Star Piece Locations – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

Collect all 160 Paper Mario Star Pieces as we list every star piece location in our image-filled Paper Mario 64 walkthrough and guide.

Star Pieces are extra collectibles found all throughout the world of Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64. These diamond shaped gems have a golden gleam that helps make them stand out in the environment. Some Star Pieces are out and about and can be spotted as you play. Others have to be uncovered by interacting with the environment like hitting a tree or smash a specific tile of the ground with your hammer. You also earn Star Points as reward by helping specific characters and you can get 64 Star Pieces by completing all of Chuck Quizmo’s questions.

Once you’ve collected a certain amount, head over to Shooting Star Summit and speak to Merlow on the first floor of the house to exchange your Star Pieces for new Badges.

For our Paper Mario Star Pieces guide, we have each Star Piece listed out by location. We’ll also note it you need to be farther into the game before you can obtain a particular Star Piece. Many require the use of Super Boots which can be found in Boo’s Mansion in Chapter 3. Use the links below to jump to a different locations:

Goomba Village Goomba Road Shooting Star Summit Toad Town
Pleasant Path Koopa Village Mt. Rugged Dry Dry Desert
Dry Dry Outpost Dry Dry Ruins Boo’s Mansion Gusty Gulch
Tubba Blubba’s Castle Shy Guy’s Toy Box Jade Jungle Yoshi’s Village
Mt. Lavalava Flower Fields Shiver City Shiver Snowfield
Shiver Mountain Crystal Palace Rip Cheato Koopa Koot
Letter Delivery Chuck Quizmo


Goomba Village

In the room east of Goomba Village, climb over the hill with the tree at the top.
In the area where you found your Hammer, whack the tree on the right to find Dolly. Give it to Goombaria.
Spin Jump near the Heart Block to unearth this Star Piece. Super Boots required.
Spin Jump in the grove where Mario first fell from Peach’s Castle at the start of the game. Get here by going southwest from the village. Super Boots required.

Goomba Road

Reach the Goomba King’s castle and hit the tree in front of it.
Cross the bridge after the Goomba King’s castle and Spin Jump north of the dirt path. Super Boots required.

Shooting Star Summit

When you reach the room where the Star Spirits meet, go left instead of up the steps.
Coming from Toad Town, cross over the bridge and Spin Jump below the path. Super Boots required.
Spin Jump to the right of the entrance to Meluvlee’s house. Super Boots required.
In the room where the Star Spirits meet, jump up onto the first step and Spin Jump. Super Boots required.

Toad Town

Hit the tree to the left of Merlon’s house.
Enter the Toad Town Tunnels and head two rooms west. You’ll need the Super Hammer to break through the stone block blocking one of the doors. Enter the warp pipe, then jump onto the platform to lower it while raising the other platform. Enter the next room and ride the platform up to the platform. Use Parakarry to cross the gaps. Available after Chapter 2.
Across the Dojo and the path is a patch of grass. Spin Jump there. Super Boots required.
Spin Jump near the entrance to Forever Forest and near the canal. Super Boots required.
Walk east of the train station along the dirt path. At the end use a Spin Jump. Super Boots required.
Enter the port area and walk past Club 64. Spin Jump in front of the middle window. Super Boots required.
In Shy Guy’s Toy Box, enter the Green Station and go all the way to the east to find a treasure chest with a Dictionary inside. Return it to Russ. T in Toad Town. His house has a blue roof and is the closest to the entrance. Available after Chapter 4.
In Shy Guy’s Toy Box, enter the Pink Station and walk to the right to find a treasure chest with a Mailbag inside. Return it to the Postmaster in Toad Town. The Post Office is located opposite of Merlon’s house. Available after Chapter 4.
Near the entrance to Toad Town, use Sushie to ride across the water to retrieve the Star Piece near the yellow building. Available after Chapter 5.

Pleasant Path

In the second area, walk down the steps and use Kooper to retrieve the Star Piece on the island.
In the room just before the Koopa Bros. Fortress, whack the tree.
See the three striped Candy Pops? Use a Spin Jump between them. Super Boots required.
Cross the large wooden bridge into the next room. Spin Jump in front of the first tree. Super Boots required.

Koopa Village

After dealing with the Fuzzies, walk over to the checkered floor and push the blue block underneath the brick block. Jump and destroy the block!
Walk south of the shop and Spin Jump to reveal a hidden panel. Super Boots required.

Mt. Rugged

On the higher paths of the fourth room, drop down through the hole in the wall to wooden plank.
After using the slide to reach the western most room, use Parakarry to cross over the gap near the spring pad.
In the room with the slides, Spin Jump underneath the ramp of the slide. Super Boots required.

Dry Dry Desert

Obtain the Artifact from the room with the three Pokey coffins in Dry Dry Ruins, then give it to Kolorado at his camp in the first room of Dry Dry Desert. Available after Chapter 2.
At the very center of the desert. Whether you’re coming from Mt. Rugged or Dry Dry Outpost, follow the path three rooms over. Spin Jump in front of the stone. Super Boots required.

