The MPL Murders

This is actually way after I intended to post this story. The things that were holding me back were data deletion, and the story just sucking. Anyway, I've worked up a first chapter here. Enjoy.

Edit: Reformatted.

The MPL Murders

Chapter 1 - The start of it all


Today I am here to tell you the story of what happened too many of Mario Party Legacy's Users, which were all murdered.  This of course was locked away by the owner, SuperZambezi.
But, unfortunately for him, word got out...

July 21, 2014 10:30 PM

MPL Forums

"It looks like everyone went to their houses."

"Yeah, we should also leave. It gets dangerous here at night."



"Hey, who are you?"

"I'm sorry, but that's none of your concern..."

"I pretty sure it is, I own this place."

"...Well, then..."

"...I believe you two have to be taken care of."

"Wait, what does that mean?"


July 22, 2014 7:30 AM

"I wonder what's on the news." Says NintendoFan.

"Wait... What's this?"

"Last night there was a murder just outside near Mario Party Legacy. The user that was murdered was Vipsoccermaster. There was another user, but he was heavily injured and could not be identified. Through certain tests, the police found this person to be SuperZambezi, the owner of MPL."

"...What is going on here?!?"

NintendoFan's phone started to ring. It was a friend of his, Spongyoshi.


"Did you see the news?" asked Spongyoshi.

"I just saw it. What happened last night at MPL?"

"We should probably go to MPL and see."

When NintendoFan and Spongyoshi arrived at MPL, there were a lot of police officers and detectives running around the scene of the crime.

"Looks like they're very busy looking for clues." Says NintendoFan.

"Maybe we should help them?" suggested Spongyoshi.

"I don't think they'll let the general public into crime scenes, especially a murder one."

"Well... I want to know what happened..."

"Let's go to the MPL Forum. Some users there are probably already talking about this."

When they arrived, a couple of users were already there, and there was a detective there, talking to the users.

"...Oh good, more people."

"What?" says NintendoFan.

"Oh... It's you. Long time no see, NintendoFan."

"Wait... You know him?" asked Spongyoshi.

"Yes." Replied NintendoFan. "But that isn't important now. I need to know what happened last night."

"I can't tell you that." Replied the detective. "It is confidential information not supposed to be released to the public."

"I really need to know what happened. You need to return the favor I did."

"You're still holding that over me?"

"It's that serious."

"...Fine, but do not tell anyone else."

"What favor?" asked Spongyoshi.

"You don't need to know." Said the detective. "Anyway, the murder occurred around 10:30 PM, and apparently, Staff member Vipsoccermaster and owner SuperZambezi were still around. Why that is I don't know. The suspect..."

"Wait, you arrested someone already?" asked NintendoFan.

"Yes, and according to a witness, he's one of the only person that could have done it."

"Who was arrested?" asked Spongyoshi.

"You can find out yourself when you go to the Police Detention Center."


"As I was saying, the suspect shot Vipsoccermaster in the heart, killing him. After that he got into a fight with SuperZambezi, because for some weird reason, there was only one bullet in his gun."

"What?!?" says NintendoFan. "That makes no sense!"

"But it does. We have the gun, and it was only shot once."


"I'm not sure why you need to know all of this, NintendoFan." Says the detective. "Unless..."

"...Are you planning to defend the suspect?"

"Huh?" asked Spongyoshi.

"Be a defense attorney, aka a lawyer."


"Alright, but don't tell anyone that I did this."

The detective handed over a envelope.

"What is this?" asked Spongyoshi.

"It's the autopsy report." Replied the detective. "It contains the details of how the victim died."

"Oh..." replied Spongyoshi.

"Anyway, we'll be heading down to the detention center now." Says NintendoFan.

"Alright, good luck then."

Later, at the Police Detention center...

"Here we are." Said NintendoFan.

"So where is he?" asked Spongyoshi.

"He's coming..."




"What... Just WHAT?" says Spongyoshi.

"brady23, why are you here?"

"I am a suspect for murder. More specifically, murdering Vipsoccermaster."

"But... Why you?"

"I'll tell you what happened last night."

"I was going to MPL. I had forgotten something very important there. Unfortunately for me, it was closed for the night, so I had to wait until the next morning. On my way back, I heard a gunshot. I literally jumped when I heard it, so I wondered where the heck it came from. I was so scared of being killed that I ran back home. Apparently, the witness thought I was fleeing the crime scene."

"That's not good." Says NintendoFan.

"We'll get you out of this, Brady." Says Spongyoshi.

"We should head back to MPL to look for any clues." Says NintendoFan.

"Sounds like a plan." Says Spongyoshi.
�As I was saying, the suspect shot Vipsoccermaster in the heart, killing him. After that he got into a fight with SuperZambezi, because for some weird reason, there was only one bullet in his gun.

What motive would someone have for killing VIP? Jealousy of his "Friendship Circle"? Dat womenizing charm?