Peach’s Castle Secret Stars – Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Our Peach’s Castle secret stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 walkthrough and features all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough and Stars Guide

Like every world in our Super Mario 64 walkthrough, Peach’s Castle has a total of seven stars to collect. Six are obtained through the level stages while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run. Jump to each of the Peach’s Castle secret stars with the links below!


Star 1 – The Princess’s Secret Slide

1 Star required! On the first floor, go up the steps and enter the door on the right. It’s a small window with three stained glass windows of Peach. Jump through the window on the right to discover a secret slide! Once you step on the slide, you’ll land on your keester and start sliding away. This slide is the simplest in the game and only features a small portion where you can fall off. The rest has walls to keep you secure. Make it to the end and hit the block to reveal the star.

Star 2 – The Princess’s Secret Slide (Return)

1 Star required! Return to the previous slide but this time complete it within 21 seconds. Pushing back on the control stick will cause Mario to slow down, something that can be useful when turning tight corners and turns. That also means pushing forward will make Mario go faster, use this while on safer paths! Once you reach the end, the second star will appear in front of the yellow block.

Star 3 – The Secret Aquarium

3 Stars required! Enter the Jolly Roger Bay painting room and look for a hole on the right wall. Triple jump or backflip into it to transport yourself to an underwater aquarium. Collect all eight red coins before you run out of health! The locations:

  • There are four red coins on the floor in each corner of the room.
  • The other four can be found within four different coin rings, each of which is at the same height higher up in the room.

Star 4 – Toad’s First Star

Bowser’s first defeat required! Run over to the Hazy Maze Cave entrance room, the one with the metal liquid in the ground. Look for a Toad in the corner of the brown brick wall. Speak to him for a star!

Star 5 – Toad’s Second Star

Bowser’s second defeat required! Head upstairs to the second floor where the circular room is surrounded by paintings. There’s a Toad along the inner wall, opposite of the Whomp’s Fortress painting. Speak to this Toad for

Star 6 – Toad’s Third Star

Bowser’s second defeat and 50 stars required! Make it up to the third floor, the blue room with the entrance to Tick Tock Clock. Look for a Toad to the right of the world entrance and speak to him for the star.

Star 7 – MIPS Bunny Chase

Bowser’s first defeat and 15 Stars required! Head down into the basement room with the shallow water and the painting for Lethal Lava Land. Here you’ll find a yellow bunny that’s not all that friendly. Chase it around the basement floor and grab it to get the star. There are times where you can chase the rabbit into a dead end. Watch how it moves to exit the dead end so you can predict its path the next time it’s cornered!

Star 8 – MIPS Bunny Chase (Again)

Bowser’s first defeat and 50 Stars required! Return to the basement once you have at least 50 stars to find MIPS again. Catch him again for a second star.

Star 9 – Tower of the Wing Cap


10 Stars required! In the first floor of Peach’s Castle, stand on the sun carpet and use your first person camera to look up at the sun painted on the ceiling. This will transport you to the Win Cap level with the Wing Cap already activated! Your goal is to collect all eight red coins. There are coin rings with two red coins within each, and ever coin ring is a bit lower than the last. That means you must balance your height as you try to get through all four rings in one go.  If you fail or lose you power-up, you’ll have to exit the level and return so that you start with the Wing Cap high in the air.

Star 10 – Cavern of the Metal Cap

Bowser’s first defeat required! To get to the Metal Cap cavern, head into Hazy Maze cave and get to the underground lake. Get on top of Dorrie’s head and guide him to the double doors. Jump inside the metallic liquid to enter the cavern. Besides hitting the switch to unlock the Metal Cap, there’s also a secret star for collecting all eight red coins. The locations:

  • Two behind the short pillars on the right wall.
  • Two on either side of the Metal Cap activation switch.
  • Use the Metal Cap to grab all four red coins in the water surrounding the Metal Cap switch.

Star 11 – Vanish Cap Under the Moat

Bowser’s first defeat required! Head down to the basement and enter the room with the shallow water, then enter the door next to the blue torch. In the next room, ground pound the two pillars to drain the water. Walk through the door to enter the now emptied moat of Peach’s Castle. Walk over to the other side of the moat to find a hole. Jump inside to enter the secret Vanish cap level!


Besides getting to the end of the level to activate the Vanish Cap, there are also eight red coins to collect. The locations:

  • The first four are on the first steep slope of the level with each red coin on a flat platform somewhere along the slope. The first is on the left, then the middle, then the middle again, and finally immediately on the right.
  • Two red coins on either side of the weighted wooden platform.
  • Red coin in the area with the rotating platforms.
  • In front of the gate you have to turn invisible to get through.

