What OS do you use?

Self-explanatory question.

Well, my laptop has Windows 7 Home 64-bit. Desktop has Vista home and Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit. My older ones are XP Pro and Home 32-bit.
The best out of those are Ubuntu and XP Pro and I like them equally. Windows 7 does satisfy me so I'm always using it a lot but when I need to finish the mile, I need those better ones. Planning to get a VM running WIN Server 2008 R2 one of these days.
8B1T said:
・㉨・ said:
I have my HDD partitioned. Most of it is Mac OSX and the other portion is Windows 7.

Which means do you access the W7 portion?
I restart it and hold "option".

I really just use it for the few Windows only games I play.


My computer treats my one HDD as two.