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Ok to me this Mario Party 4 was the best in the GCN series and the score im going to give it is 8/10 simply because there are a bit of things i didnt like but otherwise the best game.

-Really good minigames

-The Present room, Simply because it provided much replay value for me.

-The Boards were pretty good the best boards to me in my opinion being toads midway madness & Bowsers Gnarly Party.

-Graphics: the Graphics were great and i think they were the best in the GCN series cause they actully looked real not like kiddy graphics.
But the oher mp graphics are pretty good too.

-Story Mode: to me it just takes way to long to get presents with all charatcers cause story mode lags a bit of replay value to me.

Also if you beat story mode with like 3 or more characters it just becomes boring after awhile and you end up not collecting all the presents cause story mode lags excitement and playing it so much just gets boring after awhile.

Boards- I feel they could of done a little better on the other boards meaning they could of added a little more stuff on the boards.

and thats my rating for Mario Party 4.
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Problably my 2nd favorite Mario Party, my favorite is 2.
Minigames are so addictive. I know there are only 50 minigames, but quality>quantity.
Lottery Shop! :)
The graphics are great- there are lots of details put in.
It is a bit short.

And I'll give it 8/10- this isn't school ratings.
It's like, my favorite Mario Party game!!!! But I can't be biased for things like these:

-Large boards: Though they were flat, there was always a lot going on. Item shops, Lottery Shops, Mini-Mini-games, fun events, and they were very expansive.
-Great mini-games: As someone else pointed out already, even though there are only about 50, quality > quantity
-A lot of extras: There is a lot to do besides party or story mode.

-Story Mode: was a bit long to beat it with everyone.
-Mini-games: not enough
-Fortune Space: ...(do I have to explain why?)
-Character Roster
To me, Mario Party was a great game. There wasn't many new features to it, but it was simple and original. Here is what I like about it:

Party Mode: Good boards with good themes.

Story Mode: I liked how you could choose the board you wanted to play and wouldn't have to play them in order, and I definitely LOVED how got presents after you won the board and battled the board host.

Minigames: Great!

Extras Mode: Excellent! There are no words to explain it. The mode was fun and exciting. I loved how you could do puzzles and do a Challenge Booksquirm. That was really cool!

Overall, great game: I'd give it an 8/10.  :mario: :peach: :yoshi: :wario:
FYI, TC, you didn't rate it, you just reviewed it.  :p

Mario Party 4 is a fine game. It's actually one of my favorites, probably 2nd or 3rd favorite Mario Party.

It had a good story, some great minigames and an excellent soundtrack, the best soudntrack in the series if you ask me. And a lot of the minigame songs were amazing.  :D

However, unfortunately, the game felt a bit sluggish and dry in Party Mode. The movements were too slow, and the boards were basically just squares of grey and felt a bit lifeless.

The story mode for this game was also a bit disappointing, it felt just like playing consecutive Party Modes, and you could even play the same boards in a row! There was nothing to remind you (I think) what boards you already completed. :/

But overall though, it's a great game. :)

I'd probably rate it an 7.7/10.
-Great graphics
-Fantastic Mini-Games
-Catchy Music
-Toad's Midway Madness (One of the best boards ever <3)
-Presents were fun
-Plenty of Extras

-Most of the boards felt dead
-Board play felt sliiightly slower...
-Story Mode is LOOOOOOONG
-Mega/Mini system is pretty annoying, especially comparing to MP3's Item system

I'd give it a 8/10. It's a very fun game, and brought something new and flashy to Mario Party. I remember when it first came out, I was so stunned (I was like 6/7 years old, give me a brake =P), I thought the graphics and mini-games were so awesome.
+ Decent Soundtrack.
+ Characters and voices were decent.
+ Minigames were above average.
+ Extra Mode was pretty fun.
+ O.K. Item System.
+ The boards themselves were cool.

- Story Mode was eh and long.
- Mega/Mini Mushroom idea wasn't the best item idea.
- Board designs was boring and dead (Gray, really?).

7.5/10.  Coincidencely, I wanted this game for my birthday, yet the game theme is birthdays.  :'D  It's one of the good MP games, imo.
• Fun minigames.
• Decent music.
• Presents.
• Unlocking presents after playing minigames.
• Lots of content, including extra mode.

• Boards -- they were flat and just boring.
• Mega/Mini items.
• Long, repetitive gameplay.
• The boss battle with Bowser is frustrating.
• Fortune space.
• Some of the items and their frequencies.
• Some really bad battle minigames.

Still a nice 7/10.
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