Your favorite out of the gamecube Mario Parties?

Your favorite Mario party on Gamecube? 4/7

  • Mario Party 4

    Votes: 10 23.3%
  • Mario Party 5

    Votes: 11 25.6%
  • Mario Party 6

    Votes: 30 69.8%
  • Mario Party 7

    Votes: 8 18.6%

  • Total voters
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I'm gonna be ranting about my favorite Mario Party...
No there will not be a TL;DR version. Read it or weep. =P

So I was in Grade 1. My friend comes over one day and brings her new game over. It was Mario Party 6. I was all excited to try out this new game along with my sister and her sister. We did a Party game. We play Faire Square, 20 turns. (We unfortunately didn't finish the whole game) I had no idea what the concept of the board was, nor did I have any knowledge of the other mechanics as well. So I was pretty lost. XD
We play some mini-games at the end of every turn. (like in every other Mario Party LOL) From what I remember, we played: Ball Dozers, Crate and Peril, Daft Rafts, Granite Getaway and Control Shtick. I had a fun time playing, even if I did lose most of them. (It was my 1st time playing so uh I obviously didn't do that well XD)
So when my friend gets to that star space, she was buying multiple stars. I was like "WAIT WHAT, YOU CAN DO THAT?!?!" because no other Mario Party before it had a mechanic like that. So then when I get there, (I had 67 coins XP) I just bought as many stars as I could. Which was 3. :p
Then my friend starts using orbs and sets them on the board. I was like "Huh?" then someone landed on it and learned what the orbs did. I loved the concept it. I then get plenty of orbs and set as many as I could on the board. XD
So then when it was nighttime, I learned that there was a new mechanic: Day & Night. When it was Nighttime, Twila made each star 5 coins. I was shocked. My friend got as many stars as she could. I unfortunately could not get there within the time. :/
So then my friend had to leave... But then I was grateful for having her introduce me to this game. I had a WONDERFUL time and didn't want to stop playing it. So I was determined to get it.

So one day, (was still in Grade 1) I couldn't go to school since I was a bit sick. It was just me and my mom. She takes me to the mall. (as I couldn't be home alone) I'm just impatient for her to get clothes and other stuff. :p
...But then we walk by an EB Games. I ask her if I can buy a game. We go inside, and I notice Mario Party 6 was there. I was like "OH HELL YEAH, I'M SO GETTING THIS :D" We finally get home, and I couldn't wait to try it on my own.
I was having the best time of my life. I played Towering Treetop. (a complete game this time ;p) I was having so much fun. When the mini-game randomizer comes up, guess what my 1st mini-game was? Daft Rafts. I was kinda confused about the mini-game rules at 1st, but then after a few practices, I do the real thing. I won. :D I also remember playing Cannonball Fun, Same is Lame but that's it. Don't remember the others XD
So I get the 1st star. Then the star appears at a faraway location...
So then I remember Orbs. I used my Yellow/Red orbs as soon as I possibly could since it was so fun setting them on the board. Then when my rivals paid the price I was even happier. :D
Night falls, and I learn you can use Pink Boo to steal. I was like "oh hey that's like Chain Chomp from Mario Party 5". So then I visit him and have him steal stars. Fortunately my rivals didn't get to him. XD
So at the end of the game, guess who won? Me. I had 6 stars and like 70+ coins. (approximate, don't remember exactly how much LOL) I was so happy I won my 1st board, so I decided to do another. Faire Square.

So I do Faire Square. I was like "Hey, I remember playing this with my friend!" I remembered the Slot Machine, the Orbs, the buying of multiple stars... I was in heaven. Oh my god it was the best time ever. When Twila made the stars 5 coins, I took advantage of that. Because of it, I had like 30+ stars. XD I won again. :D

Ok, now enough about my history... xP

I love the boards of this game to death. The orbs, the Day & Night, the events, the mechanics just made this an amazing game for me to play. I love Faire Square and E. Gadd's Garage. I love the orbs on E. Gadd's Garage and the events, even if it is a simple board. And when I say orbs, I mean orbs available. (YES I'M NERDY TO THE POINT WHERE I KNOW THE ORBS AVAILABLE ON EVERY BOARD XD)

I love the mini-games of this Mario Party as well... Though I hate the luck mini-games, Stage Fright and Snow Brawl (as the lone player), Conveyor Bolt (Nighttime as the lone player) and Ray of Fright (as the team). Those mini-games I can only win if I'm lucky. :p

I loved this game as a kid and I still do to this day. It's my favorite of the GCN Mario Parties. Actually it's my favorite in the Mario series and one of my favorite games ever! :D
Mario Party 4: A great game to shake up the series and make the switch to the GameCube's superior graphics. This game is mainly good for minigames, although there are so few. Only 62! That hardly surpasses the first Mario Parties minigame count of 58. The board gameplay is kinda slow. I give this on a rating of 7.5

Mario Party 5: I've never played it, so I'm not giving it a review.

Mario Party 6: My favorite GameCube Mario Party! The day/night system is so smooth. It's like you're playing a different board! The minigames are fun too. I give this one a 9.

Mario Party 7: It's good, I really like the boards and the minigames, and the 8 player gameplay. But this game signals the spot where Mario Party started to decline. This (to me) is the most unoriginal Mario Party made. I'll give it a 6.5.

I would say 5 is my favorite of the GC Mario Parties. It was a great game overall. I loved all the boards, super duel mode, and everything in bonus mode. I adored that ice hockey game in bonus mode. I also loved most of the minigames, especially Curvy Curbs. I can't help but smile while playing that game and listening to the CPU's hit the sides.
My favorite out of the GameCube Mario Parties is definitely Mario Party 6. I've had more fun overall than I did with 4,5, and 7. The boards and the day/night feature really made this Mario Party stand out for me. It also had great mini-games and fantastic music. It has the last appearance of Woody and Mean Woody from Mario Party 2 and 3 respectively. I believe it has the best battle mini-games out of all the Mario Parties. I honestly can't find anything wrong with this Mario Party (I like Mario Party 3 better).
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