The Mic

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In Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, some minigames include the use of mic, where the player needs to shout out something to the mic to control something. Also, in MP6, a mode called Mic Mode, is a mode which uses the mic exclusively.
Did you like the microphone, or did you think that is was just useless?
As for me, I never got to use it, since I couldn't buy a mic. :(
I really enjoyed this mode, it was very special. However, the only problem is: I don't use the English language that much, and of course, I have the game in English, then yeah, sometimes I mispronounce my words because I speak French and that I am not really good for the pronunciation. And I don't use my voice as much as that. But that thing improve my English spelling... heh heh...
It was better in MP6 since in MP7 it was just mic mini-games, but MP6 had the quiz and stuff :p

I only played mic mode with my friends since mic mini-games are boring when you can only be the solo player. :p

And MP7's 4 player mic mini-games didn't really appeal to me. Except for that Balloon Burst game XD
This is the common scenario with me. :p

The game: What did you see?
Me: A penguin
The game: Did you say... Luigi?
Me: No
The game: What did you see?
The game: Did you say... Ukiki?
Me: NO!
The game: You have said Ukiki... WRONG!
Me: I give up on life... :what:

So yeah, I haven't played it for a while but I remember it was very annoying and rarely understood your voice. I ended up playing without the mic.
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