Dry Dry Outpost

Enter the last building in town and use the crates to reach the roof. Spin Jump on top of the roof. Super Boots required.

Dry Dry Ruins

Use Bombette to blow up a cracked wall, then drain the sand in the next room. Star Piece will be in the corner!

Boo’s Mansion

As soon as you get the Super Boots from the dancing Boos that sprung out of the treasure chest, Spin Jump on the left side of the room.
After getting the Super Boots, Spin Jump in the center of the first room of the basement.
In the foyer, Spin Jump on the rug near the couch.
From the foyer, enter the brown door on the right. Use a Spin Jump to break through the wood on the floor. Fall through to get to the top of the bookshelves in the library.
On the second floor of the foyer, enter the door on the right and Spin Jump above the rug underneath the chandelier.

Gusty Gulch

As soon as you enter Gusty Gulch from Boo’s mansion. Spin Jump near the lone rock.
Just before you reach Tubba Blubba’s Castle, look for a Star Piece behind a rock and between two Question Blocks.

Tubba Blubba’s Castle

From the main room, go into the hallway on the left and enter the door on the left. Jump up the chair and onto the table.
From the main room, get up to the walkway above by going through the door on the right and using the stairs there. Pass through the next hallway on the left, then enter the room where you’ll see broken railings. Walk through to drop down to the Star Piece on the dining room table.

Shy Guy’s Toy Box

Spin Jump in front of the Blue Station train platform.
From the Blue Station, go to the right and look for the Star Piece hiding behind a lime hexagonal block just before the dollhouses.
From the Blue Station, go into the room on the right and climb up the dollhouse. Use Parakarry to fly to the top of the western dollhouse.
Spin Jump in front of the Pink Station train platform.
Spin Jump in front of the Green Station train platform.
Go east of the Green Station and reach the area where the colored blocks move up and down. On the right, look for an orange opening in the wall.
Spin Jump in front of the Red Station train platform.

Jade Jungle

On the beach, smack the last tree just before the exit.
In the area where you find Sushie (one room north and one room east of Yoshi’s Village), ride Sushie to the island on the right.
Go two rooms north and two rooms west of Yoshi’s Island. Use Sushie to grab the Star Piece underwater.
In the room just before the giant tree, use a Spin Jump in the center of the room.

Yoshi’s Village

Spin Jump in front of the Raven statue.

Mt. Lavalava

Get to the bottom of the room with two ziplines and go east. Get past the Piranha Plant and Spin Jump near the back wall.
Just before you fight the Lava Piranha, Spin Jump near the Heart Block.

Flower Fields

Take the eastern path. Spin Jump in front of Petunia.
Take the southwestern path. Spin Jump in front of the tree, the one that gives you a Yellow Berry.
Take the southeastern path. Get across the patch of thorny vines and walk through the flower patch closest to the exit.
Take the southeastern path. Get past the bubble tree and Spin Jump near the exit on the right.
Take the northwest path. After crossing the patch of thorny vines, walk up the steps and cross over the log to get to the Star Piece.
Take the northeastern path. Get across vine puzzle and use the spring pad to jump up to the flower patch above. Spin Jump on the right side to reveal the Star Piece.

Shiver City

Walk to the leftmost section of the city and hammer the ground near the side of the last building.

Shiver Snowfield

Walk south of the snowmen and hammer the ground near the edge of the map.

Shiver Mountain

Near the steps leading to the Crystal Palace is a Save Block. Fall off the ledge to find a Star Piece below.

Crystal Palace

Try leaving the Crystal Palace while on the mirror side. The exit will lead to a cave with the Star Piece inside.
In the room with the big statue, hammer the ground underneath the Question Block.
This Star Piece is in the same location as the previous Star Piece but in the mirrored version! This would be in the room with the small statue.

RIP Cheato

There’s a shady character in the Toad Town Tunnels that sells you cheap items for 64 coins each. Every so often he will also sell you a Star Piece. Each item he sells is different but it will be in the same order each time. Star Pieces are given out as the first, fifth, and tenth items. This means you’ll have to give Rip Cheato a total of 640 coins to get all three Star Pieces.

Koopa Koot

You can get a total 15 Star Pieces by completing the various favors of the old grump Koopa Koot. You won’t have access to the full list of favors until you complete Chapter 6. Use our Koopa Koot’s Favors guide for more info on each favor.

Letter Delivery

There are 11 Star Pieces to collect for finding and delivering letters. You can start completing letter deliveries as early as Chapter 2 but you won’t be able to finish it until Chapter 7. Use our Letter Locations guide for more info on each letter’s location.

Chuck Quizmo

Each correct question in Chuck Quizmo’s game show gets you a Star Piece! There are 64 in total. You can start this quest as early as Chapter 1 but you won’t be able to finish it until Chapter 7. Use our Chuck Quizmo answers guide for more info on completing the game show.

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