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Ah, this is my favorite game of the series...

+ Brighton & Twila, which introduced the Day & Night System. Loved how it affect boards, cost of orbs, events, scenery, music and in some cases, change rules for mini-games.

+ Orbs was an AWESOME concept, and far better than 5 and 7's Capsules and Orbs respectively. I loved being rewarded because my opponents landed on my territory. XD
MP5's Capsules were just WTF and 7 nerfed/changed some of them, which annoyed me.

+ BOTH boards AND mini-games were spectacular. IMO the only other Mario Party that had this was MP3. =P Other Mario Parties just have only good mini-games, only good boards, or neither. :p

+ Boards were original and had good concepts.

+ Graphics are very good. (Yeah I'm not wordy with Graphics XD)

+ Variety of types of music. Music fits well with the mini-games and board.

+ Lots of replay value.

+ Character Roster was good for me.

Neutrals (Could be good in one's view, bad in another =P)

| Mic Mode. The mic was unresponsive at times, but you could always use the controller. =P
The games aren't really too exciting themselves. Really it's only fun with friends. Though the Star Run (or whatever it's called lol) is Single-Player and decent for getting Stars for the Star Bank.


- Solo Mode was pretty boring, and didn't actually have anything to do with the story.

- Gathering Stars for the Star Bank can be somewhat tedious.

- You have to purchase Taunts and Soundtracks.

- Snowflake Lake only gave me a Snack Orb if I played with another person. Never got one with just CPUs >__<
(ok maybe this only happened to me lol)

Mario Party 6 is not necessarily my favorite Mario Party for the Gamecube(or in the series, as well), but I think it was okay. A 7/10. Here's some pros and cons.

The day/night system was pretty cool. It effected the boards and minigames in a good/bad way, which made gameplay more fun.
Minigames weren't great, but some were pretty fun to replay in the Minigame mode.
Minigame modes were really fun to play. I liked replaying those a lot.
Boards weren't so good, but they were still fun to play at times.
The new items weren't the best new addition, but it was okay, I guess.

Mic wasn't so great. I've used it a number of times, and it isn't all that great.

Again, Mario Party 6, not my favorite, but still a good game. 7/10.
Some great minigames.
Boards were nice.
New characters were enjoyable

Mic minigames
Star bank... was almost done and game got reset. Hated it since then.
Clockwork Castle is fun, but frustrating... when I say frustrating, I mean very frustrating... if nothing's going right for you.

9.9/10 = 3rd best game in the series.
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