Bob-omb Battlefield Stars – Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Our Bob-omb Battlefield stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 walkthrough and features all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough and Stars Guide

Like every world in our Super Mario 64 walkthrough, Bob-omb Battlefield has a total of seven stars to collect. Six are obtained through the level stages while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run. Jump to each of the Bob-omb Battlefield stars with the links below!


Star 1 – Big Bob-omb on the Summit

The star is at the top of the mountain. From the starting area, go up the wooden bridge, take a left and pass the Chain Chomp. Walk over to the metal gate, then walk through the opening. Run past the three iron balls, then keep following the path around the mountain until you reach the top.

Once at the summit, defeat King Bob-omb. Do so by running behind the boss and grabbing him. Once in your arms, toss him to the ground to deal damage. Trying to grab from the front side will cause you to get grabbed and flung, sometimes off the top of the mountain. Throw him three times to get the star.

Star 2 – Footrace with Koopa the Quick

Enter the level and speak with the Koopa Troopa to start a race. The goal is to reach the flag on the summit of the mountain before your racing rival does. Since you can’t use cannons, use a similar path to that of the first level. Make sure to also use long jumps to move faster too.

There’s a secret warp hidden inside a hole on the side of the mountain as you make your way up the path. Stand in the center of the hole and you’ll warp to the hole just before the top of the mountain. Stand at the flag and wait for your rival to show up to get your star.

Star 3 – Shoot to the Island in the Sky

Talk to the pink Bob-omb Buddy at the start of the level to unlock the cannon. Go up the wooden bridge and look for a cannon inside the top of a nearby rock. Look up at the floating island above you and aim just above the top of the tree and shoot the cannon. After grabbing onto the tree, open the yellow block to reveal the star.

Alternatively there’s a cannon on the path up the mountain that can also be used to get shoot to the tree. This one has a better view of the floating island.

Star 4 – Find the 8 Red Coins

Collect all eight red coins and a star will appear in the area with the upright logs. The locations:

  • Above the rotating platforms to the left of the first wooden bridge.
  • At the top of a rock near the cannon rock.
  • On top of the log holding the Chain Chomp in place.
  • Walk underneath the stone bridge leading to the metal gate, the red coin is next to the switch.
  • Near the top of the long slanted hill on the side of the mountain. From the bottom you can push up and walk slowly without slipping.
  • Get to the floating island using a cannon. Red coin is above the tree.
  • Two red coins can be found on the ground in the area with logs.

Star 5 – Mario Wings to the Sky

Wing Cap required! Use a cannon to shoot yourself up to the floating island. Grab the Wing Cap from the red block and jump into the cannon. Aim at the coin in the center of the first ring of coins and blast off. Thanks to the Wing Cap, you can push down to get Mario to fly upwards. Fly through all coin five rings and a star will appear in the log area.

Star 6 – Behind Chain Chomp’s Gate

Walk over to the Chain Chomp and ground pound the log holding it in place three times. This will release the Chain Chomp, breaking the metal gate holding the star in the back. Make sure to only ground pound after Chain Chomp attacks so that you can avoid its next attack.

Star 7 – 100 Coins Star

Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. There’s a possible 146 coins to collect.

  • Defeat enemies like Goombas and Bob-ombs for a single coin each.
  • Knock the shell off the Koopa Troopa then defeat the enemy for a blue coin.
  • Red coins count as two coins.
  • Run circles around the upright logs to have five coins spring out of each one.
  • It’s preferred to do this star once you have the Wing Cap so that you have an easier time grabbing the coin rings in the air.


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