The Final Battle! (Mario Party 4)

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Once the player became the star of every board in Story Mode of Mario Party 4, Bowser would steal all of his or her presents. The Player then enters the Final Battle Cube, Bowser's version of the Party Cube. The objective of the cube was to chase Bowser and retrieve the player's stolen presents.

The player starts with ten hearts, which serve as a life meter. Every time the player got hit, one heart would be taken off. If all hearts were lost, the player lost the mini-game.

The first and third sides of the cube involved hopping on platforms, some of which had fire jets. The player had to be careful not to fall into the magma; any character who touched the lava would instantly lose. The first side has a path of 4 platforms, while the third side had 2 paths with 6 platforms overall.

The second and fourth sides involved solving a puzzle similar to the one found in Lethal Lava Land in Super Mario 64. In the first has 3 pieces of 2x2 puzzle which you must Ground Pound to move. Two Koopa Kids try to hinder the player's progress by dropping flaming cannonballs and mini-tornadoes. The second has 8 pieces of a 3x3 puzzle, and Bowser himself would appear wielding a fiery boomerang.

The fifth side involved a mini-battle with Bowser. Five buttons are located around the perimeter of the area. By Ground Pounding three, an ephemeral triangle would appear, lightning striking anything in it a few seconds later. The goal was to surround Bowser with the triangle, lead him into it, and cause him to get shocked. Bowser could retaliate with his boomerang and flame breath. Later on, he will move while shooting flames and charge at the player. It takes five shockings to down Bowser.

Once defeated, Bowser would return the player's presents, and give him or her another present depicted in Bowser's likeness.

The Final Battle was also an unlockable special mini-game.

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I remember when I was little I ALWAYS did this without losing any hearts. But now I can't do it, I always ground Pound into the lava.
I loved this final battle! all the different little stages of the cube were so cool. When i was younger i got stuck at the puzzle of bowser but not i can finish it easily. I usually get bumped by bowser when he charges at you and die which is what i dont really like about facing him and I also dislike when he walks faster after you damage him a couple times
Yeah the Minigame was OK a bit tough to dodge the boomerang bowser launches but I do like this minigame although I hate it when I fall to the lava it's so frustrating to fall in there every time you try to win epecially when you were so close to finishing the Mini-Game but yeah I sorta like this one.
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