Partners and Attack Moves – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

Get a rundown of all eight Paper Mario partners and their respective attacks and unlock locations from the Nintendo 64 classic.

As you progress through your quest to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, you’ll come across a wide variety of friendly characters and some even become your permanent partner. These partners join you in battle with their own set of special moves. Each of the eight partners have their own unique ability, including an ability that can be used in the overworld.

Each partner can be upgraded twice by discovering Super Blocks. Each of your eight partners can be upgraded twice, first to Super Rank and later to Ultra Rank. Each time a partner is upgraded, they learn a new move and their damage output is increased by one. Check out our Super Block locations guide to find each one. For more guides on Paper Mario 64, check out our guide hub here.

For our Paper Mario partners guide, we have each partner listed in order that they are found.


Location: During the Prologue, rescue Goompa after you both fall off the veranda. Bring him back to Goomba Village and Gombario will join your team.

Ability: Goombario has the tattle ability. During battles, use the Tattle ability to reveal the health of an enemy as well as a few notes that may help you defeat them. You can also use Tattle in the overworld to get extra info on the locations and people you run into.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Headbonk 0 Headbutts one enemy, does 2 damage overall. Basic
Tattle 0 Reveal an enemies HP permanently and gives brief description. Basic
Charge 1 Increases Headbonk attack by 2 damage. Can be stacked. Super Rank
Multibonk 3 Bounces on an enemy multiple times dealing 3 damage, then 2 damage, then 1 damage for each hit after. Bounces can continue but the timing gets harder. Ultra Rank


Location: During Chapter 1, stop all six Fuzzy enemies and return to Koopa Village.

Ability: Send Kooper’s shell to either the left or right to hit switches and grab items.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Shell Toss 0 Slam into the first grounded opponent. Basic
Power Shell 3 Slam through all grounded opponents. Basic
Dizzy Shell 4 Slam through all grounded opponents. May apply dizzy effect. Super Rank
Fire Shell 5 Slams through all grounded opponents. Does extra damage to ice enemies and Dry Bones. Ultra Rank


Location: During Chapter 1, drop down into the jail cell to find the explosive pink Bob-omb.

Ability: Have Bombette walk in a direction before blowing up. Use on cracks in walls to reveal holes.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Body Slam 0 Slam into the closest grounded enemy. Basic
Bomb 3 Explode near the first grounded enemy. Basic
Power Bomb 6 Blow up and attack all grounded enemies. Super Rank
Mega Bomb 8 Blow up and attack all enemies, both grounded and in the air. Ultra Rank


Location: During Chapter 2, collect all three letters and return them to Parakarry in the room with the train station.

Ability: Fly over a short distance to clear gaps that can’t be hopped over with a normal jump.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Sky Dive 0 Dropkick the closest enemy whether in the ground or in the air. Basic
Shell Shot 3 Attack any enemy whether in the ground or in the air. Basic
Air Lift 3 Grab you enemy of choice and life them up to possibly remove them from battle. Super Rank
Air Raid 6 Attack in all direction hitting all enemies while ignoring defense. Ultra Rank

Lady Bow

Location: During Chapter 3, reach the top floor of Boo’s Mansion and speak with Bow.

Ability: Turn invisible! Avoid enemies and protect yourself from incoming damage!


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Smack 0 Release up to five consecutive smacks to the closest opponent. Basic
Outta Sight 2 Turns Mario and Bow invisible and keeps them safe from incoming damage. Basic
Spook 3 Scare all enemies with a chance to cause them to flee. Super Rank
Fan Smack 5 Release up to five stronger consecutive smacks to the closest opponent. Ultra Rank


Location: During Chapter 4, defeat the Big Lantern Ghost and rescue Watt in the process.

Ability: Reveal hidden question blocks and light up dark rooms.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Electro Dash 0 Zap any enemy while ignoring defense. Basic
Power Shock 2 Choose one enemy to potentially paralyze. Basic
Turbo Charge 3 Raise the damage of all Mario’s attacks by one point. Temporary. Super Rank
Mega Shock 5 Attack all enemies to potentially paralyze. Ultra Rank


Location: During Chapter 5, enter Jade Jungle from Yoshi Village and rescue her from a tree in a nearby area.

Ability: Use wooden docks to swim across water.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Belly Flop 0 Body slam one enemy whether in the ground or air. Basic
Squirt 3 Spits water at a single enemy. Basic
Water Block 3 Increase Mario’s defense by one point. Temporary. Super Rank
Tidal Wave 6 Attack all enemies with a giant wave. The amount of damage you do is based on how many action commands you can get in before it’s over. Ultra Rank


Location: During Chapter 6, take the the upper left path in Flower Fields. After chatting with the Sun, you’ll fight Lakilester before he joins your team.

Ability: Ride Lakilester’s cloud and cross over spikes and spiky vines.


Name FP Effect How to Unlock
Spiny Flip 0 Throw a Spiny shell at a single enemy. Basic
Spiny Surge 4 Throw a barrage of Spiny shells at all enemies. Basic
Cloud Nine 4 Boost Mario’s evasiveness so that enemies miss more often. Temporary. Super Rank
Hurricane 5 Blow a massive gust of air at enemies with a chance to cause them to flee. Ultra Rank


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