Tiny-Huge Island Stars – Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Our Tiny-Huge Island stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 walkthrough and features all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough and Stars Guide

Like every world in our Super Mario 64 walkthrough, Tiny-Huge Island has a total of seven stars to collect. Six are obtained through the level stages while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run. Jump to each of the Tiny-Huge Island stars with the links below!


Star 1 – Pluck the Piranha Flower

Enter the smaller painting so that you start the level in a miniaturized form. Long jump over to the green pipe and hop in to change to the level into its massive form. Take out all five giant Piranha Plants in this grassy area by using jump kicks to get the star to appear!

Star 2 – The Tip Top of the Huge Island

Enter through the smaller painting. Get over to the green pipe but don’t go in. Hit the purple switch to form a bridge of brick blocks. Get up to the higher path and enter the first green pipe you see. Now that everything is massive again, continue going up the mountain and make sure to avoid that Chuckya! The star will be inside a yellow block near the top!

Star 3 – Rematch with Koopa the Quick

Enter through the smaller painting. Just like the previous level, get up to the warp pipe higher up the mountain and hop inside. Now that everything is huge, don’t go up and instead walk around the side to find Koopa the Quick. Speak with him to start a race over to the other side of the mountain. As long as you stay the path and avoiding getting hit by the iron balls, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to the flag just past the log bridge.

Star 4 – Five Itty Bitty Secrets

Enter through the smaller painting. There are five openings you have to touch to get a star to appear. The openings include:

  • On top of the mountain.
  • There’s a square hole next to the pipe near the top.
  • The entrance to the Wiggler’s area, this is above the sandy area.
  • The other side of the hole near the starting area.
  • Walk over the cannon, it’s located past the sandy area.

Star 5 – Wiggler’s Red Coins

Enter through the large painting. Enter through the hole and grab a shell from the Koopa Troopa in the sandy area. Use the shell to go up the right wall. Once up, jump onto the tree to remove the shell. Now follow the narrow path above the sandy area and enter Wiggler’s area through the hole. All eight red coins are in this area. The first six are along the platforms you can jump to easily from the entrance. Once you’ll have to double jump up to and the other requires a wall jump above the eventual star location.

Star 6 – Make Wiggler Squirm

Enter through the smaller painting. Like you did for the second level, make your way to the top of the mountain. Once there, ground pound the top and watch as the water drains. Go back to the warp pipe and turn the level massive. Now you can enter the hole at the top! Wiggler boss fight! This fight is actually pretty simple, you just have to jump on the upper portion of Wiggler’s body three times to have a star appear.

Star 7 – 100 Coins Star

Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. There’s a possible 190 coins to collect.

  • Ground pounding Mega Goombas gives you blue coins.
  • Lakitu gives off five coins.
  • Koopa Troopa will give a blue coin too.
  • The blue coin switch inside Wiggler’s area only gives out 10 coins total.
  • Don’t bother going inside the Wiggler boss arena, you won’t be able to leave!


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