Terios and Nails

SA2 saw the introduction of both Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog. I love Rouge she is the kind of sexy character that's goofy and fun. Unfourtunitaly I don't feel the same about Shadow who I think is overrated and I might have even liked him if his one stand was in SA2 but after he went and became a hoard of robots and shot stuff.  :/ So I'm not even sure if he is Shadow or a robot anymore.

How do you feel about the two and their introduction in SA2?
Well if you beat Shadow the Hedgehog, spoilers btw, you find out he's not a robot, but it does kind of annoy me how he was just brought back with amnesia, I liked the story of SA2, but I feel Shadow the Hedgehog, and sonic heroes kind of ruined his character. As for Rouge, I just see her as there, like at times it doesn't seem like, oh we have to put Rouge here, she seems to be like a filler, considering she isn't in many games, but that's just my opinion.
Shadow is annoying as hell and it doesn't help the fact that he's super overrated.  He thinks he is big and bad, but I think otherwise.  I'm sorry, but I really dislike this guy  (He was . . . decent in SA2 and maybe Sonic Heroes.  Shadow the Hedgehog game and games afterwards, no.  Seriously, why in the heck does he need guns and weapons?!).  (COME AT ME.)  The fanbrats of Shadow is awful.  He is one of the reasons why I prefer SA1.

Rouge is eh.  I used to like her, but she is just...  idk.  I don't really play as her unless I need to.  The fanbrats aren't that swell, either.  >:/
Shadow, along with Silver, I hate with all my heart. I'm sorry to all the fans out there, but I really dislike them. I swear between the two of them... Shadow is egotistical (like Sonic...) and thinks he is better than everyone (oooooo I wish someone would make a joke about me :p) and goes on how he's the ultamite lifeform, when he's not amazing at all. His fans are even worse... Silver, I liked Silver at first, but now I just see him as some whiny, butthurt Sonic clone.

Rouge I really like, I feel likened character is just bein used as a sex symbol now (and that's it... No personality), just being there... which I really don't like. I liked her more back during SA2/Sonic Heroes, but she's still alright.
Both characters are all right. I didn't like Shadow at first, and thought he was the main villain the whole time. He also didn't get as many stages as the others did...only four stages. Everyone else gets to shine in action stages at least six times (this includes Cannon's Core).

Rouge, however, was okay. Even though a new character, her stages were unique. I hate how she's used in a Kart Racing game rather than treasure hunting.