The Whoa Fun I Had Lymphoma But Seriously I'm Not Trying to Pull Some Plum Shit

I'm surprised the chemo treatment is killing off the cancer cells so quickly, like I thought the treatment itself would go on for a year. I still have one more round of chemo to go, and if all goes well, I get to visit the hospital I'm getting treatment from only once a month instead of at least twice a week.
one more round of chemo this week and then I'm pretty much done besides getting checkups once a month and stuff

So I went to Sloan-Kettering this morning, and according to my PET scan results, I'm still NED. Hip, hip, hooray.

VooDu said:
Yay! It's good to hear you're doing fine and that it's gone. Hope everything goes good and you can get back to regular life. Good luck. (This probably sounds weird from someone you don't even know)

Besides next Tuesday, I only have to go in every three months for a PET scan, which is pretty good, so :p
So yesterday, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning for a heart MRI at 7:30 and a PET scan at 10:30 (more like 10:00 since I was down there earlier). Now, I won't have to get another PET scan, because I'm still NED/clear of cancer.


Wow, I remember that Plum crap like it was yesterday. That was so long ago, but I'm thankful that you're doing okay and putting up a good fight.
Yeah, I'm glad I'm still doing well after being in remission for a while. :p I'm hoping that I won't experience any real long-term effects from the chemo, let alone have the cancer relapse (which is not very common, but it's possible, although not as possible as it was two years ago)