Where do you store your files?

I have my own computer (Windows 7 btw) so I don't have to worry about people throwing around their stuff. I have a "Website" folder in My Documents were I keep all my files that have anything to do with MPL. That thing is around 172 GBs. :p

I also have a "My Games" and "My Programs" folder where I place programs or games that I don't want installed in the Program Files. Downloads download directly to the "Downloads" folder. And any files I am currently working on or editing are saved to the desktop. Then I have a major clean up session where I sort and delete all the junk on the desktop. It looks like this:

My computer has lots of GBs to store stuff, and momma recently got a external with a huge amount of space to store stuff. I don't download really anything to my computer, all I have that I really do stuff daily on is a MPI folder, where I store all the goods. ;) otherwise, it's your typical Music, Documents, Pictures, etc etc.

SZ that's too messy, I wouldn't even be able to use that, that's just too un-organized. :p