Secrets and Unlockables – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

See every unlockable and every secret in the Nintendo 64 classic with our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough and guide.

While we already covered most of Paper Mario’s major collectibles with pages like our Star Pieces guide or our Badge list, there are still smaller and lesser talked about objectives and secrets worth mentioning. Some of these offer rewards but others are just cool secrets worth checking out.

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The Playroom

Did you know there are two minigames you can unlock in Toad Town? To find The Playroom, head into Toad Town and enter the room with the train station. In the upper left, hit the tree with your hammer to reveal a warp pipe. Inside is the fabled Playroom.

Unfortunately, nothing is available at first. In order to unlock the two minigames, you’ll have to complete a specific amount of Koopa Koot requests. To get Silver Credit and unlock the first minigame, you’ll have to complete two requests. To get Gold Credit and unlock the second minigame, you’ll have to complete ten requests.

The first minigame, Jump Attack, costs 10 coins to play. A total of 11 blocks appear in the game room. Depending on the option you picked beforehand, you have to hit either 5, 7, or 9 blocks to get to the end. Each block contains either an amount of coins, a multiplier, or Bowser. Get you Bowser and you lose your coins. Whatever you get at the end is your total amount!

The second minigame, Smash Attack, also costs 10 coins. Another block focused game, this time there are 35 of them. Find 10 Peach panels within 30 seconds to win! Finding Bob-ombs and Fuzzies will slow you down. Once you win, your coin reward will be x10 however many seconds you had left.

Li’l-Oink Farm

There’s a little farm next to the train station in Toad Town. Pay 10 coins to add a Lil’ Oink into the pen. You can have up to 10 Lil’ Oinks in the pen at once. If you pay for an 11th Lil’ Oink, the first Lil’ Oink you originally added to the pen will be taken out but it will also leave behind an item. The item left behind depends on the color of the Lil’ Oink. The color of each Lil’ Oink is selected at random. We have a list of Lil’ Oink colors and their respective items here:

Color Items
White Super Shroom
Black Dried Shroom
Flower Maple Syrup
Pink Fire Flower
Striped Thunder Rage
Question Mark Repel Gel
Mushroom Life Shroom
Star Shooting Star
Silver Jammin’ Jelly
Gold Ultra Shroom

Rip Cheato

In the Toad Town Tunnels, crash through the floor using a Spin Jump. Use Sushie to cross over the water. Pass the spikes and continue through to the right. Go down the warp pipe. Bomb the wall with Bombette and find Rip Cheato on the other side.

Rip Cheato sells you cheap items for 64 coins each. Every so often he will also sell you a Star Piece. Each item he sells is different but it will be in the same order each time. This means you’ll have to give Rip Cheato a total of 640 coins to get everything, including the three Star Pieces. Once you’re done there, enter the warp pipe to find yourself in the abandoned house in Toad Town. Use the Odd Key to permanently unlock the front door.

Here’s Rip Cheato’s list of items:

Order Rewards
1 Star Piece
2 Life Shroom
3 Bump Attack badge
4 Repel Gel
5 Star Piece
6 Super Shroom
7 Mushroom
8 Dried Shroom
9 Dried Shroom
10 Star Piece
11+ Dried Shroom

Radio Trading Event

Make your way to Koopa Village and enter the third house in the first area. Listen to the radio to start a short trading event. The Radio Contest asks to deliver three different items to a Pink Toad in three different locations.

First item to deliver is a Koopa Leaf. Find one by enter the second area of Koopa Village and shaking the bush near the entrance. Deliver it to the Pink Toad in front of Toad Town’s main entrance. Your reward is Maple Syrup.

Second item is a Nutty Cake which you can only obtain by cooking. Hammer the tree in Goomba Village to get a Goomnut, then have Tayce T. in Toad Town bake you this pastry using just the single ingredient. Give it to the Pink Toad waiting at Dry Dry Ruins in the desert. Your reward is a Maple Super.

Third item is a Coconut. Head to Lavalava Island and look for palm tress with Coconuts hanging from the top. Whack the tree to make one drop. Return to Toad Town and enter Club 64 near the pier. Your reward is a Yummy Meal,

8-bit Mario

While in Boo’s Mansion, enter the room on the right on the bottom floor. Hop on the crate and jump into the vase to turn into an 8-bit version of Mario! You’ll even get the classic music! You can’t leave the room in this state so it’s just a neat Easter Egg. Hop back into the vase to turn back to normal.

Luigi’s Diary

Did you know you can return to Mario’s house by using the warp pipe near the main entrance of Toad Town? Once there, walk inside and head for the back room. Thanks to the Super Boots you got in Chapter 3, Spin Jump to find a hidden panel that opens a way to a hidden room. There you can read Luigi’s Diary.

Unlimited Hearts

If you’re in Pleasant Path and low on hearts, run circles around a specific striped Candy Pop to have recovery hearts fly out. This one appears just before the wooden bridge and the exit leading to Koopa Village.

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