The Random Thought Topic

Here is where I post my random thoughts. :p

-Algebra I is kinda hard this year. :p Still glad I decided to take the advanced class.
-IDK why I'm obsessed with the Frère Jacques song lol. Same with the NSMBWii Final Boss song.
-My bus driver is so mean.
-Why am I not active in the Daily Logs? Too lazy XD
-French is the best language to ever learn.
Accj21 said:
Nightmare Bowser498 said:
Accj IK you're not taking Geometry and Alg. II - you're only in 8th grade xD
I'm doing Geometry this year; Algebra II is 9th grade. (Why Alg I and Alg II aren't back-to-back, I'll never know)
Here it's Pre-Algebra 7th grade, Algebra I 8th grade and geometry 9th grade. At least I think that's how it works here, I don't follow that exact pattern.
Who would give user points as a gift? Shows that person has no effort in making a true gift...

But also, see if the 100 user points was deducted from one of the people, if you remember all the others' points lol. That can determine who sent it.

Edit: Hope Zero doesn't see this, because I didn't deduct 100 points from mine. (you can probably see that anyway)