Koopa Koot’s Favors – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

Fulfill the elderly Koopa’s quests to get your remaining Star Pieces in our Paper Mario Koopa Koot’s favors guide.

Head over to Koopa Village and enter the red-roofed house all the way to the far right of town. Inside you’ll find Koopa Koot who will task you with a number of favors. These usually involve retrieving an item from somewhere in the world and returning it to the decrepit Koopa for a reward.

Rewards are fairly straightforward. Each reward will always net you a single coin, but every so often you’ll receive a bonus reward. Every fourth reward will net you three Star Pieces while the Silver Credit and the Gold Credit can also be unlocked. These two items will unlock new games at the Playroom. There are 20 favors in total.

Follow our Paper Mario Koopa Koot favors guide a for a list of all 20 favors and their solutions. Each favor is listed in the order that they appear. Do take note, some will not be available until you complete specific chapters. For more guides on Paper Mario 64, check out our guide hub here.

After Kooper Joins

Speak with Kolorado’s wife in the yellow-roofed house in the second part of Koopa Village to get the Koopa Legends book.
Purchase a Sleepy Sheep from the Shroom Grocery in Toad Town or grab the one hiding behind a fence of Pleasant Path’s second area.
Bonus Reward: Silver Credit

After Chapter 1

Head over to Goomba Village and speak to Goompa to retrieve some Tape.
Exit Koopa Koot’s home and shake the bush closest the right, the one next to the area exit. This will release a Koopa Leaf. Take it to the bakery in Toad Town and bake just the Koopa Leaf to get the Koopa Tea he wants!
Return to Mario’s House by using the warp pipe near the entrance to Toad Town. Speak to Luigi in front of the house to get Luigi’s Autograph. Make sure to do this before Chapter 2 or after getting the Super Boots in Chapter 3 otherwise Luigi won’t be there!

After Chapter 2

Shake the bush in front of the blue house in the first area of Koopa Village to find the Wallet.
Tasty Tonic can be purchased in the second item shop in Toad Town or at the Yoshi’s Island shop.
Make a trip to Shooting Star Summit and speak to Merluvlee on the second floor of the house. She’ll agree to get you Merluvlee’s Autograph as long as you head to Dry Dry Desert and retrieve a Crystal Ball from Merlee. In the second area of town and to the right of the item shop, go past the crates to find Merlee.

After Chapter 3

Head to Toad Town and read the front AND back of the billboard near Merlon’s house.
Uh oh, now he wants a Life Shroom. Several options. Purchase one from Boo’s Mansion for 50 coins, Shiver City for 40 coins, or Star Haven for 25 coins. If you returned Tayce T’s Cookbook during Chapter 4, you can also cook up a Life Shroom using a Super Shroom and a Koopa Leaf.
Bonus Reward: Gold Credit
And now he wants a Nutty Cake. This one you’ll have to bake. Hammer the tree in Goomba Village to get a Goomnut, then have Tayce T. in Toad Town bake you this pastry using just the single ingredient.

After Chapter 4

Enter the house to the left of Koopa Koot but with Bombette as your partner. Speak to the Bob-ombs and they’ll settle down.
Enter Boo’s Mansion and speak to the Boo in the foyer, Franky. He will give you an Old Photo.
More food, this time it’s Koopasta. Exit Koopa Koot’s home and shake the bush closest the right, the one next to the area exit. This will get you a Koopa Leaf. Now grab some Dried Pasta from the shop in Dry Dry Outpost. Have Tayce T. in Toad Town combine the two ingredients to get the food he wants!

After Chapter 5

Shake the bush in front of the inn in Koopa Village to find Glasses.
Remember the oasis in Dry Dry Desert? Entering the desert from Dry Dry Outpost, go two rooms south. Smack the tree on the right to get your Lime.
Great, now he wants a Kooky Cookie. Start by leaving his house and shaking the bush closest the right to get a Koopa Leaf. If you don’t already have some, return to Shy Guy’s Toy Box and go all the way left to get some Cake Mix be defeating the Shy Guy holding it. Use these two ingredients to cook up the required dessert.

After Chapter 6

Travel to Gusty Gulch and enter the literal ghost town. In the first section, speak to the Boo closest to the Save Block to get the Package.
Head to Lavalava Island and look for palm tress with Coconuts hanging from the top. Whack the tree to make one drop.
Another secret buying order. Go to the shop in Dry Dry Outpost and purchase these items in this exact order: Dusty Hammer, Dried Pasta, Dusty Hammer, Dried Shroom. This will net a Red Jar.

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