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Upgrade all your partners and learn their special moves by using our image-filled Paper Mario Super Block locations guide.

A Super Block is a type of upgrade scattered about the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64. When you find one of these floating blocks, be sure to jump underneath it to bust out that blue orb and give one of your partners an upgrade. Each of your eight partners can be upgraded twice, first to Super Rank and later to Ultra Rank. Each time a partner is upgraded, they learn a new move and their damage output is increased by one. There are 16 Super Blocks in total, two for each partner.

You can only upgrade a partner to Ultra Rank after you retrieve the Ultra Stone. This special item can’t be obtained until Chapter 5 where Raphael the Raven will gift it to you in Jade Jungle.

For our Paper Mario Super Block guide, we have each Super Block listed out by location. We’ll also note it you need to be farther into the game before you can obtain a particular Super Block. Check out our Paper Mario 64 guide hub for extra help with chapters, Star Pieces, and more!

Toad Town

From the entrance area of Toad Town, use Sushie to get across the water over to a pipe at the center. Enter inside and you’ll find your block at the end of the tunnel. Available after Chapter 5.

Toad Town Tunnels

Enter the Toad Town Tunnels and head two rooms west. You’ll need the Super Hammer to break through the stone block blocking one of the doors. Enter the warp pipe, then jump onto the platform to lower it while raising the other platform. Enter the next room and ride the platform up into the ceiling. Walk to the right and drop through the next hole to find the Super Block. Available after Chapter 2.
Enter the Toad Town Tunnels and immediately break the wooden plank with your Super Boots. Fall through the hole, then head west. Get through the Dark Koopa room and enter the Super Block room. There are three hidden blocks you must hit from below to form a path across the gap. Use the blue block to reach the hidden blocks. Available after Chapter 3.
Enter the Toad Town Tunnels and head two rooms west. Enter the warp pipe, then enter a second warp pipe in the bottom right of the new room. Break the metal boxes using your Ultra Hammer to reach the Super Block. Available after Chapter 5.
Once you have the Ultra Boots, make your way towards the Shiver City warp pipe in the Toad Town Tunnels. Do this by going down the hole, three rooms to the east, and down a warp pipe from the entrance. Now in the icy room, go left to find the Super Block. Available after Chapter 6.

Mt. Rugged

In the same room as the train station, go left of the Heart Block and use your Super Hammer to smash the stone block to reach the Super Block. Available after Chapter 2.

Dry Dry Desert

South of the oasis in the vast desert. From Dry Dry Outpost, enter the desert and go two rooms south.

Dry Dry Ruins

From the room where you place the colorful stones in the pedestals, go east and bomb the left wall in the next room. Enter, then fall down to find the Super Block.

Tubba Blubba’s Castle

From the castle entrance, go three rooms to the west. Pass through a hallway, a dining room, and then go down the stairs in the third room.

Shy Guy’s Toy Box

In the Red Station, go into the room on the left. Ride the flower platforms over the first wall and then get on top of the second wall. Instead of going left, take another flower platform up to the higher wall on the left.

Jade Jungle

Use the northern exit from Yoshi’s Village to enter Jade Jungle. Interact with the bushes to part open a path, then get in the water by hopping on Sushie. Go under the wooden bridges and enter the water exit to the west. Reach the center island, then walk to the southeast portion to find the Super Block.

Mt. Lavalava

After using the first zipline, enter the room to the east. Jump over the Fire Bars and get to the Super Block at the end.
Go down the steps below the first zipline until you reach a Save Block. Use the Ultra Hammer you found in this dungeon and break the metal block. Enter the room and use the zipline. When you see a lighted portion of the wall behind you, jump off and land on an elevated ledge with the Super Block.

Flower Fields

From the main room with Wise Wisterwood, go into the room to the southeast. Cross over the patch of thorny vines, then go up the stairs. Get past the line of Crazee Dayzees to get to the Super Block.
From the main room with Wise Wisterwood, go into the room to the northeast. After solving the puzzle above the thorny vines, walk behind the wall and use the jump pad to reach the Super Block.

Shiver Mountain

Once out in the fresh air, look for some stairs near a White Clubba. Go up to find the Super Block.

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