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Its been a whole half a month since the last contest, and not many teams are doing much.

What's happened to Blazing Winter?

I'm personally disappointed about the level of activity and the low reliability of the contest. Either it needs sorting out, or Blazing Winter should stop.

I'm sorry, but that's just my view.
Seeing how the contest doesn't have much publicity and is somewhat confusing...
I understand that BW was sluggish, but it's a good lesson for everyone, staff and members.

I think that it's necessary for members to have input on what activities they want included, and also, (unlike MBF) there isn't a persistent spark that can last for 4 weeks, let alone 8.

Organisation-wise, I think a member body would be more consistent than one or two staff who have to organise other stuff, and/or may be inactive for periods of time. (me, for example >_>)

BW is supposed to have two activities, a Secret Page and an Orb Hunt scheduled, but I can make those normal competitions if necessary.
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