Big Boo’s Haunt Stars – Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Our Big Boo’s Haunt stars guide is part of our Super Mario 64 walkthrough and features all seven Power Stars and their locations.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough and Stars Guide

Like every world in our Super Mario 64 walkthrough, Big Boo’s Haunt has a total of seven stars to collect. Six are obtained through the level stages while the final star is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run. Jump to each of the Big Boo’s Haunt stars with the links below!


Star 1 – Go on a Ghost Hunt

Your goal is to defeat all the Boo enemies hiding inside the haunted mansion. Here’s where you can find all five ghosts:

  • Inside the top left door of the lobby.
  • Inside the top right door of the lobby.
  • Door on the right inside the lobby.
  • Walk around the outside of the haunted mansion and find a door in the back. Inside are two ghosts.

Defeat all five Boos and a Big Boo will appear in the lobby of the haunted mansion. Defeat it by punching it three times instead of the usual one hit. The star will appear above the newly formed stairs.

Star 2 – Ride Big Boo’s Merry-Go-Round

Don’t enter the haunted mansion and instead head inside the wooden shack outside. Ride the metal platform down, the head down the two hallways. Get out of the water and enter the first door you see to see a spinning platform surrounding by portraits of Boo. Avoid the flame thrower while you defeat five Boo enemies. With that complete, a Big Boo will appear. Defeat it too and the star will appear.

Star 3 – Secret of the Haunted Books

Walk inside the mansion and go up the stairs. Enter the second to last door on the left to find a hallway with bookshelves. Books will shoot back and forth in the hallway so jump and dive to quickly get through without taking damage. Turn the corner and hit the books that stick out in the following order:

  • Middle
  • Right
  • Left

This will cause the bookshelf to move. Enter the door to find a star on the other side.

Star 4 – Seek the 8 Red Coins

Collect all eight red coins and a star will in the upstairs loft of the lobby. These red coin locations include:

  • Behind the killer piano.
  • Two coins in the room with the blue Boo portrait, both on top of bookshelves.
  • In the room with holes leading to the basement, look for a red coin below the window.
  • Go upstairs and enter the room with the red metal grates. Red coin is along the left wall.
  • Upstairs, enter the room with the Mr. I and look for two coins hiding under coffins.
  • In the room with the flippable floor. Avoid falling through and grab the red coin.

Star 5 – Big Boo’s Balcony

Enter the haunted mansion and walk through the right most door upstairs. See the lifted area in the room? Above is another area with a door leading to the attic. Perform a wall jump on the wall opposite the bookshelf and angle it so you can reach the area above.

Once in the attic, walk through the double doors to find Big Boo outside. Same thing, punch or ground pound it three times but be careful not to fall off the balcony. The star will spawn on the roof above you. To get there, long jump to the section of the roof on the right, then quickly jump up to the flat portion so you don’t slide off. Jump up to the higher flat portion, then use that to reach the star in the middle.

Star 6 – Eye to Eye in the Secret Room

Vanish Cap required! Go upstairs and head back into the room on the right. Walk past the trap door on the floor and enter the next door to find a blue block holding a Vanish Cap. With the power up active, wall jump up to the door above and enter the blue Boo portrait to find a Mr. I. Run around the giant eyeball until it gets dizzy and passes out, leaving behind a star.

Star 7 – 100 Coins Star

Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. There’s a possible 151 coins to collect.

  • Defeat all the Boo enemies! They give out a blue coin each.
  • A few boxes, crates, and enemies holding coins outside.


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