Star 12 – Wing Mario Over the Rainbow

Bowser’s second defeat and 50 stars required! Get to the third floor of the castle, the blue room with the entrance to Tick Tock Clock. Jump up to the corner platform on the left side of the room, then jump into the square hole. There you should find a hole in the ground that takes you to a secret level.

Eight red coins area scattered across the many clouds and platforms and you’ll have to use the Wing Cap to fly to each one. The red coin locations and the order you should try to grab them in:

  • Right on the cloud you start on. Easy!
  • Grab the Wing Cap and fly to the pink platform with the pole and the cannon. Red coin on this platform.
  • Speak to the pink Bob-omb Buddy to open the cannon, then use it blast yourself to the next pink platform. Make sure your Wing Cap is active first! Use the cannon there to reach the highest cloud where you’ll find two red coins.
  • Reactive the Wing Cap and glide through the transparent cloud to get your fifth coin.
  • After the fifth red coin, fly down to the small cloud attached to two rainbows for your sixth coin.
  • Now fly down to the small cloud with three rainbows attached to it for a seventh coin.
  • Return to the cannon at the bottom and use it to get to the second cannon. From here, shoot at the poles underneath the cloud and either land directly on them or fly around and get to them. Coin is on the center pole, you may have to jump to it! Once the star appears, slide down and drop to the cloud below you. Fly to the star!

Star 13 – Bowser in the Dark World

8 Stars required! Get to the first Bowser level by opening the Big Star Door on the first floor of the castle. As you make your way to the end, collect all eight red coins to get a star. Once all are collected, the star will appear near the warp pipe. The locations:

  • Hit the switch in front of the flame thrower and brick blocks will appear at the end of the fire’s path. Once clear, run up and grab the red coin on top of the block.
  • The same switch will make brick blocks appear on the very first platform of the level. Run back and grab the red coin on top.
  • As you run up the path with the Amps, look for a red coin behind a crystal.
  • There’s a red coin on the yellow platform that moves in and out. Only get it if you drop down without grabbing the ledge.
  • On the moving pyramid platforms, stand on the corner and you’ll eventually get the red coin.
  • Before the weighted see-saw platforms, walk along the narrow wooden path and avoid the amp to get the red coin behind the white spike.
  • There’s a ledge behind the second see-saw platform. Make a carful jump to get there.
  • Use the second see-saw to get up the area on the left. The red coin is on the second platform.

Star 14 – Bowser in the Fire Sea

30 Stars and first star of Dire, Dire Docks required! Get to the second Bowser level by heading into the basement and going through the doors on the left. You must complete the first star to Dire, Dire Docks before the hole leading to the level is accessible. As you make your way to the end of the level, collect all eight red coins to get a star. Once all are collected, the star will appear above the castle like area at the end. The locations:

  • There’s a metal path that leads on the lower level of the area. Follow it to the end, then jump over the hole in the center to get the red coin.
  • A red coin in plain sight on the weight sensitive platform.
  • After climbing up the pole in the caged room, look for a red coin in the corner of the ceiling.
  • Touch the elevator, then quickly step off to send it up without you. Red coin was sitting underneath the entire time. Drop down to get it and ground pound before hitting the floor to retain your health.
  • Get on top of the slippery pyramid platform and slowly walk the yellow path. Red coin is at the top.
  • Look for a coin shadow while you’re on the stairs that lift up and down. When it goes up, grab the red coin.
  • Snatch the red coin in front of the flamethrower in the area where the lava rises over the floor.
  • In the final castle looking area, grab the red coin above the moving pole. To get to the star, use that same pole to get through the metal grate above, then wall jump up to the roof where the star is at.

Star 15 – Bowser in the Sky

70 Stars and Bowser’s second defeat required! The final level. Go through the last Big Star Door and climb up the stairs, then jump in the hole. As you make your way to the end of the level, collect all eight red coins to get a star. Once all are collected, the star will appear near the warp pipe. The locations:

  • Push the metal block to the left and climb on top to reach the red coin.
  • On the stone path, behind the mini Piranha Plant.
  • Drop down below the see-saw platform and look over the northern edge to find a sneaky red coin on a small ledge.
  • At the top of the steep path, next to the line of coins.
  • While riding the platform, do a double jump from the yellow platform to get the red coin above the diamond platform. Make sure the moving platform is far enough so you have a place to slide down to.
  • Behind the spike with the fire spitting sphere on top.
  • At the top of the pole between the orange moving platforms.
  • Another super sneaky one. There’s a ledge behind the stairs leading to the warp pipe, just after the area with the blowing wind. Red coin is down here!


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