enough to wall jump off the right side, then the left side.

Flower Coin 3 – On the zip track before the Wonder Flower, be ready to drop down about halfway through the track to grab the Flower Coin where you’re safe from the electricity.

Wonder Seed 1 – After the Checkpoint Flag is a zip track. Ride it and you’ll hit the Wonder Flower at the end. Now you’re metal form! And that theme!! Your new ability will weigh down your jumps, but you can also pass through electricity and even conduct some electricity to bring in nearby coins. It’ll also light up the area around you

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Avoid the electric current and use the top of the stairs to reach the flagpole.

Evade the Seeker Bullet Bills!

Flower Coin 1 – Hit the glowing tulip to bring up a warp pipe. Quickly jump over the Seeker Bullet Bills, then slide down the pipe and wall jump as soon as you grab the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 2 – When you get to the glowing tulip that separates the two pipes blocking the way forward, try wall jumping off the sideways pipe near the top. This should reveal the location of the Flower Coin.

Flower Coin 3 – A tall stack of brick blocks hold a Flower Coin captive at the top. Use your elephant power-up to smash through the blocks, or wall jump off the Seeker Bullet Bill machine to reach the top. Ground pound from there! You can also let the enemies destroy some of the blocks.

Wonder Seed 1 – See the brick blocks that act as a bridge over a gap? Let one of the Seeker Bullet Bills rip through the blocks, then jump down. You can also ground pound through. Grab the Wonder Flower and take control of the ship! Step on the yellow switch often and you’ll be able to take out the Seeker Bullet Bills before they can even move. Survive until the end to get your Wonder Seed.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Run past the Seeker Bullet Bills and don’t look back! Quickly get up the stairs and jump before it’s all destroyed!

KnuckFest Bowser’s Blazing Beats

Flower Coin 1 – To snag the Flower Coin above the toxin, wait for the red Bullet Bill enemy to pass underneath the coin, then bounce off it to safely grab the coin.

Flower Coin 2 – As you run off the striped platform, make sure it rises high enough so that you can jump and reach the Flower Coin.

Wonder Seed 1 – Touch the glowing tulip after the Checkpoint Flag, then grab the Wonder Flower. Time to jump to the beat! Your timing doesn’t affect the stage, but it will help you avoid enemies. When you get to the vertical section, be ready to quickly jump or you’ll get lost in the toxin. Wonder Seed is at the top!

Flower Coin 3 – Spot this Flower Coin during the Wonder Flower effect. Wait on the low platform, then jump and bounce off the Bullet Bill enemy once it pops out.

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Ride the platform and bounce off the Bullet Bill enemy!

The Final Battle Bowser’s Rage Stage

Final level! No collectibles for this one. The entire level automatically scrolls and your job is to simply survive. Wonder effects from throughout the game appear as you go by including appearances from the charging Bulrush, the singing Trottin’ Piranha Plants, and the majestic dragon.

For the final boss, rhythm is everything. All your attacks will come from your jump, specifically jumps that come with helpful boost of the ground pushing you upward. Throughout the different phases of the fight, focus and smashing into either or both of Bowser’s hands as this will stop future attacks for a moment and cause Bowser’s head to come into hitting range. Aim for the button under his chin!

As the fight progresses, take note of the ground lights splitting into different sections. Each colored section will pop up at its own beat. The extra height in your jumps isn’t just for attacking Bowser, it’s also great for jumping over the lava Piranha Plant enemies that pass through either the left or the right. Once enough damage has been dealt, the button at the top of Bowser’s head will be exposed. Use the beat to reach the top!

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