Cooking Guide and Tayce T.’s Recipes – Paper Mario 64 Walkthrough

Whip up all of Tayce T.’s cooking in our detailed Paper Mario recipes guide as part of our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough and guide.

Mario is a cook! Who would have thought that was the case? While in Toad Town, head to the central area where the Toad Town Tunnels blue pipe is found and head inside the building in the upper left. Here you’ll find Tayce T. who can help combine item to create better and more powerful dishes.

When you first meet Tayce T. in her shop, she will only be able to cook with a single item. This can be quite limiting. During Chapter 4, get the Cookbook from Gourmet Guy and bring it back to Tayce T. to gain the ability to cook with two different items.

Follow our Paper Mario recipes and cooking guide for the full list of all 50 recipes and how to cook each out. Recipes are listed in alphabetical order. If you need to find the location of a particular item, check out our Items List and Locations page.

Icon Name Ingredient Ingredient Effect
Apple Pie Apple Cake Mix 5HP and 15FP
Big Cookie Egg Cake Mix 20FP
Goomnut Cake Mix
Red Berry Cake Mix
Yellow Berry Cake Mix
Blue Berry Cake Mix
Bland Meal Koopa Leaf Goomnut 10HP and 10FP
Koopa Leaf Red Berry
Koopa Leaf Yellow Berry
Koopa Leaf Blue Berry
Strange Leaf Goomnut
Strange Leaf Dried Pasta
Ice Potato Mushroom
Ice Potato Volt Shroom
Ice Potato Super Shroom
Ice Potato Life Shroom
Ice Potato Cake Mix
Ice Potato Egg
Ice Potato Coconut
Ice Potato Dried Pasta
Fire Flower Goomnut
Fire Flower Volt Shroom
Fire Flower Super Shroom
Fire Flower Life Shroom
Fried Shroom Potato Salad
Egg Mushroom
Egg Volt Shroom
Egg Super Shroom
Egg Life Shroom
Egg Dried Pasta
Dried Pasta Goomnut
Dried Pasta Coconut
Dried Pasta Mushroom
Dried Pasta Volt Shroom
Dried Pasta Super Shroom
Dried Pasta Life Shroom
Dried Pasta Red Berry
Dried Pasta Yellow Berry
Dried Pasta Blue Berry
Boiled Egg Egg Strange Leaf 8 HP and 8FP
Egg Stinky Herb
Cake Cake Mix 15HP
Coco Pop Coconut Cake Mix 3 HP and 15Fp
Deluxe Feast Whacka’s Bump Strange Leaf 40HP and 40FP
Potato Salad Shroom Steak
Dizzy Dial Strange Leaf Makes enemies dizzy.
Strange Leaf Volt Shroom
Strange Leaf Stinky Herb
Egg Missile Fire Flower Egg 6 damage to a single enemy.
Electro Pop Volt Shroom Cake Mix 15FP and electric status.
Fire Flower Dried Fruit Strange Leaf 3 damage to all enemies.
Fire Pop Cake Mix Fire Flower 1 damage to Mario and 20FP
Fried Egg Egg 10HP
Fried Shroom Dried Shroom 6HP and 2FP
Super Shroom
Dried Shroom Mushroom
Dried Shroom Fire Flower
Frozen Fries Fire Flower Iced Potato 15HP
Healthy Juice Special Shake Stinky Herb 40FP
Special Shake Dried Shroom
Special Shake Strange Leaf
Honey Candy Cake Mix Honey Syrup 20FP
Honey Shroom Mushroom Honey Syrup 5HP and 5FP
Honey Super Super Shroom Honey Syrup 10HP and 5FP
Life Shroom Honey Syrup
Volt Shroom Honey Syrup
Honey Ultra Ultra Shroom Honey Syrup 50HP and 5HP
Hot Shroom Dried Shroom Super Shroom 15HP and 5FP
Mushroom Super Shroom
Dried Shroom Volt Shroom
Mushroom Volt Shroom
Super Shroom Volt Shroom
Mushroom Fire Flower
Life Shroom
Volt Shroom
Jelly Pop Cake Mix Jammin’ Jelly 64FP
Jelly Shroom Mushroom Jammin’ Jelly 5HP and 50FP
Jelly Super Super Shroom Jammin’ Jelly 10HP and 50FP
Life Shroom Jammin’ Jelly
Volt Shroom Jammin’ Jelly
Jelly Ultra Ultra Shroom Jammin’ Jelly 50HP and 50FP
