The Return, The Demise, and The Return Again of the Arcade

After several technical problems that we had with the arcade, we are finally proud to announce the return of the arcade! However, we had to wipe out all the arcade games we previously had but for now we have added 8 new arcade games for you to enjoy. We will try to continuously add new arcade games in the future but for now enjoy!

UPDATE: Our latest version of SMF isn't compatible with the arcade so it's gone now. At least Bejeweled was fun for a few minutes. RIGHT!?!?
REAL UPDATE: The arcade is back again!
Ken Masters said:
Vipsoccermaster said:
Awesome. Beating them to the punch. Glad that Top Banana is back.

On another note, Bejeweled doesn't save scores, and Duckhunt doesn't seem to end, so there's no way of saving the score in those games, get rid of them.

So the point is to brag about OMG I HAVE A HIGH SCORE? :p

@SZ: Ask Cook. I have no idea why it failed before.
No, my point is, what if a person achieves a such a high score, only to find out it doesn't save in the end?