Mario Golf 64 – Characters, Courses, Cheats, and Unlockables

Our Mario Golf 64 unlockables guide details how to get every character, unlock every course, and reveal all secrets and cheats.

The Mario Golf that started it all! Released back in 1999 on the Nintendo 64, the original Mario Golf featured a roster of both classic Mushroom Kingdom characters and a host of one-and-done human characters. Eight different courses keep things fresh along with several different modes like Ring Shot, Speed Golf, and Mini-Golf. The game was re-released on the Virtual Console for the Wii in 2008 and for the Wii U in 2015. Mario’s first golf outing is back once again with a release through the Nintendo Switch Online service on April 15, 2022.

Now onto the Mario Golf 64 unlockables! As was the case for many games during this era, a lot of content is hidden right from the start. Only one course is available when booting up and the character roster starts with a measly four characters. Doesn’t even include Mario! There’s a secret code you can punch in at the very start that will unlock most of the content, otherwise use our guide to get a glimpse into how to unlock everything individually.

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Code to Unlock Everything

Not interested in unlocking the characters one by one? There’s a code you can enter that will get you all 14 characters and most courses unlocked. This does not include the four Transfer Pak character or the Mario’s Star course. On the title screen, enter the following inputs in this exact order to get your unlockables. You’ll hear a jingle confirming you did it correctly!

  • Down x2, Left x3, Right x3 (D-pad)
  • Down x2, Left x3, Right x3 (C-Stick)

How to Unlock Characters

Mario Golf 64 features 14 playable characters, but only four are unlocked at the very start. In order to grab most of them, you’ll have to challenge these characters in the Get Character mode. Defeating them there will unlock them. A few other require a different set of criteria to unlock.

Four additional players can also be unlocked, but only by using the Transfer Pak to get game data from Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color. For those playing the Virtual Console version on the Wii or Wii U, or the Nintendo Switch version, these characters simply cannot be obtained. Take note, Metal Mario is not included in the Japanese version of the game.

Icon Name How to Unlock
Plum Already unlocked.
Charlie Already unlocked.
Peach Already unlocked.
Baby Mario Already unlocked.
Luigi Defeat in Character Match (1).
Yoshi Defeat in Character Match (2).
Sonny Defeat in Character Match (3).
Wario Defeat in Character Match (4).
Harry Defeat in Character Match (5).
Mario Defeat in Character Match (6).
Maple Collect 50 Birdie Badges.
Donkey Kong Collect 30 Stars in Ring Shots.
Bowser Defeat in Character Match (7).
Metal Mario Collect 108 Birdie Badges.

The following four characters can only be added by transferring them from Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color using a Transfer Pak. Plop your Mario Golf cartridge into the Transfer Pak, then pop the device into your N64 controller. Turn on the N64 console with Mario Golf inserted and the game will open up with the Transmit menu. Select the characters you want to add, then go to the main menu to start playing. Take note! Once you turn off your game, the characters will be removed. You’ll have to do the process over with each new session.

This feature cannot be used outside the original N64 release so you unfortunately can’t play these four characters on the Wii, Wii U, or Switch. Rude of Nintendo to leave you with four empty character slots.

Icon Name How to Unlock

How to Unlock Courses

Six courses total but only one is unlocked at the start. To unlock the rest, collect Course Points (CP) by playing any mode that isn’t Practice or Mini-Golf. Two additional courses are available in the Mini-Golf mode.

Course How to Unlock
Toad Highlands Already unlocked.
Koopa Park 50 CP
Shy Guy Desert 300 CP
Yoshi’s Island 1000 CP
Boo Valley 1500 CP
Mario’s Star 2200 CP
Luigi’s Garden (Mini-Golf) Already unlocked.
Peach’s Castle (Mini-Golf) Already unlocked.

Looking to score some Course Points? Getting a Gold Trophy in Tournament mode will garuntee a certain amount of points in addition to the Course Points (EXP points times Course Bonus) you normally get. The Gold Trophy rewards:

  • Toad Tournament (50 points)
  • Koopa Cup (200 points)
  • Shy Guy International (600 points)
  • Yoshi Championship (1200 points)
  • Boo Classic (2000 points)
  • Mario Open (no points)

Secret Codes

From the main menu, hold L and R at the same time while you select the Clubhouse option. Doing so will add the new Code Entry menu option. Use this special menu to enter eight digit passwords that unlock special tournaments. They don’t do much beyond give you something new to participate in as they were mainly used for events around the time of the game’s release. We have the working passwords listed here:

Password Name Character Course
0EQ561G2 1st Camp Hyrule Cup Donkey Kong Shy Guy Desert
5VW689O6 2nd Camp Hyrule Cup Plum Koopa Park
KPXWN9N3 NP Mario Cup Any Shy Guy Desert
FJQ49LJA NPS Summer Scramble Donkey Kong Mario’s Star
6ENWCEYL Game Boy Color Cup Wario Mario’s Star
Y85YHH4M Special Tournament Baby Mario Shy Guy Desert
4MVYR4P2 Mario Golf Internet Cup Any Toad Highlands
9P0MWX4N Mario Golf Internet Cup Any Koopa Park
QXK0EH6A Mario Golf Internet Cup Any Shy Guy Desert
253GT6AH Mario Golf Internet Cup Any Yoshi’s Island
A0RMEHQJ Mario Golf Internet Cup Any Boo Valley
JCW0T62V Mario Golf Internet Cup Any Mario’s Star
W9WPLCQ9 Dolphin Cup Maple Toad Highlands
H48LMN11 NSIDER Cup Baby Mario Koopa Park
G10XPMCN Ocarina Cup Yoshi Shy Guy Desert
6858NVW1 Kokiri Classic Metal Mario Yoshi’s Island
OH8WG0F9 NOA Invitational Cup Donkey Kong Mario’s Star

Other Cheats and Tips

There are a few more smaller Mario Golf 64 unlockables and secrets:

Alternate Outfits

Did you know that every character has three alternate outfits? As you press A to select your character, hold down one of the three C buttons (left, down, and right) to change your character’s color.

Left-Handed Golfers

Hold down the L button as you select your character and your golfer will now play left-handed.

Taunting and Cheering

If you’re playing with other people and you’re waiting for your turn, hit the different directions of the D-pad to get your character to taunt. If you want something a little more positive, hit one of the C buttons to have your character cheer.

Intro Change

After you unlock Donkey Kong, turn on your game and get to the title screen. Don’t hit Start yet and let the intro begin playing again. Instead of Yoshi, you should now see Donkey Kong in the intro.

Speed up the Ball

Trying to get through a course quickly? After you hit the ball, hold down Z to speed up the game and have the ball go right where it’s going to stop. For the more impatient type!

Restart a Hole

If you mess up a shot, feel free to enter the menu and select Save and Quit. Load up your save file and you’ll find yourself at the very start of the hole you left off at. Cheap, but effective if you’re playing by yourself!

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