Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Guides and Walkthrough

Follow our Super Mario Bros. Wonder walkthrough and guide to find locations for each world’s Flower Coins, Wonder Seeds, and golden flags.

What’s this? A Super Mario Bros. game without the “New” in the title? For a while, it didn’t seem possible, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder is very much a real game. Ironically, it features the greatest amount of new ideas and creative features since the original New Super Mario Bros. released on the Nintendo DS back in 2006. From the fresh level themes to the zany and world-altering effects of the Wonder Flower, there’s plenty of “new” in Mario’s latest side-scrolling adventure.

So what does our guide focus on? Each level features three Flower Coins and two to three Wonder Seeds, and our goal is to cover the locations of each of these collectibles across the entire game. We also have pages for unlockables, golden flags, badges, and standees.

All our main guide pages can be found below. Please note, this is an in-progress walkthrough and some pages are still in need of updates. For now, we’ve disabled the pages that don’t have any meaningful content yet. Please check back regularly as we aim to fill out the walkthrough!

Flower Coin, Wonder Seed, and Golden Flag Guides
Pipe-Rock Plateau (World 1)
Fluff-Puff Peaks (World 2)
Shining Falls (World 3)
Sunbaked Desert (World 4)
Fungi Mines (World 5)
Deep Magma Bog (World 6)
Petal Isles
Special World
Additional Guides
Badge Locations
Standees Guide
Unlockables and Secrets

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get to it as soon as we can! We want to make this Super Mario Bros. Wonder walkthrough the best it can be!

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