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See every Chuck Quizmo answer to every quiz question in another guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough and guide.

At some point during your journey you’ll likely stumble upon Chuck Quizmo, a curious worm who challenges you to a game show. Accept and you’ll be answered a series of game related questions. Each correct answer grants you a Star Piece! Whether you get a question right or wrong, Chuck Quizmo will leave and move to another location. It’s quite annoying and tedious but it is what it is. Once you find him again, Chuck Quizmo will start with the next question in the list of the one you previously missed. There are 64 questions in total.

Not all the questions are unlocked from the start. Additional questions will be added every time you complete a chapter with the final four questions unlocking after completing Chapter 7. Although he only appears in towns, Chuck Quizmo’s location can be quite random. Here’s a list of possible locations:

Goomba Village Southwest of the Toad rest house.
Koopa Village Left of Save Block.
Next to blue pipe.
Toad Town Near Merlon’s House.
Near Harry T.’s Shop.
Southeast of Club 64.
Dry Dry Outpost At the entrance.
Near the Toad rest house.
Yoshi’s Village Left of the Yoshi leader.
South of the Toad rest house.
Shiver City Near the warehouse buildings.
Right of the mayor’s home.
By the Item Shop.
Star Haven Near the entrance.

Now that you’ve found him, here are our Paper Mario Chuck Quizmo answers. Each question is listed in order of their appearance in the quiz:

# Answer Question
1 Goombaria What is the name of Goombario’s younger sister?
2 Yellow What is the color of the block you can break with the first Hammer you got?
3 Tattle What ability does Goombario frequently use?
4 Red and White What color of pants was the Goomba King wearing?
5 Strategies Which of Mario’s battle commands is on the far left?
6 One How many windows does the Goomba House in Goomba Village have?
7 Goomba King What’s the name of the leader of the Red and Blue Goomba Bros.?
8 Blue What color are Luigi’s pants?
9 Six How many members are there in Goombario’s family?
10 Star Piece What will you receive when you get the right answer in a quiz?
11 Russ T. What is the name of the smart Toad living in Toad Town?
12 Six How many buildings are there in Koopa Village?
13 Blue Ninjakoopa Of the following, who is NOT a member of the Koopa Bros.?
14 4 coins How many coins are needed to buy a Mushroom at the shop in Koopa Village?
15 Shooting Star Summit Where does Merluvlee, who tells fortunes about special things, live?
16 Bombette What is the name of the character who joined you at the Koopa Bros. Fortress?
17 Red What color is Bowser’s hair?
18 Seven How many Star Spirits do you have to save?
19 Koopa Koot What’s the name of the elderly Koopa Troopa who always asks for errands to be run?
20 Four How many Bob-ombs besides Bombette were imprisoned in the jail at the Koopa Bros. Fortress?
21 Koopa Village Where is the house of the explorer, Kolorado?
22 Mt. Rugged What is the destination of the train which departs from Toad Town station?
23 Rowf What is the name of the fellow who sells Badges in Toad Town?
24 Star Rod What treasure did Bowser steal from Star Haven?
25 Blue What is the color of the roof of the house in Koopa Village where you can listen to a radio?
26 Kolorado Who does Kooper idolize?
27 Casting spells What does Merlee of Dry Dry Outpost specialize in?
28 Poket Mummy Who hides inside a coffin in Dry Dry Ruins?
29 Badges What can you get when you take Star Pieces to Merlow at Shooting Star Summit?
30 Moustafa Who knew the location of Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert?
31 Cake Mix When you want Tayce T., who loves cooking, to make Lemon Candy, what do you have to give her besides a Lemon?
32 Oaklie Who among the following lives in Forever Forest?
33 Ghosts What are Boos, exactly?
34 Bump What appears when you hit the Whacka living on Mt. Rugged?
35 Lime Other than Lemons, what fruit drops when you hit a tree in the desert oasis?
36 Chet Rippo What is the name of the strange person in Toad Town who can increase Mario’s status?
37 Bomb What ability does Bombette frequently use?
38 Cake What does Gourmet Guy like?
39 Kooper Who was the second companion to join your team?
40 Bandit Who tried to steal coins from you in the desert?
41 Skolar What is the name of the Star Spirit who can use Star Storm?
42 Letters What are addressed to your companions and sent to the post office?
43 Mayor’s House Among the following, which building is NOT in Toad Town?
44 Cooking What kind of book did Gourmet Guy drop?
45 Chuck Quizmo Who am I?
46 In towns and villages Where do I show up?
47 Trumpet Plant What is the name of the plant that grows in Jade Jungle and blows out stars?
48 Green What color was the leader of Yoshi’s Village?
49 Merlon What is the name of the elderly man who tells fortunes in Toad Town?
50 Six How many colors of Yoshis did you see in Yoshi’s Village?
51 Bossy How would the Yoshi Kids in Yoshi’s Village describe Sushie?
52 Merlon’s house What building is across from the Toad Town post office?
53 Second-Degree What kind of card do you get when you defeat Lee at the Dojo in Toad Town?
54 Vlue What color is the brooch that Princess Peach wears?
55 Lily Who gave you Miracle Water in Flower Fields?
56 Lakilulu What is the name of Lakilester’s girlfriend?
57 Hit a tree How do you make the Pipe leading to the Toad Town Playroom come out?
58 Pop Diva Among the following, who is inside Club 64?
59 Sing Which of the following do Shy Guys never do?
60 Brothers What best describes the relationship between Mario and Luigi?
61 Ninji Among the following, who is found in Starborn Valley?
62 Eight How many companions do you travel with?
63 Twink What is the name of the Star Kid who’s always with Princess Peach?
64 Seven How many Star Spirits have you saved in total?

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