Super Mario 3D Land

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Billy said:
Great to see him in the game! I hope he's playable from the get-go, but he wasn't in the intro vid, and given his latest appearances in the Super Mario Galaxy games, I doubt he'll be playable from start to finish. Oh well, just have to wait and see
They probably want you to spend some times as Mario before you get to control Luigi. They don't want Mario to be left alone from the get-go.
Super Mario 3D Land packed with post-credits content!
Oct 26, 2011 by RawmeatCowboy from GoNintendo.

Obviously this news falls deep into spoiler country. If you don't want to learn about post-credits content in the game, I suggest you skip this post altogether. I'll post after the jump just incase you're enticed...

- use StreetPass to earn additional Secret Boxes
- access these bonus Secret Boxes right from the map screen
- eight new unlockable bonus worlds after you save Princess Peach
- open these worlds with Star Medals
- new full-featured worlds with redux levels
- sometimes there are time attacks and even brand new content
- the sprite-based level sees new sprites and cannon travel in its redux level
- level includes more enemies as well, including Bullet Bills with Tanooki tails
- these levels have Star Medals as well
- Cosmic Mario returns and will chase you
- play these levels in any order you like
- eventually unlock Luigi, who jumps wider and runs faster, but is harder to stop
- he can be found in the first bonus world
- you can gain Tanooki Suit Mario with the ability to turn into a statue
This game is really really easy. I did not feel challenged at all until Special World 6 and even with that it was still beatable by far. I never liked the way this game looked from the start with the whole Galaxy like "go one way" style and then combining it with some Mario Bros one way didn't make it any better.
Bloody Soul Kinetic said:
Yes. This game was WAAAAAAAAAY too easy.

I pretty much breezed through every world until I got to Special World 8. Although, it is prolly the most challenging world, it was still fairly simple to beat.

Each stage was pretty damn short too.
Yeah I stumbled through the Special World 8 too but for it being the hardest part of the game it wasn't too challenging.

The levels were short but that's how all the Mario platformers have been since Galaxy unfortunately.
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