Super Mario 3D Land

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Super Mario 3DS was announced today! From Satura Iwata:

"Since 1996, when Mario appeared in 3D in Super Mario 64, it's always been hard for players to judge how to jump and hit a block floating in a 3D space," Iwata said. "Miyamoto said to me, 'Finally the day has come when we can solve this.'"

Screens from IGN:




More should be revealed at E3 this year. Looks awesome. :)

It doesn't look like Galaxy, which is a big "Thank fucking God" from me. :p
HuntMac said:
Those screens look easily "Galaxy Quality"

I'm saying that the structures and gameplay movements are not like those in Galaxy. :p
The logo, although temporary, notably appears to have some sort of tail. Satoru Iwata pointed this out during the announcement of the game, indicating that it may reference an as-of-yet unknown detail about the game. It was also said they were thinking about the Raccoon Tail from Super Mario Bros. 3.

I'm looking forward to some fresh platforming though, like all the Mario Bros and Galaxy is cool and all, but I'd like to go back to the days of SM64 and Sunshine where you had some base worlds to work with. I hope this game is like that and doesn't have like 50 levels. The screenshots puzzle as to whether my wish will come true or not.

As good as Galaxy was, I just did not like the fact that they gave you a path to follow for every level, there was not much of a thought process on where to go, how to do something. Like in Sunshine you just saw the name and had to make something happen. No one told you what Yoshi's Great Adventure really meant but you had to do it anyways. In Galaxy you just followed the paths on each planet to advance for the most part.

Maybe it's just me that I like really big levels. Like I liked GTA:San Andreas's huge map of 3 areas, I liked Sunshine's levels and SM64, I'd love to see some things like that where you have one big map to explore with many hidden goodies to explore and there's no baby-ing through it all. Like in Galaxy I found it pretty much impossible to get stuck on a level, that game was smooth sailing. But in games like SM64 you can get stuck if you have no clue what the 5 secrets of Wet Dry World are or how exactly to blast to the lonely shroom.

One thing I don't like seeing is why does Mario look miniature in the shot without his hat (where is his hat btw?...) but looks bigger in the one with Mario just standing. I prefer the life bar over a growing system thank you very much.
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