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Who tried to suck up to the staff the most?

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... I was sure it would be me, I mean, I even think that I am this myself. Yeah, I'm probably someone which tries to interact with the staff team a lot, mostly for some suggestions, questions or helpful tips regarding the forum, due to how I'm always trying to do the best I can and that it must obviously go through the staff in most cases for those to be possible (just think about those events I participate as a host) and that I actually try to do a lot more stuffs that I should do in this community, doing some unique things I have the chance to do or to make possible on Mario Party Legacy. Noneteless, I'm still impressed to see a staff team dedicated like this, I would just hope to interact with some other members of the team a little more, just so I could know them more.

Next year, I'm giving myself an even better challenge right there and to change the perception I have for the forum community and my way to be to be someone unique on here.