Spyro & Cynder as character player

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You don't have to be older or even know what the hell you're talking about in order to be a troll. Just look at PPS.
Bowser44 said:
Dark boo! I did not like what you say Im not cooking this bad joke. Spyro and Cynder are not cook. Not tell me.

"Cook" -> Cookieboy17
I still don't understand what you said I did, I guess you said I made a bad joke

cookieboy17 said:
Who cares its funny right now. :p

Hell yea!!!

AegisReflector said:
obvious troll is obvious

And it's very funny :D
Trolls are nerve wrecking but Bowser44 is so funny

Bowser44 said:
They're Relation friend with my mii. Not mario. Mario may little like. They're in my dream they is that Reation friend of my Mii.

Ok I wouldn't understand Spyro & Cynder being 2 playable characters because they belong to another game not Mario Party

Yes it is!!! :D
Spyro n cynder go charter. Play well Mario yes? Mii be in dream with spyro n cynders play mario with party ya.  Very cute funny sweet proud brave hasty n cool :D be with cynder with no mario but party. Be good dream charters. why you no likey spyro in party with no mario??? don't be trippin cuz spyro n cynders eat you. Snowy mean go be evil charter spyro to be party. Mario no be Mii in dream but Spyro are nice dream with Mii :) K.&2Q¼ä3.âŒ?Φt6*Ç0.≤;σöâ€?ä?-.­»­_ΩΘ±₧¿εφ£·δå½ßσµÆ¢π¥φâ”?Á_åΣ∞­« α„¸¨°º¤øœŒ*‡Ã?¶Î©§ƒ½† ¡ªÎ•ïâ€ÂÃÃ?‰дГζטшیτÑšØþÞׯæ÷ñ♥∆­È‹^³®›™ˆ´Õø˜ËŦ○♀♦☺↕☼♀♂ç SPYRO AND CYNDERS DREAM NICE YA?!?
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