Sonic's "Pop" Era or Sonic's "Rock" Era?


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Before Sonic Adventure, the classic Sonic games had more of a pop element to their soundtracks, with Michael Jackson even producing the soundtrack to Sonic 3. Do you like how Sonic's musical atmosphere has changed to a more rock-like environment?

I honestly don't like it. Not saying I hate rock nor the tracks in both Sonic Adventure games, but I just don't see the Sonic franchise with hard rock elements. If Sonic plays it cool and likes to hang loose, I think that's more pop. :p
I like the more rock and orchestral music he has now. The series still has some pop flavor left in just listen to Free the Free Riders main theme. It's a pop song. I always love the Sonic game's music though one of my favorite songs from Sonic is Super Sonic Racing which is pop. They shift the whole pop genre over to Amy now and made Sonic rock but I  like it.