Return of Locked Pathways?

Possibly, for if there are more than just special spaces and other events. The locked doors didn't offer much, and if a Star is behind it, it's a pain sometimes, but could be a good thing to stop others and still win for yourself if you're good in other areas of the game. If they return, they should offer more than just spaces. Mario Party 4 did this correctly, but I would like to see more of that.
They were ok. I just hope it doesn't cost much to get the item you need to open the pathway and they don't make it so you can frequently get it like what Mario Party 4 did where you always get Mini/Mega Mushrooms. I think if its going to return to the original way to play then sure. They can bring it back but if its like the Mario Party 9 way then no. I don't see how it could work on a Mario Party 9 style board
Emm... not really. Just like what VIP said, it doesn't really contribute to the game, it's just there to be there or to be annoying. I barely travel through the paths anyway so to me, it is not really needed. If they do decide to bring this back, please be creative with it and don't let it be just some cheap or pointless gimmick.
I'd like to see them return. Probably because I like Mario Party 3 so much. They should bring skeleton keys back as well, as long as they are dirt cheap that is. Even place boo and/or a pleasant short cut to somewhere. Make it worth paying to get passed that gate. In Mario Party 3 you could use gates a little strategically inorder to land on a desirable space. I'd welcome back locked pathways with open arms.
It could be good to see back... There are some places harder to go through, so it's a little more challenging to get the specific item to be able to go in this said direction, so the Skeleton Key in the older games and this Mushroom in Mario Party 4 (even if I don't know much about it except it's the Mini Mushroom that is needed to go in the pipes.) It's not "that" bad of a concept, in my opinion.