Chapter 5 – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

This Chapter 5 guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough takes you through the isolated Jade Jungle at the base of Mt. Lavalava.

Like every guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough, our Chapter 5 walkthrough keeps it to the point and gets you moving to your next goal without getting too stuck in the details. We’ll also mention any Star Pieces or badges you can snag along the way. You can jump to a specific part of our Paper Mario 64 Chapter 5 walkthrough by hitting these links:

Lavalava Island

Took care of the whale’s stomachache at the end of Chapter 4? Great! Since you’re already at the port in Toad Town, you’re exactly where you need to be. Speak with the whale to head to Lavalava Island. Not much to do in the first area so use the exit to reach the beach. You could save Kolorado from the Jungle Fuzzy… or you could just keep walking. Your choice. Before entering Yoshi’s Village on the right, whack the last palm tree with your hammer to get a Star Piece.

Now among the Yoshis, walk to the center island and Spin Jump in front of the Raven statue to find a Star Piece. Walk into the next area with the item shop and inn. Go ahead and pass it all and continue to the right. There you’ll find Kolorado getting whacked by a Spear Guy. Rescue him! Or don’t. You can actually keep letting him tortured if you want. Walking past him will trigger the needed cutscene. Your goal is to find a way over to the volcano. Let’s head back to Yoshi’s Village.

Jade Jungle

Chaos in Yoshi’s Village! Five Yoshi kids have gone missing in Jade Jungle. Take the northern exit to start your search. All five Yoshi kids can be found in a linear path so make sure to follow along so you don’t miss any! Now in Jade Jungle, start by interacting with the bushes north of you to open up a new path. Take the exit on the right and whack the tree  several times to knock Sushie off the top. How she got there, I have no idea. But she’s your latest partner! Step on the wooden docks and use her ability to hop in the water. Use her ability while in the water to dive.

Now that you can swim, use the dock in this room to reach the Star Piece in the top right. Return to the previous room and use the dock to get in the water. Get off at the center island and hit the red Question Block for a Power Quake badge.

Swim through the exit on the left. Dive under the log and get off on the dock to the south. First Yoshi kid is nearby! Interact with the bushes and you’ll end up having to fight four M. Bush enemies. Do so and interact with the last bush to find a red Yoshi kid. Return to the water and get to the center island, then walk down the southern path to reach the Super Block. The path going southwest just goes back to the whale.

Go into the area to the north and part the bushes leading to the dock. While in the water, ignore the other dock and head through the water exit on the left. In the new room, don’t get off Sushie just yet! Go past the dock and dive underwater to get the Star Piece. Now you can get onto dry land. Whack the tree stump to form a bridge to the second Yoshi kid.

Return to the previous area and get off on that dock we skipped earlier. See that purple flower? Hop on it and use the spin button to float up the ledge. Truthfully, Mario should pack that flower up and use it for the rest of the game. Regardless! At the top, part the bushes to reveal a warp pipe. Head down it and once in the dark room, use Watt to reveal the third Yoshi kid.

Leave the dark room and enter the exit on the right side of this area. Whack the tree stump to form a bridge and cross into the area on the right. Two disgusting Putrid Piranhas are harassing the fourth Yoshi kid. Defeat them to save the little orange guy. Return to the previous room, use the dock to reach the southern exit to return to the red Question Block room, then whack the tree on the left to find the fifth Yoshi kid. Make sure to hit the tree stump at the end to form a path leading back to Yoshi’s Island!

Back in the village, enter the first area and head to the Raven statue. The Yoshi Village Leader will give you the Jade Raven gem. Return to Jade Jungle and use the newly dropped log to use the north exit. Cross the water using the docks and place the Jade Raven on the pedestal of the Raven statue. A new path appears!

The next area features a series of four rooms, each of which you have to find a way to progress. In the first room, interact with the bushes to the right of the pink flower to reveal the path. In the second room, push the blue blocks onto each water sprout until the giant boulder is lifted out of the way. Be sure to move one of the blue blocks back in order to get through the path. In the third room, count the vines starting from the left and pull (by jumping) onto the fourth vine. In the fourth room, face off against three Putrid Piranhas and a W. Magikoopa, then Spin Jump in the middle to get a Star Piece.

In the next room, enter the giant tree and start climbing up the wooden steps. Reach the outdoor branch path and follow it to the end to get the Happy Heart badge. Back inside, climb some more steps until you finally reach Raphael the Raven. Speak with him, the follow his little ones off the side of the leaves.

Follow them into the next room and watch them construct a neat and very helpful transport system over to the volcano. Raphael will also give you the Ultra Stone, a special item that allows you to upgrade a partner a second time the next time you use a Super Block. Hop on the pulley to get yourself up, then use the zipline to reach the volcano.

Mt. Lavalava 

Dungeon time! It’s fairly straightforward. First room, walk through. Second room, jump from platform to platform using Parakarry for the wider gaps. Now in the third room, use the zipline to reach the other side. Don’t drop down yet! Instead, walk into the room on the right and get past the Fire Bars to find a Super Block.

Return to the previous room and get past the Spike Tops. Ignore the spring pad and go down the steps. Use the zipline but jump off when you pass the second step above you. This should land you on top of the Fire Shield badge. Great to use with all these fire enemies around! Drop all the way down and enter the room on the left. Walk all the way down this empty hallway and enter the next area. Use Parakarry to cross the river of lava above. Then push all the blue blocks to the right to stop the lava flow. Now you can cross the bottom portion with Parakarry!

