The Cook Opinion

You're cool and shit. It's fun to talk to you at times cause you're socialable (pretty sure that isnt a word). You dont post a ton but your presence is always nice. Not sure where youve been though.

Now I get annoyed when you do painfully obvious stuff breaking rules and such, and I'm probably a hardass more than most people about it but I'm just helping you. Other people wanna leave you alone but I'm not gonna let you make a fool of yourself. I mean I have no problem chatting with you me and you go pretty far back. Just gotta look out fof one another.

I never understand what you say and why you try to say things so odd, but I've accepted it. :p But you're still cool though, sometimes you randomly do weird things but other than that you've always been mad cool since the old SMPSF I days. And you're a great admin for the forum, I think you, me, and MLYW's different styles make tge admin team work really well.

Now I'm not sure why, but we weren't fond of one another on the old MPF. I have no idea why but we're goid now. You're a good person to just chat with straight up. Your posts are good and funny.

You've come a long way lol. Like no beating aroumd the bush you're a way better member then you were at this time last year. You pretty much get how things work now. Not that everyone else is a bunch of saints, but mainly you stop being self centered and realized how to manage a community better. It's great to have you on the staff.

Like Sushi you've changed for the better but for different reasons. Mainly you're less of a "noob" now. Now you pretty much have everyone's respect (cept Snowy maybe but he's a douche :p). You're more shy than others but thats ok, that's who you are. And I like you for who you are (no homo) so yeah.

Does he still go here?[/b]

You used to be pretty bizarre on the old MPF, your original username woth the Toadsworth heart attack was funny though lol. I think both you getting adapt on how to act on the forums and people like myself understand who you are and your personality have helped you evolve into the great member you are today. I mean you're still hard to understand but it's ok now. :p

Yeah so minus whatever shit we had from like 3 years ago you've always been cool. I mean the  thing that bothered me about you was you used to get pissed off over little stuff but I think you've stopped that. But anyway as the latest addition to the GMod team you've been a great presence through all the issues that come up. You always look to do something.

You're my bro. And also the 3rd Canadian to come up so far. But yeah I liked you since the Manly Party site when you were Kid Cudi. You always seemed mad chill and then when I came over here I got to know you better. But yeah your chillaxed attitude is always nice to see around the forum.

Even after knowing you for so long I still dont know you much. You're ok though your posts can be improved. And you od with the emoticons. But its not terrible. Just need some work.

Pretty sure left.

tbh I dont know you much, we never really chat. But anyways you're still a good member. You're slowly becoming a better member and more respected.