Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero

Confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto (Tuesday, June 10, 2014)! The next game of the Star Fox series. Exclusive to Wii U. Release: Holiday 2015.

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The game was revealed last year at E3 2014, but with very little detail. It's already been confirmed (and obvious) that we will see plenty more this year!
I'm glad the name was finally revealed. I like the name, maybe it'll have some F-Zero references in it. Like transforming into an F-Zero machine. I've been waiting to see a new Star Fox for awhile and hearing about it last year was sweet. Looks good so far, though it reminds me a bit too much of Star Fox 64. I love 64 but it bothers me very slightly. Interesting transformations and hearing Peppy's famous line again is nice.
Luma Party said:
Do you guys think Nintendo and Platinum are aiming for an E10+ or T rating here?

I think they are aiming for an E10+ rating. They probably want as many new players as possible to play Star Fox and I believe there's only two T rated games in the series, Star Fox Assault and Adventures. Command and 64 3D are E10+ so I think they're going to continue that.

It could end up T but it doesn't look like it so far. Like VSM said, this is probably their biggest game and if it is they should probably aim as low as possible for Star Fox.
While I'm disappointed that the game is delayed, it's completely acceptable. The more time to polish this game, the better. Would have been nice to finally experience a new Star Fox this holiday season but delaying it is much better than rushing it for the holidays. They should take all the time it needs. This could really benefit the game.