Enter the room on the left and follow a similar strategy. Push the first blue block in the lava, then move the second block up three spots and then all the way left. Now use Parakarry to get across. Parakarry is really carrying the whole team here, literally. Jump up the steps and open the chest to get the Ultra Hammer. Now you can smash metal blocks like the one to your right! And now you don’t have to Spin Jump to get those hidden Star Pieces anymore, a whack of the hammer will suffice! Return to the previous room and break the metal block in the bottom right. This will lead to a room with a Dizzy Stomp badge in a chest.

Now go all the way back to the room with the two ziplines and use the spring pad to get back to the Save Block. Destroy the metal block and head to the right. Another zipline! Grab on but be ready to jump early. Once you see a lighter portion of the wall behind you, jump and you should land next to a Super Block. Jump off to the right and hammer the floor to find a Star Piece as well. Go through the hole on the left and use the spring pad we used not to long ago to get back to the zipline we just used.

Now use the zipline to get across to the next room. Another empty hallway. Or so it looks! A Spiny Tromp will drop down and roll your way. Either go invisible or use spin while running to avoid it. The next room is just more lava with a few Fire Bars and Lava Bubbles. Oh no, what a nightmare!

In the next room, run all the way to the right and push the blue block all the way to the left. Use it jump up to the steps. Break every metal block, then run off the steps and step a few feet south to avoid the incoming Spiny Tromp. The big rolling fellow will break a hole through the wall. In the next room, hammer the floor to the left of the Heal Block to find a Star Piece. Save, then go through the lower hole to reach the boss.

Boss: Lava Piranha

Before you begin, consider equipping the Ice Power badge you found in Chapter 4. Using it will increase attacks against fire enemies by 2. Sushie is also a great partner here as her water attacks do extra damage as well. Hopefully you used that Super Block upgrade on her! The Lava Piranha itself has 40HP and the little Lava Buds it spawns have 8HP. Your first focus should be to remove the Lava Buds. Use Sushi’s Tidal Wave attack to hit everyone and follow that up with something like Star Storm or a Snowman Doll item. This should take out the Lava Buds before they can even attack. Fight off the Lava Piranha like normal after that.

Well, well, well, looks like there’s a part two! This time they’re all back but they’re also on fire. So no jumping! Use similar tactics as the first round to finish off the Lava Piranha for good. Once defeated, the volcano will begin to erupt. Use Bombette to get through the wall, then Misstar will whisk everyone out of there.

Peach’s Castle (Intermission)

It’s Peach’s time to shine. Use the fireplace secret passage and return to the main lobby of the castle. Take the double doors to the south, then enter the door on the left side of the next lobby. It’s a quiz show! The answers are all fairly easy and you don’t need to worry about the questions regarding Chapter 6. In a shocking twist, you get caught and sent back to your room after this.

Toad Town Shenanigans

Okay! We have several tasks to complete before Chapter 6. For starters, enter Jade Jungle and go to the right where you originally found Sushie. Open the chest to get the Volcano Vase. Swim over to the Bub-ulb and speak to it. Now run back to Kolorado in Yoshi’s Village and trade him a the Volcano Vase for a Magical Seed.

Now back to Toad Town! Speak to the whale to finally get off the island. Look a poor Jr. Troopa. He’s persistent though. When you arrive back in town, it’s fight time! The poor guy only has 20HP since he just swam across the ocean. Twice. Avoid jump attacks as he now has a spike on his head!

With that out of the way, head to the first room of Toad Town where the main entrance is at. Use Sushie at the top to snag the Star Piece from the bottom left. Then use Sushie to reach the warp pipe on the island. This will take you to a Super Block down underground.

Let’s take care of more of the Toad Town Tunnels. Enter and go all the way left. Use the warp pipe, then pass the floating platforms and enter the small pipe in the bottom right. This will take you to a room with a Super Block guarded by metal blocks. Return back to the starting room and go all the way right. You’ll run into Electro Blooper with 50HP. Defeat it, then get the Shrink Stomp badge in the chest.

Return to the first room once more! Crash through the floor using a Spin Jump. Go left and fight three Dark Koopa Troopas. Defeat them to unlock a pipe to Boo’s Mansion. Continue to the left. Use the blue block to reach three hidden blocks that form a path to the Super Block. Now head towards the right. Use Sushie to cross over the water. Super Blooper attack. This one has 50HP. Defeating it will reveal a blue switch that unlocks a pipe to Lavalava Island.

Keep going right! Can’t cross the spikes so continue through to the right. Can’t reach the hidden blocks so go down the warp pipe. Bomb the wall with Bombette and find Rip Cheato on the other side. He sells you cheap items for 64 coins each. Every so often he will also sell you a Star Piece. Each item he sells is different but it will be in the same order each time. Star Pieces are given out as the firstfifth, and tenth items. This means you’ll have to give Rip Cheato a total of 640 coins to get all three Star Pieces. Once you’re done there, enter the warp pipe to find yourself in the abandoned house in Toad Town. Use the Odd Key to permanently unlock the front door.

Finding Flower Fields

Okay! In order to get to Flower Fields and in turn Chapter 6, you have to find four Magical Seeds. These seeds can be found by talking to Bub-ulbs across the Mushroom Kingdom. You should have been grabbing as you’ve played but here’s a list just in case you haven’t:

  • Toad Town – Near the canal in the area with the bakery.
  • Mt. Rugged – Reach the third area and use Parakarry to reach the flower guy in the bottom right.
  • Flower Fields – Taking the correct path, visit the center of the third room.
  • Jade Jungle – After completing Chapter 5, grab the Volcano Vase out of the chest located where you found Sushie and bring it to Kolorado in Yoshi Village.

Once you have all four seeds, go to the garden across from the post and speak to the Minh. T the Toad. Give her all four seeds and a magical door will appear in the center of the garden. Wow! Enter inside to start Chapter 6!

Got any tips or suggestions for our Paper Mario 64 Chapter 5 walkthrough? Let us know in the comments!

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