Chapter 2 – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

This Chapter 2 guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough takes you through the sandy lands of Dry Dry Desert and Dry Dry Ruins.

Like every guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough, our Chapter 2 walkthrough keeps it to the point and gets you moving to your next goal without getting too stuck in the details. We’ll also mention any Star Pieces or badges you can snag along the way. You can jump to a specific part of our Paper Mario 64 Chapter 2 walkthrough by hitting these links:

Mt. Rugged

Now that you’ve destroyed the rock holding back the Toad Town train back in Chapter 1, ride all the way down to the rough landscape of Mt. Rugged. Walk up the path and speak to Parakarry at the top. New task! Find all three of his letters scattered about the mountain range. For the first one, go two rooms to the right. As you go up the big steps, take note of the first letter on the ledge. Use Kooper to snag it!

From the first letter, keep going going up and enter the room on the right. You can’t cross the gap so instead drop down to find the second letter. Use the spring pad to get back up and return to the previous room. Now head down the path at the top. As you pass through the rock, drop down through one of the holes to get a Star Piece.

Enter the next area. Keep moving left. Before you get to the spring pad, enter the hole in the wall and keep pushing left to reach a treasure chest with a Damage Dodge badge inside. Use the spring pad to reach the top of the area, then ride the slide to reach the third letter on the other side of the map.

Go back to Parakarry and speak to him to get you to join your team! Now that you have the flight ability, you can return to the area where you got the third letter and get a Star Piece from across the spring pad. You can also stop by the area where you got the first letter and use Parakarry to reach the Quake Hammer badge. In the next area, use Parakarry to reach the Bub-ulb in the bottom right. He’ll give you a Magical Seed. This will be required for Chapter 6!

Return to the right most area and use Parakarry to cross the gap. Cross the bridge and Buzzar will stop you at the end. You’ll have the option to fight this boss to get that extra EXP. If you answer “Luigi,” you’ll be free to go. Any other answer will land you a fight. The big bird has 40HP! Once you’re done with that, walk into the next area, save and heal up, then enter Dry Dry Desert.

Dry Dry Desert

Okay! Dry Dry Desert sucks. Mainly because it’s a 7×7 grid. That means there are 49 identically shaped areas here! Thankfully for the purpose of this chapter, the directions stay pretty simple. Speak to Kolorado, then walk seven rooms to the right following the path as you. This should land you right in Dry Dry Outpost. Once you reach the final area before town, go south two rooms to find the oasis. Here you’ll find a Super Block that you can use to power-up on of your partners giving them extra attack and a new move.

There are three other badges you can grab. If you enter the desert from the Mt. Rugged entrance, go one room east and three rooms south. Stand on the rock and jump to get the Attack FX C badge. If you enter from the Dry Dry Outpost entrance, go two rooms west, then one room north. Jump in the middle of the three palm trees to reveal a hidden block with the Runaway Pay badge inside.

One more badge! Enter the desert from the Dry Dry Outpost entrance. Go two rooms west, then two rooms south. Hop into the whirlwind and it’ll drop you in a different room on top of a rock. The Spin Attack badge is here too!

Dry Dry Outpost

If you weren’t using a guide, you’d have to speak to Moustafa at the last building in town, go back to the oasis and get a Lemon by whacking a tree, and give the Lemon to Moustafa for some secret information. But you don’t have to do that! Immediately enter Little Mouser’s shop and purchase a Dry Shroom and then a Dusty Hammer in that exact order. After this, return to Moustafa who has now left the door he was guarding open. Walk inside, get up on the roof using the crates, and use Parakarry to reach the last roof and door.

Inside Moustafa will give you a Pulse Medal you can use to find Dry Dry Ruins. Return to the desert. Go four rooms to the west, then three rooms north. Place the Pulse Medal on the rock and Dry Dry Ruins will rise from the sands.

Dry Dry Ruins

Walk inside the ancient temple. As you walk past the coffins, poison Pokey Mummies will walk out. Inside the second coffin is a Spike Shield badge which is great against these spikey enemies. Enter the next room and grab the Ruins Key. Return to the coffin room and open the locked door. Inside, hit the switch to release the sand creating a path to the next door in the room that held the key.

Go up to the top of the steps and use Parakarry to reach the other side, then use Bombette to get through the cracked wall. Drain the sand in this room, then grab the Star Piece in the corner. Go to the room below and grab the Ruins Key you can now reach thanks to the sand.

