Social Networking and Image Hosting

Social Networking includes FB, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs etc
Image Hosting is tinypic, imageshack, etc

I do use social networking for various purposes: FB for uni mainly, Tumblr for social, and I don't use Twitter XD

Re Image Hosting, I'm using TinyPic mainly b.c. it needs no account and the views are enough such that most pics don't disappear.
Though I am using Tumblr more now. XD
I have my personal Facebook (find me I dare you :p), Tumblr (I use it to follow friends and for my daily laugh, lmaogtfo and funnya**stuff are the best), no Twitter.

Photobucket for me, simple because that was the only one I knew of at the time. I love how I have stuff saved on there from 2008.

First photo:

H-J said:
^That's a classic pic XP I remember Topper getting it into a board form (but we never used it... odd)

And it might be wise not to have my Tumblr in your profile SZ :p

I originally had the image up for a game I was doing on GameFaqs a looong time ago. Board form? Is mine not already a board? :p

More than half of those social media icons are not mine. :p I'm just using them all so that members can see them all in use when they read the announcement topic. :p
Yeah. I have a lot of social networking accounts I'm not going to share. With image hosting, I use small hosting sites and grouped base image hosting and don't really use any of the bigger sites other then tinypic. I don't social network often but the image hosting is an everyday thing.
I have a Tumblr (, for pictures, but I have nothing much to upload at the moment since my last artwork was from the seventh of this month ... So, I'm just re-blogging and liking whatever I find interesting. 

I have a Facebook, but I refuse to give it out.

I have a Tinypic, which I use for uploading images.  (I would use Tumblr if it wasn't for its constant broken image links.  Like, I would get the link and post it on here for a day.  In a next few days, the image would be gone!)  Tinypic can save pictures you upload for about one or two years, but then, it either changes or it's gone.  If you want images to stay on forever, you have to register an account on Tinypic for it.  I have two Tinypic accounts.

I use a majhost to upload HUGE image files because Tinypic can't upload them the exact size - Tinypic usually shrinks huge images.