Submission Guidelines

mario-party-legacy-forum-submission-guidelines.jpgWant to submit a download? Awesome! Be sure to follow and understand these rules and your download will be up in no time. Usually!

If a download does not meet our expected level of quality, we will unfortunately have to reject the download. Each download type has different expectations, so be sure to read through those specific guidelines before submitting.
NOTE: Wondering why your download is taking so long to get approved? It might be because we are simply not aware there is anything pending. Feel free to send SuperZambezi a private message on the forum or through a Discord message and let him know!

Board Guidelines

Our primary goal with these guidelines is to maintain a level of quality across boards. Effort is paramount, and it shouldn't have to be questioned when your submission comes through. Follow these quick rules and you should be good to go.

Quick Rules​

  1. Custom backgrounds only. No direct maps from other games or unmodified images pulled off the internet.
  2. Include 2-4 in-game screenshots.
  3. Include an image of the entire board.
  4. Board must be playable. Test your board and confirm it functions properly.
  5. Please credit any resources you use, especially custom events.
  6. Include a version number. Updates are allowed.
  7. We only accept .json files for boards. ZIP files and ROMs will be rejected.
  8. Maximum one board submission a week.

Custom Backgrounds​

We're very strict with this one. The background image of your board should be something you created yourself. It doesn't have to be the most artistic or eye-pleasing background, but it should be yours. There are many ways to create a custom background, but saving an image you found online and slapping it onto your board is not one of them. Examples of board backgrounds we will not accept:
  • The full map image of Pyramid Park from Mario Party 7.
  • A top-down view of SNES Choco Island 2 from Super Mario Kart.
  • That really pretty official art from Tears of the Kingdom.
  • An image you found of an adorable puppy in a Google search.
  • A photo you took of a tree three years ago.
Let's see some examples of boards you want to avoid making:


Deeply concerning. You're more than welcome to create these boards and play them to your heart's content, but we won't be hosting them here. Now for examples of great boards that make good use of the custom background requirement:


Great stuff. Love to see it.

It's a neat idea to try and recreate a board from a different Mario Party, but that's one of the most common submissions and often comes with little to no effort to properly incorporate it into a different game. There have been exceptions to this rule and we've published recreated Mario Party boards in the past. That said, these came from creators who not only have a reputation for crafting great boards with good optimization, but they also got approval from us before even starting.

Not everyone is an artist, we get that. There are opportunities to take existing images and bring them together to create something new. Perhaps you use an image of a star-filled sky, then you draw out a white path to match the layout of your imagined board. Get some official art of characters and other space-themed objects and blend them into the background. And bam! You have a board. Remember, your background image should serve and adapt to your path layout and game design, not the other way around.

In-Game Screenshots, Board Map, and Testing​

You know what's great? When someone is looking for a cool new board to play and they get an exact preview of what it will look like when the game is running. These in-game images are important when attracting users to your download, so we're asking all downloads to include 2-4 images showing off characters moving along paths, events in action, and anything else that makes your board stand out.

5748_08_04_22_6_08_01_4.png 1553_06_09_21_12_54_54_3.png

We also need an image of the entire board map. In PartyPlanner64, look at the top navigation bar and hit the Screenshot option. Select your options, press Take Screenshot, and your image board map image will pop up. When submitting your board, you'll have to upload the full board map image a second time so that it functions as the download's main icon as well.

Please test your board before you submit it. Ideally, you've played your board from start to finish and can confirm there aren't any bugs, especially any issues that cause the game to softlock or outright crash. If there are some minor issues, please state so in your description. Including in-game images helps us know that you tested your board.

Credit, Credit, Credit​

There are a lot of incredible creators out there, especially in our Mario Party modding community. If you use a custom event made public by another creator, tell us! List everything used in your download description, and make sure to link to said events when possible. Same goes for custom music and any images you used when creating your custom background.

Versions and Updates​

Updates to existing boards are always welcome, and that's why we expect you to include a version number when you release your board for the first time. Creators often use "1.0" as their starting point.

If you're looking to make a correction in your description or add a bit more text, feel free to update your download without changing the version. Once the board itself is changed or altered with a new file, then you can increase the version number.

File Types​

Boards can only be submitted in their .json file that PartyPlanner64 spits out once you export your board. If you send us anything else, we'll have to reject your download. Please don't make a pack of boards or include additional assets with your board in a ZIP file. We won't distribute that. And we have a no tolerance policy when it comes to ROMs. We don't want your modified game, do not submit it!

One Board, One Week​

You cannot upload more than one board in a single week. This is not a rule we are going to be following closely, but it exists to dissuade creators from pumping out low quality boards in rapid succession. If you're able to output two boards in one week, you may want to inspect your approach to board creation and optimization a bit more!

Event Guidelines

Events can be a lot more challenging to create when compared to boards, and that's why we are so thankful to the event creators who have published their events for all to use. That said, there are a few rules to keep in mind when uploading an event.

Quick Rules​

  1. Make sure you have tested your event and checked for bugs.
  2. Please include 1-4 in-game screenshots.
  3. Your event file should be in the .c or .s file format.
  4. Do not modify someone else's code and upload as your own.

Test Your Event​

It may seem obvious, but please make sure your event works as described. Have it tested within the game itself and upload when you know if functions correctly. Report any bugs or things to look out for in your description.


Text is great and it can share a lot of important info, but seeing the event played out with in-game images allows creators to truly understand your event's potential. It all depends on the type of event, of course, but including at least one image will do.

4994_08_11_22_4_46_37_2.jpg 4384_28_10_21_5_53_36_0.jpg

C Programming and MIPS​

Custom events are typically written in either the C programming language or through assembly code with MIPS. In a shocking twist, C files will output a .c file. For MIPS, you're looking at a .s file. Both are acceptable when it comes to submitting your event.

Stay Original​

Again, we appreciate event creators so much for sharing their work. Modifying events to work as needed for your boards is encouraged, but don't try to take an existing event and reupload it with your modifications. Let's make sure the original creator gets their credit they deserve. It's a different story if you personally ask the creator and get permission to upload a modified version of their event!

Music Guidelines

Tunes can really help give your custom board a fresh feeling, and that's exactly why our custom music section exists.

Quick Rules​

  1. If you are modifying an existing MIDI file, always credit your source.
  2. We only accept .mid files as submissions.
  3. Do not include images.

Credit Your Source​

Did you make a completely original music track for your custom music download? Amazing! Tell us that in your description. Did you recreate a game song by making your own MIDI from scratch? Love the effort. Tell us that in your description. Did you take an existing MIDI from another website or source and modify it? As long as you got permission to use the MIDI, make sure to credit where the original MIDI came from in your submission.

MIDI File Type​

Custom music submissions can be used in PartyPlanner64 to inject into your board. For that reason, we are only accepting .mid files that you have optimized for your Mario Party of choice. We will not accept .mp3 or any other music files.

No Images Needed​

It's a music file, you don't need to include images like the other download types. Although it's not required, we do encourage you to upload a recording of the music file as it sounds in the game itself to a video sharing site like YouTube. Slap that video in your description and show the world your awesome powers!

If there is any confusion about these requirements or anything that needs extra clarification, please reach out to SuperZambezi through a private message on the forum or through a Discord message!
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