Drop all the way down the steps and use the key to reach another room with Pokey Mummies. Ignore the pink steps and grab fight off all three enemies to get the Ruins Key that can used on the door on the left. In the next room, use Parakarry to reach the door at the top. Puzzle time! Hit the green switch and then the other green switch at the top. This should allow you to reach the pink switch on the left. Now you can use both the green stairs and pink stairs to reach the chest at the end. You got the Super Hammer! Use it to destroy stone blocks.

Before you drop down to get the Super Hammer, walk along the edge of the wall above the chest. Get to the top left side, then drop down to another ledge. Walk through the wall on the left to find a secret room with the Slow Go badge. Sneaky!

Return to the previous area and have Bombette break the crack in the wall. Hop into the drop in the next room to find a Super Block at the bottom. Bomb the wall to the left of the Super Block and break the stone block. This will get you ambushed by a Stone Chomp. Defeat it and grab the Diamond Stone.

Walk down the hallway to the right and enter the next room. Smash the stone block to reveal a switch that will reveal stairs that lead to a fourth Ruins Key. Now backtrack all the way back to the Mummy Pokey coffins room where you had to fight all three to get a key. In that room, hit the pink switch and use the pink stairs to reach a stone block. Break it to get an Artifact that you can later give to Kolorado for a Star Piece.

Go back one more room and enter the door next to the Buzzy Beetle. Same situation as before, break the stone block and get ambushed by a Stone Chomp. Grab the Pyramid Stone, then return to the room past the Pokey Mummy coffin room. Enter the door on the bottom right and walk past the Chain Chomp pedestals. Open the locked door, drain the sand, and use that sand in the lower room to reach the room holding the Lunar Stone.

Return to the room with Chain Chomp pedestals. Starting from the left going right, place the Pyramid Stone in slot one, the Diamond Stone in slot three, and the Lunar Stone in slot five. This will reveal stairs going down. Heal at the Heart Block and save at the Save Block.

Boss: Tutankoopa

Tutankoopa has 30HP but this guy likes to sit up on a ledge. This means your hammer and partners like Kooper won’t do you much good here as they can’t reach. Consider equipping the Hammer Throw badge so you can toss your hammer for 4 damage each time. If you upgraded Goombario using the Super Block earlier, you can use his Headbonk to also do 4 damage each time. Tutankoopa will summon Chomps with 4HP and triple the defense. You may want to avoid focusing the Chomps as they will take a lot of resources to defeat and will just come back anyway. Tutankoopa will use an attack where parts of the ceiling come crashing down. Be sure to dodge this or your partner will be out of commission for two turns.

Peach’s Castle (Intermission)

Peach’s turn again! Take the fireplace route again but this time you’ll be able to leave the diary room and enter a darkened main lobby of the castle. Enter the door in the southwest to reach the library. Make your way to the end by avoiding the eyes of the Koopatrol. As long as they are facing the other direction, you are free to move. Make sure to grab the Power Rush badge on your way to the end. If you want to pass this badge over to Mario, you’ll have to return to the dark room and enter the door on the right. Drop the badge in the treasure chest! Once ready, return to the library. Eavesdrop on a conversation and then you’ll get caught again. Bummer.

Back to Toad Town

Time to go back to Toad Town and you’ll have to walk back to the train. Make sure to speak to Kolorado and give him the Artifact you found in Dry Dry Ruins to get a Star Piece. In the area with the train, destroy the stone block at the top to get to the Super Block.

Ride the train back into Toad Town. Before you start getting into Chapter 3 shenanigans, consider going down into the Toad Town Tunnels to unlock a few fast travel pipes. Enter the underground area by using the green pipe nearby the bakery in Toad Town. Once down there, break the stone block and head inside the next room. Blooper attack! 30HP. Defeating it will unlock warp pipes to Goomba Village, Koopa Village, and Dry Dry Outpost.

But wait, there’s more! Enter the Enter the warp pipe, then jump onto the platform to lower it while raising the other platform. Enter the next room and ride the platform up to the ledge. Use Parakarry to cross the gaps and reach a Star Piece. Get back on the raising platform and enter the ceiling. Walk to the right and drop through the next hole to find the Super Block.

If you instead go to the rooms on the left, you’ll find a brick block holding up a spring pad that can take you to a chest holding the Power Smash badge. Back in Toad Town, go to the right exit past the Toad guardhouse. As you get closer to Forever Forest, a ghost butler will appear. More on that in Chapter 3!

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