Would MP7 be worth the purchase?

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Recently, I have been debating whether or not to get MP7 or not.

My main reasons considering so is because sometimes I get more than 4 people together sometimes, but then that usually forces me-out of playing certain games (Mario Party being the biggest one... :what:), but with this, we could all play instead.

Of course, I am interested in knowing if this is worth the long-run... something I can play months after I get it.

So basically, is MP7 a good enough game that I would enjoy for quite some time? ???
And what are the highlights of this game if so?
It does have 8-Player, so that's the one good thing. Plus, you can play with up to 8 players in Party Mode, as well. But you have to share GCN controllers. Boards are okay, though they do have either new or re-used gimmicks. Mario Party 7, however, has like the least amount of mini-games, but although it still has over 80 mini-games, it has the least amount of 4-Player and 1-VS.-3 Mini-Games.

It's worth it for more than four players, but for all other aspects, it probably won't be worth it in the long run.
I thought it was fantastic(like all of them :p). The 8 player mode was really cool, and I even enjoyed playing it with CPUs. Most boards were alright like Pagoda Peak which has to be the BEST board ever. The only one that's kinda bland is Grand Canal. Minigames wre fun and some are very creative like Bubble Brawl, and Monty's Revenge. Overall, I say it's worth the buy. :)
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