Hazy Maze Cave Stars – Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Our Hazy Maze Cave stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 walkthrough and features all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough and Stars Guide

Like every world in our Super Mario 64 walkthrough, Hazy Maze Cave has a total of seven stars to collect. Six are obtained through the level stages while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run. Jump to each of the Hazy Maze Cave stars with the links below!


Star 1 – Swimming Beast in the Cavern

From the start, go left and long jump over the bottomless pit. In the main room jump over to the green area with the rolling rocks. Walk towards where the rocks drop down, the take a right and enter the door. Step on the orange platform and ride it down to an underground lake. Find Dorrie the beast swimming around the center island where the star is at. Hop onto Dorrie and ground pound its back. This will cause Dorrie to lower its head, allowing you to step on. Once Dorrie lifts its head back up, face in the direction you want to go and Dorrie will follow. Get close to the star and jump to it!

Star 2 – Elevate for 8 Red Coins

Collect all eight red coins and a star will appear. These red coin locations all appear in the room with the work elevator and include:

  • Use the work elevator to reach three different brick blocks, each with a red coin inside.
  • There’s a red coin in the corner, opposite of the starting location of the work platform.
  • From the work platform, get over to the second pole and climb up to find a checked platform. Ride if and grab the red coin in the air past the brick block.
  • Still on the checkered platform, jump off at two different platforms to retrieve the final three red coins.

Star 3 – Metal-Head Mario Can Move!

Metal Cap required! From the start, cross the gap and head to the area with the rolling rocks. Go through the door, take the orange elevator down, then hit the green block to get the Metal Cap. Run towards the lake and follow the path on the floor until you get to a switch. This will open up access to a door. In the next room, do two long jumps to reach the star.

Star 4 – Navigating the Toxic Maze

Go right and enter the room with the moving work platform. On the left side of the room is an opening and a door. Inside, fall through the hole in the ground to enter the maze. Staying in the toxic fog will drain your health so stay out of it as much as possible. To get through the maze, go forward and grab the Metal Cap from the green block to keep yourself from taking damage. Follow this path to a blue coin switch, then take a left. Once you reach a dip in the ground, jump up high to a hole in the wall above. Go into the door, take the lift up, then grab the star.

Star 5 – A-Maze-ing Emergency Exit

Return to the maze and take the same path you took in the previous level. This time pass the first dip in the ground along with the second one, then jump up to another hole up in the wall. Enter the door and take use the lift at the end of the hallway to return to the rolling rock room. Do a double jump in place and hold A to grab onto the red grate above. Continue holding A as you slowly make your way to the star.

Star 6 – Watch for the Rolling Rocks

Head to the area with the rolling rocks. Get past them but don’t go through the door. Instead, perform two wall jumps on the walls in front of the door to reach a hole above where the star waits.

Star 7 – 100 Coins Star

Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. There’s a possible 139 coins to collect.

  • Make sure to defeat all enemies. Snufits and Scuttle Bugs give out three coins each.
  • The Mr. I enemies give blue coins when defeated.
  • There’s a blue switch in the toxic maze that gives a hefty 35 coins if all coins are collected.


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