Kooky Cookie Cake Mix Koopa Leaf 5FP and gives Mario either electricity, invisibility, or sleep.
Cake Mix Stinky Herb
Cake Mix Maple Syrup
Koopasta Koopa Leaf Dried Pasta 7HP and 7FP
Koopa Tea Koopa Leaf 7FP
Lemon Candy Lemon Cake Mix 5HP and 15FP
Life Shroom Super Shroom Koopa Leaf 10HP. Automatically used when Mario falls.
Volt Shroom Koopa Leaf
Ultra Shroom Koopa Leaf
Life Shroom Koopa Leaf
Super Shroom Goomnut
Volt Shroom Goomnut
Ultra Shroom Goomnut
Life Shroom Goomnut
Super Shroom Strange Leaf
Ultra Shroom Strange Leaf
Life Shroom Strange Leaf
Lime Candy Lime Cake Mix 20FP
Maple Shroom Mushroom Maple Syrup 5HP and 10FP
Maple Super Super Shroom Maple Syrup 10HP and 10FP
Life Shroom Maple Syrup
Volt Shroom Maple Syrup
Maple Ultra Ultra Shroom Maple Syrup 50HP and 10FP
Mistake 1HP and 1FP
Nutty Cake Goomnut 10FP
Potato Salad Ice Potato 10HP
Shroom Cake Mushroom Cake Mix 10HP and 10FP
Super Shroom Cake Mix
Shroom Steak Ultra Shroom 30HP and 10FP
Ultra Shroom Mushroom
Ultra Shroom Super Shroom
Life Shroom Mushroom
Life Shroom Super Shroom
Life Shroom Ultra Shroom
Volt Shroom Ultra Shroom
Dried Shroom Ultra Shroom
Dried Shroom Life Shroom
Sleepy Sheep Red Berry Strange Leaf Put enemies to sleep.
Yellow Berry Strange Leaf
Blue Berry Strange Leaf
Spaghetti Dried Pasta 6HP and 4FP
Special Shake Melon 20FP
Melon Lime
Melon Lemon
Melon Honey Syrup
Melon Maple Syrup
Melon Jammin’ Jelly
Melon Apple
Melon Red Berry
Melon Yellow Berry
Melon Blue Berry
Melon Koopa Leaf
Melon Strange Leaf
Jammin’ Jelly Coconut
Jammin’ Jelly Lime
Jammin’ Jelly Lemon
Jammin’ Jelly Honey Syrup
Jammin’ Jelly Maple Syrup
Jammin’ Jelly Apple
Jammin’ Jelly Red Berry
Jammin’ Jelly Yellow Berry
Jammin’ Jelly Blue Berry
Spicy Soup Fire Flower 4HP and 4FP
Strange Cake Strange Leaf Cake Mix Gives Mario either electricity, invisibility, or sleep.
Super Soda Honey Syrup 5FP and cures poison and shirnking.
Maple Syrup
Red Berry
Yellow Berry
Blue Berry
Jammin’ Jelly
Honey Syrup Maple Syrup
Honey Syrup Koopa Leaf
Lime Maple Syrup
Apple Maple Syrup
Lime Koopa Leaf
Lime Lemon
Lime Red Berry
Lime Yellow Berry
Lime Blue Berry
Lime Apple
Lemon Red Berry
Lemon Yellow Berry
Lemon Blue Berry
Lemon Maple Syrup
Lemon Koopa Leaf
Lemon Apple
Apple Red Berry
Apple Yellow Berry
Apple Blue Berry
Jammin’ Jelly Koopa Leaf
Red Berry Yellow Berry
Yellow Berry Blue Berry
Blue Berry Red Berry
Coconut Red Berry
Coconut Yellow Berry
Coconut Blue Berry
Coconut Apple
Coconut Melon
Coconut Koopa Leaf
Coconut Maple Syrup
Red Berry Maple Syrup
Yellow Berry Maple Syrup
Blue Berry Maple Syrup
Koopa Leaf Maple Syrup
Sweet Shroom Cake Mix Ultra Shroom 30HP and 20 Fp
Cake Mix Life Shroom
Tasty Tonic Red Berry Honey Syrup Cures poison and shrinking.
Yellow Berry Honey Syrup
Blue Berry Honey Syrup
Lemon Honey Syrup
Lime Honey Syrup
Coconut Honey Syrup
Bubble Berry
Thunder Rage Dried Fruit Volt Shroom 5 damage to all enemies.
Volt Shroom Mushroom Koopa Leaf Electrifies Mario.
Mushroom Goomnut
Mushroom Strange Leaf
Mushroom Dried Fruit
Super Shroom Dried Fruit
Ultra Shroom Dried Fruit
Life Shroom Dried Fruit
Yoshi Cookie Melon Cake Mix 15HP and 15FP
Yummy Meal Whacka’s Bump 20HP and 20FP
Dried Fruit Dried Pasta
Dried Fruit Iced Potato
Fire Flower Ultra Shroom
Dried Pasta Ultra Shroom
Egg Ultra Shroom
Iced Potato Ultra Shroom
Strange Leaf Ice Potato
Hot Shroom Potato Salad
Spaghetti Potato Salad

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