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ok Mario Party 7 was a really good Mario Party in my book i also liked the cruise ship theme it was pretty cool.
So here are some of my likes & dislikes of the game.


Toadsworth as host' he was rather perfect or should i say smashing.
Graphics were really good.
Boards were fantastic' my favorites being Pagoda Peak & Bowsers Enchanted Inferno.

No Koopa kid as playable.
Mic was a little laggy.

all in all i give it 8/10 this game was just fun to play.

Mario Party 7 wqsn't the best, but they're all pretty good so...

Toadsworth(totally agree with you WiiU enthusiast)
some good minigames
unlike 6, I liked the mic

boards aren't so good(liked Pagoda Peak & Windmillville though)
Pearl Hunt was just aggrivating

I give it:
Mario Party 7 was an okay game. I give it a 7/10. Here are some pros and cons of the game.

Boards were pretty good, but I wish there had been more added to the game.
Minigames were good, and much better than Mario Party 6, in my opinion.
Music was pretty good. I liked listening to the music over and over again.

Mic minigames were something that should've been declined for this game. The mic minigames were worse than in Mario Party 6, and were harder, as well.
Although the boards were fun, they can soon become bland after some time.

Mario Party 7 is actually a pretty fun game. It's my third favorite out of the Gamecube Mario Party titles. 7/10.
- 8 player minigames
- Orbs
- Boards
- Music
- Most of the other minigames
- Characters
- Introduced characters
- Duty Free Shop
- Toadsworth
- Bowser Time actually was very interesting and fun!

- Lack of minigames per section. 13, I believe for 4 player down from 23 a few games ago.
- Mic minigames
- Team mode kinda sucks when you walk with both players. Should've been an option.

9.99/10 = my 2nd favorite Mario Party.
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