Rainbow Ride Stars – Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Our Rainbow Ride stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 walkthrough and features all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough and Stars Guide

Like every world in our Super Mario 64 walkthrough, Rainbow Ride has a total of seven stars to collect. Six are obtained through the level stages while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run. Jump to each of the Rainbow Ride stars with the links below!


Star 1 – Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow

As with every level in this world, hop onto the first magic carpet and ride it over to the four spinning platforms that let you explore the rest of the world. For this star you’ll want to go up to the north. Jump onto the next magic carpet and hop over and top any blocks that get in the way of the rainbow path. You’ll see two magic carpets at the end, take the one on the right! Avoid the blue flamethrowers and the rotating platforms, then try to jump from blue block to blue block to avoid wasting time. For the slanted blue block, try jumping over it when the carpet is under the next gap just in case you slip on the slippery part. Hop up to the cruise ship and push against the wind to get to the star!

Star 2 – The Big House in the Sky

Take the same path you did in the first level but this time take the magic carpet on the left at the end of the rainbow path. When the carpet starts to phase through the glass, jump onto the falling donut blocks and use them to get on top of the glass and back on the magic carpet. Keep riding the magic carpet as you goes through building. Avoid the flamethrower in the fireplace inside. After you exit, jump over the glass platforms and avoid the fireplace flamethrower once the carpet returns into the building. Let the magic carpet rise through the ceiling and grab the star from the roof.

Star 3 – Coins Amassed in a Maze

Ride the magic carpet to the four rotating platforms and this time go to the left where the Spinning Heart is. This path leads to a series of blocks along a wall, along with all eight red coins you need to collect. The coins are spread across this area and it’s not easy to describe where they’re at, just remember to make use of triple jumps, wall jumps, and side jumps to get up to harder to reach areas. One red coin is in front of a fire spitting ball. To get the coin in the top left corner, perform a double from the two platforms on the right.

Star 4 – Swingin’ in the Breezee

Get back to the spinning platforms and go south. If you’re feeling good about it, you can also turn around immediately once the level starts and long jump to the striped pole. Slide down the pole, then stop on the left side of the weighted platform to have that side sink. This will allow you to jump up to the higher platform, something you’ll be doing often with other weighted platforms in this level. Go past the donut blocks and get onto the sponge looking platform to reach a wooden slope on the left. Use the blocks on the wooden slope to get up, then hop on the swinging platform to reach the star. Watch out for the flamethrower just before the star!

Star 5 – Tricky Triangles!

Take the same route you did for the previous level by going to the south section. Once you reach the wooden slope, ignore it and jump over the gap to land on donut blocks in front of a different wooden slope. These blocks will drop quickly so don’t stand in one spot! Jump over the wooden slope and make it past the flamethrower. Hit the purple switch and the line of triangles will flip over and form path. Quickly jump to each one until you reach the star. When you get to the one on the right, try performing a double jump to get up to the one on the left.

Star 6 – Somewhere over the Rainbow

Return to the area where you collected the red coins and go all the way to the left where the blue coin switch and Spinning Heart are at. Wall jump to the right and go all the way up to find a pink Bob-omb Buddy who can pop open this world’s cannon. Take the elevator on the right down to the start of the red coin area. Go back to the spinning platforms and go north to the magic carpet from the first two levels. Take the next magic carpet on the right and go all the way back to the cruise ship. Go to the right and enter the cannon.

Aim for the circular rainbow in the sky. Have the cursor pointed above the pole at the bottom. Launch yourself and pray you grab the pole. Avoid the Chuckya at all costs and hit the yellow block to get your star!

Star 7 – 100 Coins Star

Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. There’s a possible 146 coins to collect.

  • Grab the ring of eight coins at the start.
  • Two more rings of coins at the spinning platforms, 16 coins total.
  • There’s a blue switch worth 30 coins in the red coins area. This requires you to wall jump up the wall, do this first as you can fail!
  • Red coins are fairly safe and will offer 16 coins.


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