Wrap Up (Spring Fever)


With Spring Fever going to it's end, I want to share a message to all of you about this.

This activity was a great experience to me, it was interesting to see everyone interact in different activities and this way, I got a chance to interact with members that I didn't get the chance to know so much and to know them better, by hoping  I showed my best for the forum members and that they can see how good of a person I am, and to feel appreciated by the forum community as much as possible. It was a lot of work, but this activity did create a lot of activity and entairtainment to everyone and to myself as well.

I tried to do a lot of activities where interaction was needed and where I was staying around, with some activities where I was even taking part, even if I was the host, to put even more action and to be interesting. I wanted to put more forum activity and I guess I did it well, even if there are some moments where it was a little more difficult because of some lack of ideas or that I could not do it daily, but I worked hard to be sure that this event, Spring Fever, was going to be a sucees. Some events were great when some others probably weren't, but after all, it's difficult to be completely perfect.

This event would not have been possible without my huge dedication towards the forum and the project, as well as SuperZambezi's generosity to take time to understand my project and making all other steps possible to be sure to let me do this said project on his forum. This is something I am really enjoyed about I want to say a huge thank you for making such a thing a reality. It will definitely be something without this, but I know it was a lot of dedication from myself during this May month. Also a huge thanks to the members who decided to take part and of course, members who have participated a lot will get good awards as well, so that's a good thing.

Now, for everyone else, I want to know your opinion about this event and leave some encouraging comments to me towards this. Don't worry about writing a lot, I will read anyways. Tell me your comments!
Thank you so much for hosting Spring Fever, Maxime! I really enjoyed the activities you gave out, and it was really fun playing with you. Some activities did not make sense or were poorly done, but you gave it your all. And I'm proud of myself to be second overall and win a game!

Thank you very much, Maxime!

And SpiderStaryu, congratulations on taking the gold trophy!
I'd like to say thanks, it was a fun and interesting event. It was fun participating in the ones I did participate in. You were a great host for this event, and how your were committed to it. I really enjoyed the earlier events and getting to make certain images/stories for fun.

Thanks, Maxime ;)
Thanks for putting in the time and effort to have Spring Fever up and running Maxime :)

Even though some of the activities weren't the most polished (but given whatever things happened to you in May, that's understandable), I thought multi-stage events like the Door Challenge were really fun to participate in, and the minigames like Connect4 and Noughts/Crosses IMO made it a lot more accessible. Perhaps a bit too eager to have planned the Spring board to be done in a day.

I thought the mix of host-voted and member-voted winners was kinda interesting and it would be good to see that sort of mix in future activities. Of course it wouldn't be too good to have all events voted by hosts only =p

And organizing 31 different activities by yourself is quite an achievement in itself, so deepest congratulations on that front. C:

...I just wish I did a few more daily bonuses to beat Yman but I didn't x)
One critique I have to give to Spring Fever is the fact how a lot of events were not on-time. Some events were not planned out, next time everything should be set before hand so you're not scrambling to set everything up.

Though take this with a grain of salt, as this is your first time and you did a great job! Thanks for hosting this amazing event, was fun and I look forward to more juicy events. ;)
You did good with most of the events and what's better is you created all these activities on your own (even though was rushed but you manage put this together under a short notice. That's one impressive feat you have there, anyways you did great considering this was your first time!

7th place huh? I actually surprise that I made in the top 10, wish i could have gotten higher though...
I'm glad you were able to come through with this and make it to the end. It's no small task and I thank you for your time!

My main concern would have to be with some of the activities themselves. Too many felt like they belonged as normal topics in the Forum, while others were way too luck based. Besides that, everything went well and I enjoyed what I participated in. :)
There's a lot of awesome comments! Just for that, I will take time to reply to each member with this post (in order of posts).

Vipsoccermaster - Yeah, some were awesome, some were not, but it's not always easy to do complete activities. But after all, I like the fact that you enjoyed these activities and that you even went to be second overall. (Yeah, I got beaten often myself.)

HomicidalIceFairy - Well if it's to make you more active, that's definitely interesting. You did a lot of posts just with this, in fact. (And yeah, near the end Yoshiman222 wasn't hard to catch up.)

Luma Party - If I did, it's because of how interested I was and with all the enjoyance I got on the forum which put myself really dedicated to this event. And yeah, maybe, I might maybe try to do something like this again one day if it's still possible.

SirYoshi211 - I was just a really dedicated host to this and I was doing really special things that haven't been done around at all, so in a way, a new experience for members of this forum, and that's nice that you did enjoyed these sort of activities, I know it's a good way to share some good things coming from you.

The Shattered Legacy - Yeah, thanks for understanding what I was going through and that's nice of you to have enjoyed these activities, I tried to do these unique and challenging and all of that. Yeah, the host-vote, right? I liked to do that and I even did some things in the events myself so it was definitely something. And yeah, I know, a lot of activities, and thanks for the compliment. It was enjoyable.

SpiderStaryu - Only problem with some unplanned "in real life" stuffs which makes me this unable to do it as much as I wanted to, but I still tried my best even this way, but thanks for enjoying these, and congratulations for winning!

DeadlyxImpulse - Yeah, I created a lot of activities of my own which was never done on this forum before and some others where I was modyfying a little as well. Well it's not the first time I'm doing importants things on forum communities but definitely the first time I am doing it here so it was different but I guess I was able to do it right.

SuperZambezi - Well it wouldn't have been possible without your generosity and trust in the first place so I also need to thank you for letting me do this. I know some might not have been the best and too similar to forums stuffs but it's a little difficult because you're justely on a forum and luck-based, yeah, just tried to do a sort of special challenge and all. And it's good that you enjoyed these and it was interesting to do this for your community, I'm definitely hoping for more one day.
A huge thanks for everyone for making this enjoyable to me as well. It was definitely an awesome experience and I enjoyed the comments.